Bjorn Nyland Takes Delivery Of Tesla Model X P90DL, Tows Boat – Videos


Bjorn Nyland's Model X

Bjorn Nyland’s Model X

Famous Tesla YouTuber Bjorn Nyland took delivery of his free/contest-won Founder’s Edition Tesla Model X P90DL in late July…and we figured why not pass along his (almost giddy) video experience getting the X on a fine Sunday morning?

Bonus: Then as to some more recent events from this weekend, Bjorn tows a boat (video below) …and of course videos the adventure it for our enjoyment

Video description:

“The first video of Optimus Prime, the Tesla Model X P90D Founders Edition. During this video, I show you the interior, configure the car and show some of the features with the doors and fob.”

Nyland actually won his X through Tesla’s referral program by being the European regional winner of the program. In addition to receiving the X, Nyland will get a Powerwall and had a Gigafactory tour. All three perks were free!

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“In addition to receiving the X, Nyland will get a Powerwall and had a Gigafactory tour. All three perks were free!”

Hmmm, well I think Bjørn invested a lot of sweat equity in getting those “free” prizes!

A lot of hours blogging about Tesla cars, and making videos posted online. If anyone has earned such prizes, Bjørn has!

Exactly, the “perks” weren’t free, he has and continues to work rather hard to earn them.

This is a great example of Robert Heinlein’s ideal: TANSTAAFL — There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch!

Just 90 kWh. How quickly the glory fades…
Seriously, Considering how much attention and sales Bjorn Nyland has drawn to Tesla, this is a pretty shrewd move on the part of Tesla.
I can’t wait to see the reviews for the Tesla S P100D, the Ludicrous mode acceleration bits will be outstanding!

Michael “M1ker” Subasic also has videos on YouTube towing a boat with a MX 90d. The Family also owns a MS as well.

He gives good information pretty much every video with no drawn out hour long videos, nice and simple 8-15m on almost all his stuff.


Congrats Bjorn, you deserve it. You brought lots of joy to people like me watching your musings and excitement and criticism of electric cars like tesla model S, BMW i3, i8, Nissan Leaf and now also the model X. You have an ever growing fan base. Stay true to your own personality, and don’t start changing for some wannabe fans that want you to fit their mold, they have nothing to offer you don’t already have. You are part of the Electric Driving Revolution as it is happening and are making history. Ignore the envious negative people, you are appreciated by the ones that count.

Cheers to you and your wife and future adventures!

Hello Jay Cole

For some reason (US Govt website) notes Tesla Model-S interior space as
94 cu. ft. for passenger
26 cu. ft. for trunk

But what about the Frunk (frontal trunk). Did they miss it.
Can someone please notify the agency about this and request them to correct it.

All they have made the same observation for Model-X which is blatantly wrong. For sure Model-X is bigger than Model-S and it should have higher interior space.

I’ve been towing a double jet ski trailer with two jet skies to the lake every weekend with my electric vehicles since 2008. Started doing it with my converted Geo Metro then my 2008 Mini E, and since 2012 with my Nissan Leaf. My parents even tow with their iMiev. Heaviest thing i ever towed with my Leaf was probably a Ford Ranger on a car dolly. Let’s not get everyone believing that you need a $74,000 or more Model X just to tow 2500 pounds. The wood pellets i get for my pellet stove weigh 2000 lbs and my trailer 500 lbs so i’m towing 2,500 lbs 4 times every winter with my Leaf with no problems. The double jet ski setup weighs less at only 1200lbs total.

Awesome I’m glad to hear someone is towing with these ecar’s. How badly does it kill the battery when towing things like the Ranger. That got to be around 4300 pounds.

I still got 50 miles of range. And yes the ranger and dolly together weighed more than the Leaf. With the two jetskies, i can still go 75 miles on a charge which is a perfect round trip to the lake, river, or the ocean.

Very interesting. What are the legal aspects about towing with the Leaf? Where I live, in Norway, I can by a towing hook for Leaf from other manufacturers and use it for bike-rack or similar, but it is illegal to tow anything with this as Nissan has not made any type-approval for this. Is there any approval for this in any other country?

Nobody checks to see what vehicles are recomended to tow with. You can tow with whatever they make a hitch for. Before i got into electric cars, i towed with my 2000 Corvette and 91 Geo Metro Convertible. Pretty sure the owners manual for them doesnt reccomend towing. But that’s what it is, just a reccomendation. Not a law, your country must be very strict.

Ken said:

“I still got 50 miles of range. And yes the ranger and dolly together weighed more than the Leaf.”

That’s much better than I expected. A few anecdotal reports about towing with the Model X suggested it would halve the range, towing only a mid-sized trailer.

What was your top speed when towing that load?

Top speed towing the ranger was probably only 45 mph because that’s what most of the roads around here are limited to. Top speed towing the het skies is 55 mph because NJ has a law that anyone towing a trailer cannot legally exceed 55 mph. Im the only one that seems to abide by it though.

It did half my range. My usual range in my 2015 Leaf is around 105 miles per charge.

So for us “‘merkins”,… Sounds like he’s using about 800 wh/mile at 52 mph.

I guess that’ll work for short tows or very infrequent longer distances. But for regular long distance towing? … I don’t think that’s going to work out .

How many people do regular long distance towing with luxury SUVs?

Carcus said:

“But for regular long distance towing? … I don’t think that’s going to work out”

For someone who plans to do regular long distance towing, a BEV probably isn’t a good choice. I’m an EV advocate, but I wouldn’t suggest today’s BEVs will meet every need. Today’s BEVs carry too little energy; future BEVs will carry more.

I saw a Model X in person today. Black. Reminded me of Pontiac Aztech. Ug-ly!

The rear passengers were terrified to open the doors in the parking lot.

Surprised such an ugly thing came from the same folks as the S.

I find it very sexy

Thank you for more Wifie….

Have you considered writing the scripts for her and staying behind the camera more?

Just sayin’ ….

She is pretty damn cute.

This couple is taking an X across Canada with a camping trailer making YouTube video & meetups along the way.

So, he is only 5’8″…

Well, that doesn’t look like much room in the 3rd row at all.

Does Bjorn Nyland have a job, or does he just live in the basement of his rich mommy’s house and drive Teslas around?

LOL! It’s hard to show you’re jealous of someone else’s success and show you’re a troll in so few words, but you succeeded!

What a loser.