Zero Motorcycles Slashes MSRP By $1,350 Across ’15 Model Line

MAY 20 2015 BY TDILLARD 17

Zero just announced it’s cutting the MSRP by $1,350 across the entire 2015 lineup of electric motorcycles.  That figures out to these prices:

  Model  ZF2.8  ZF5.7  ZF9.4  ZF12.5
  2015 Zero FX  $8,495  $10,990
  2015 Zero DS  $11,995  $13,995
  2015 Zero S  $11,995  $13,995
  2015 Zero SR  $15,995

Apparently, this is due to supply costs dropping:

“Seeing its battery costs fall and energy density increase faster than anticipated as it develops successive model years of high performance electric motorcycles, Zero Motorcycles has decided to deliver this increased value immediately to consumers in North America.

“As leaders in this space we believe it is important to pass on the benefits of improved battery technology and our increased scale to consumers as soon as possible to allow more motorcyclists to experience the thrill of electric,” said Richard Walker, Zero Motorcycles CEO. “We’re not here to do things as they’ve been traditionally done in the motorcycle industry. Making this change mid-season to deliver great value to consumers at industry-leading price points, rather than waiting for 2016, is just the right thing to do.”

Since most distribution partners across the world buy Zero motorcycles based on the US MSRP, Zero will be able to pass on the benefit of these newly announced prices to consumers in their local markets. In Europe, these cost reductions will allow Zero to absorb the currency impact of the weakened Euro without raising prices from their current levels.”

So that little red SR you were thinking of picking up for us?  What’s holding you back?  Stroll right over to the Zero site to put your money down now.

Our new 2015 SR?

Our new 2015 SR?

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I have read quite few posts from people in various forums saying they were going to pull the trigger if the bike were just a bit cheaper … I hope this reduction in price will really see sales take off, they deserve it.

There’s a whole host of reasons for people to not pull the trigger on one of these. Price has always been the easiest to explain. In the long-term, their prospects are very bleak. If someone enters the market with some real capital, like Harley or Honda or BMW or even Ducati, Zero is screwed. Their bikes just aren’t anywhere near good enough.

So from that perspective, why would I want to spend money on a bike built by a company with such an uncertain future?

BMW already makes an electric maxi-scooter. They choose not to sell it in the US at present.

Honda has shown remarkably little enthusiasm for electrics.

Ducati would probably work with Zero, as MB and Toyota did with Tesla.

You can’t just snap your fingers and produce an electric vehicle that stands up to major OEM standards. Monied interests are notoriously risk adverse.

I’m actually surprised to see a price cut, considering that they no longer really need to compete with Brammo.

Say they have a 20% profit margin, and then they save $1000 on the battery, it would be best to transfer the whole savings to the customer, for marketshare.

As long as they’re making a profit, the lower the price the more they sell.

Oh look, another contrived horserace metaphor.

To paraphrase Musk, the enemy is internal combustion. When “normals” (such as they are in this space) even bother to chime in, they usually attack the concept of EVs across the board, on range, price, culture, etc. No single brand stuck out enough to get a back full of arrows- not even Harley, since they weren’t foolish enough to state any release date (or even year). Rumor is they were broaching the very concept of an electric motorcycle, and the web traffic/column inches they got shows their market savvy is strong.

If you weren’t going to buy a Brammo, a Zero likely wasn’t going to work either, for categorical reasons.

I hope they sell a ton. This is the most efficient EV made to date.

I wonder if the drop in prices has anything to do with improvements to the 2016 model line and they want to clear out inventory before the new models are announced? Zero wouldn’t be the first manufacturer (or the last) to do something like this. In any case, that is good news and I hope it makes for news in the motorcycle press soon.

It sounds a little too soon for that…
New bikes are unlikely to be announced before Sept./Oct., otherwise they hurt the Summer sales season. No need ot clear out bikes so long in advance.

I just hope it doesn’t mean sales are weaker than expected…
On various forums, I’ve noted some complaints about price, but I think the lack of decent DC charging and some fairing option is more significant.

How is it that it’s $1,350 across the board? I would have thought that it would be less on the lower end bikes and more on the top end. If it had been $3,000 off the SR, I would have jumped on it. Alas, I shall wait just a little bit longer.

I have no idea why “little bit longer” is hyperlinked to something. I didn’t do it!

Those are auto-generated ad links, presumably applied by crappy ad software running on insideevs.

It does seem odd that the 2.5 kWh FX ZF2.8 has the same discount applied as the 13.5 kWh ZF12.5 Power Tank bikes. I guess it makes for a simpler story, but since most of their sales are the higher capacity bikes, perhaps they just applied the discount at the high end across the board.

Could be a different component, or components, that are universal on all the bikes.

Its too bad we don’t see any tax incentives for these. I’d be all over this if there was even a $2500 tax credit from the feds. To me they are still out of reach. The only one with a range I’d consider is still $12K.

The 10% EV motorcycle tax credit is a somewhat confusing issue. Some tax advisers are telling their clients that this was extended for all of 2014 by the Congress at the very last minute.

But the IRS forms don’t reflect that if that is the case. On the other hand, the IRS forms are NOT always up to date with the legislation, and are not the final authority. I personally had a tax issue where the official instructions from the IRS was to ignore the instructions, because they hadn’t been able to update them yet to match laws passed at the last minute.

Whether any 10% EV tax credit might be extended for 2015 is impossible to know. They can change the laws at any point throughout the year, and choose to make it retroactive or not.

When there was a tax credit available (I think it was through 2013 but not positive on this), ZERO noted this on their website. ZERO never mentioned any tax credits in 2014 or 2015. One would think that ZERO would have an interest in publicizing a tax credit if it was available, but I could be wrong.

I just got a call from my dealer that Zero will be offering some free stuff to recent buyers to ease the sticker shock of the new prices. Since I just bought mine 2 weeks ago, I definitely had sticker shock for bad timing!