This $4,000 BMW e-Bike Has More Torque Than Some Cars


Running out of energy after pedaling? Not to worry as the bike’s electric battery has enough juice for 62 miles.

From the 225xe minivan to the 740e large sedan, BMW has a considerable amount of plug-in hybrids in its lineup, and now it’s adding another one that’s shall we say, slightly different.

For starters, it’s missing two wheels and only has 90 Newton-meters (66 pound-feet). While that may seem like a low amount of torque, it’s quite impressive for an e-bike and is actually on a par with the base versions of the Renault Twingo and Smart ForTwo. These two city cars share a naturally aspirated 1.0-liter engine with three cylinders rated at just 91 Nm (67 lb-ft).

The BMW Active Hybrid e-bike as it’s known by its full name is technically a hybrid as it combines pedal power with electric assistance. It has been engineered to accommodate a 250W motor and a 504-Wh battery that can last for up to 62 miles (100 kilometers) and can be detached from the bike.

BMW Active Hybrid E-Bike

To lure in tech-savvy customers, the e-bike comes with a micro USB socket as well as Bluetooth functionality allowing owners to hook it up to their smartphones. In addition, the two-wheel hybrid from BMW incorporates configurable pedal assistance by granting riders the possibility to pick from four different power modes modifying the degree of pedal assistance, from Eco (50%) to Turbo (275%). At full throttle, the e-bike will top out at 16 mph (25 kph).

Both the electric motor and the battery pack have been built into the bike’s hydroformed aluminum frame to ensure a clean look. It wears a two-tone Frozen Black and Arctic Silver paint finish and benefits from an LED light incorporated into the rear wheel mudguard made from aluminum. A bespoke saddle created specifically for e-bikes along with the lightweight fiberglass handle round off the list of goodies.

BMW Active Hybrid E-Bike

Needless to say, all of these high-end features come at a price as BMW wants €3,400 (about $4,015) in Germany for its new Active Hybrid e-bike.

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10 Comments on "This $4,000 BMW e-Bike Has More Torque Than Some Cars"

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It is quite a good price for a bike with a Brose motor and an integrated battery.

$4000, are kidding me?
BMW is not a premium bike maker.
Only the price is premium.

Actually you should check out the e Bikes from BESV. more power and better pricing. They have on rode, commuter and off road e Bikes.

I love PEV cars, SUVs and bicycles!!!

This thing is a bit expensive though.

Just about all PEB (Plugin Electric Bicycles) are PHEBs. Almost none of them are BEBs. There are some electric scooters and motorcycles out there.

Just incredible, my goal is to achieve and maitain 250 watts for a couple hours.

It’s not easy task, and this thing does it right frome the box.

Oh well, it’s only fun trying.

I highly doubt this bike have 66 lb-ft at the motor shaft from a 250W motor. Probably more at the axle which is irrelevent to compare with a torque value taken at the motor output shaft. Same thing comparing single gear vs multi gear values. It’s just annoying but I agree, it impress…some

Costs 2x than much better e-bikes from numerous vendors; the 250W Pedelec limitation (European limit) is a problem for hilly areas or heavy riders. It also requires pedaling, as the motor is assist-only (again, required by Euro Pedelec rules; the bike cannot be used throttle-only).

People living elsewhere can easily get a 750W e-bike (including a high-quality mid-drive) at half the cost.

Also, the 62mi claim is bull$hit — with a 500Wh battery, that’s only true with a lightweight rider, pedaling heavily on level ground. With minimal pedaling, figure slightly less than half of that.

Oh, and the proprietary integrated battery is a bad idea. What do you do when BMW loeses interest in this, 3 years from now? There’ll be no source for a replacement battery.

Unless you own a pedelec, and a low powered mid drive at that, you have no basis to dispute the distance claim.

A 504 Wh battery is huge for a tiny motor that is speed limited to 25 kmh. At the lowest assist setting 60 mile range for an average weight rider 185 lbs is very possible.

I am a 200 lbs rider, and can go 40 miles on my Stromer, with a 500W direct drive hub and 400 Wh battery. 24 mph limit.

Can you imagine leaving this thing locked to a bike rack. Every time you come back, you find the BMW logo bolt that holds your handlebars in place is stolen.

hahahahahahaha, I’ll take 2 please

The pedalac, 25 kph and 250 watts are a Europe thing. In the states, vastly underpowered for the price. Most bikes in US are 500 watts and up. Some states allow up to 1000 watts and 28 mph (TN, CA).

Distance claims on E-bikes should be ignored. Just put on the lowest assistance and pedal like he!! – 62 miles.