PSA Group: 27 New BEV or PHEV Models By 2023

MAR 10 2017 BY MARK KANE 14

PSA Cutway

PSA Group CEO Carlos Tavares

PSA Group CEO Carlos Tavares has announced that more vehicles will be plugging in from Peugeot, Citroen and DS brands in the coming years. The company’s previously announced “Push to Pass” strategy included 11 models (4 BEVs and 7 PHEVs) by 2021.

Now Tavares hints that 80 percent of 34 new global vehicles scheduled for introduction by 2023 to be available in all-electric or plug-in hybrid versions. That means at least 27 new EVs from PSA on the near horizon.

PSA Group is not sharing predictions about the share of plug-ins in its future sales mix, but is intends to be ready with EV offers if consumers want to purchase BEVs/PHEVs.

PSA’s upcoming electric Common Modular Platform (e-CMP) will enable 50-kWh battery packs and more than 186 miles (300 km) of real world range. Looks like C segment SUVs with 240 miles (390 km) of range and B segment sedans with 280 miles (450 km) range – based on the lenient NEDC test – are on the table. The plug-in hybrids to be able drive up to 37 miles (60 km) on battery power.

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Other are doing 60kWh today and PSA plans to do 50kWh in 2021!

“7 KW On-board charger”…isn’t kind of what the Chevy Volt uses??? Sounds like a Chevy Volt?

Volt uses 3.6kW. Bolt EV uses 7.2kW.

Another (Euro) industrial point of view

As PSA just bought Opel then PSA will have to buy the Opel Ampera e (GM Bolt) from GM then, or ?

I am rather amazed that one of the very few article about PSA group here does not make any mention of what may take place with the distribution of the GM Bolt/Opel Ampera e in Europe now that Opel is under PSA group.

I don’t think anything has been officially announced yet, but PSA was apparantly very interested in the Ampera-e.

From GM Authority:

“In negotiations to purchase GM’s European Opel division, French automaker PSA Group has reportedly expressed a notable amount of interest in the Opel Mokka crossover and new Opel Ampera-e electric car.”

GM has stated that the companies will be working together on EV tech for now. I would think for at least the next few years, the Ampera-e will live on as is.

But I would guess that a next generation Ampera-e will diverge from the Bolt EV – since PSA will continue to develop it’s own platform.

Well, they do have some catching up to do. I just hope they actually pass and don’t plan cars that match what is common today.

Don’t dwell on the 7kW charger, there’ll be a RC plug. Anyways, I certainly hope this would help Citroen or DS to enter the US market. Their current engines are the main barrier, an all EV or PHEV offering can just limit that to chassis design that can meet US speculation.

Yes the cutaway shows a type 2 CCS socket.

So in 2021 they are going to release cars that would have been competitive in 2015? Ok, good luck with that!

So long as they’re cheap or have other features, those specs are OK.

2021, 2023 … It is smelling like vaporware.

I don’t think so.

They have already some cars known as “mule” to help them to validate their platforms.
50kWh is for the 4m cars Peugeot 208 or Citroen C3.

PSA will choose to have motors built by other before to built their own.

Now they have to decide to built a maximum by their own or to buy a maximum from supplier.

In 2020 the price of the kWh will be about 125$, so they don’t have the choice to avoid BEV anymore.

I’m guessing they figure to be out of business by then anyway so they will not have to do anything…..

PSA kind of reminds me of Sears (who bout another loser, kMart)….hows that going for ya….

I hope PSA doesn’t close the GM vauxhall factories at Luton & Ellesmere port in the UK.

The new BEV’s would sell very well in the UK, even though petrol is the cheapest it’s been in years here it’s still £5,51 / $6.70 a UK gallon.