BMW Asks: Which BMW i8 Operating Mode Would You Use?


BMW i8

BMW i8

If you were to own the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid, which operating mode would you choose to use most often?

For us, it would be SPORT mode all the time.

Choosing the BMW i8 over say a Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid or Ford Fusion Energi proves that performance is a top priority to the buyer.  So, if you bought it for performance,then you might as well use all of it, right?

Let’s not kid ourselves.  The BMW i8 is a high performance machine that just so happens to plug in.  It’s electric-only range is minimal (22 miles per BMW, a wildly optimistic figure).  It’s not designed to get you from Point A to Point B under electric power alone.

Use it as its intended.  SPORT mode for the win.   Agreed?

i8 modes

BMW i8 Modes

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I dunno about in the US, but here in the UK if you try to use a fraction of what a fast car can do, you will lose your licence in no time.

So just about any bling car is driven moderately, except of course for people who tear away from traffic lights, but only up to around 30mph to burn some petrol.

That doesn’t mean that plenty of powerful cars aren’t sold, but its an image thing almost without relevance to real world use.

The sport mode will be there just to give the feeling that you could flip it on if you wanted, and would be used rarely.

I would be driving it in EV mode as much as possible. My daily commute is about 12 miles per day RT, so I think I could pull it off.

Eco Pro to enable high levels of regenerative braking for most of my drive. Sport when I want to embarrass a Mustang driver.

/why the double and triple spaces after sentences?

It could be bad news for BMW if it turns out that the majority of the owners put it into sport mode every time they drive.

The EPA and CARB are watching how these cars are really being used, and have been changing rules to keep the regulations in line with actual use. For example, the rules were changed for calculating the range numbers for EV’s with “ECO” modes, and long range modes. The ranges in different modes now get averaged together, where manufactures used to be able to use their longest range in their most eco/long range mode.

With that said, if for some strange reason I found myself owning one of these (unlikely), I’d punch the “eDrive” button in comfort mode whenever possible for commuting. Then I’d put it on craigslist looking for someone willing to trade it for a Tesla…

I missed where “BMW asks”? It seems more like Eric asks. 😉 Why would you have to choose? The modes are there so you can pick whatever suits the current situation.

Also, I don’t see why the 22 mile EV range would be “wildly optimistic”. The battery capacity of the i8 is similar to that of the Ford Energi vehicles, and they do get that kind of range even though they are much heavier than the i8.

Electric mode.
What did you buy this thing for?

That’s what I keep asking about the i8. What reason do people buy them for? It just doesn’t make sense to me. It has the EV range of a Fisker Karma, which got bashed mercilessly for the too-short EV range.

The i3 with REx still makes more sense than the i8, even with all the issues it has.

It’s primarily a technology show case for rich people, much like the Model S. It’s great marketing for BMW, and some of the technology will “trickle down” to more affordable cars for the masses.

It’s also a hybrid car with the performance of a Porsche and the fuel economy of a subcompact car, which is not a bad combination. 😉

What’s with the red display … red on red when a warning alert lights up could get missed. Orange on red may also be difficult to discern.

Blue while a cheap color that LEDs can produce is harder for eyes to focus on. (Human evolution related to filtering out the sky) The blue battery status info on blue background could lead to an unexpected situation. 😉

What’s the purpose of the large diagonal blankspace between the two circular dials? (Text messages Star Wars credit style?) It seem like wasted space right in primary display realestate.

I would use the I8 in the “None of the Above” mode. I appreciate the electrified power train, but let’s get real here – this is a collectors car only.

I would take a Tesla, I3 or Leaf over the I8 any day!

you can’t use any fraction of a fast car in normal streets
a ‘normal’ car (0-100kph) 11.3 sec
however can be had with more fun up to redline and still in speed limit