Woz To Trade In Tesla Model S For Chevrolet Bolt


Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, better known as “Woz”, posted on Facebook:

"Woz" In His Tesla Model S

“Woz” In His Tesla Model S

“I expect to be switching cars soon!”

Included with the post is a picture of Woz standing next to a new Chevrolet Bolt EV, giving a thumbs up.

One of Woz’s friends asked him to give reasons for this choice. Woz talks about his principles of getting more for less. His ideals of product balance lead him to search for “simple and affordable, but very adequate.” 

He does include that although he is impressed with Chevy’s upcoming offering, he won’t give the car an A+ without owning it and driving it for awhile. He says:

“The user conveniences are well thought out and the functionality is great.”

Woz is not sold on the Tesla Model 3. After having his Model S, he admits that the Bolt does many things right that he feels were done wrong with the Tesla. Woz explains:

“Knowing myself, it may replace the Tesla. A lot of complaints about the Tesla that my wife and I have are solved in this car.”

“Well thought out back space for lots of luggage and clever dividers but I don’t think the dimensions fit Segway wheels with the wheels turned sideways to get 2 Segways in. Maybe one Segway would fit. And a seat can be folded down. This car has nice rails atop so it should be easier than a Tesla (at least more appropriate) to put luggage up there.”

The thread continues to grow with comments and opinions in the form of many replies. It is interesting to read what people have to share, and to get Woz’s take on it. We are still waiting for the comment from Elon Musk, and will keep you posted.

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I would of liked to hear from Woz what Chevrolet got right and what Tesla was amiss.

You took the words right out of my keyboard. Perhaps Woz could write an article for Insideevs elaborating on his points.

I’d like to see that, too.

It looks like this quote describes some of it.

“Well thought out back space for lots of luggage and clever dividers but I don’t think the dimensions fit Segway wheels with the wheels turned sideways to get 2 Segways in. Maybe one Segway would fit. And a seat can be folded down. This car has nice rails atop so it should be easier than a Tesla (at least more appropriate) to put luggage up there.”

His FB comments made it seem like it’s only about interior space. But if that’s the case, why not Tesla X that has even more room? I suspect there may be more to it than just what he wrote in FB posts.

In his FB comments he also like the user interface in the Bolt EV better than Tesla’s.

There’s also this quote:

“The user conveniences are well thought out and the functionality is great…. The Bolt will need some personal testing by Janet and myself to find out how it is on road trips. Otherwise, it’s what we want. Extra features aren’t the big picture, or we’d have skipped the Tesla for a Mercedes.”

Keywords: “Simple and affordable”

tesla X is neither…
Those falcon wing doors are complicated and probably costly to fix
It is not affordable.

Not sure the X has more room than the S for anything but more people. I was told by a Tesla sales guy that X 2nd row seats do not fold down. If true, X is a non-starter for the “utility” part of SUV.

It’s true; in many ways, the Model S is better at carrying cargo than the MX. The MX can carry slightly taller objects, but that’s probably not most peoples’ first priority in buying a CUV/SUV.

My amazement keeps growing that Tesla continues to refuse to offer in the MX any alternative to those non-folding, non-removeable 2nd row seats.

I love the Woz. I met him in Gilroy Ca for some ice cream some years back.. but saying “my two Segways don’t fit in my Model S” seems like a first world problem which most folks don’t really care about.

I am delighted we even have Model S’s in our world; and now the Bolt, thank you GM and TESLA!

Fabian wrote:

“…saying ‘my two Segways don’t fit in my Model S’ seems like a first world problem which most folks don’t really care about.”

Hmmm… well, I’ll resist the temptation to say something unkind about the Segway. After all, it is an EV, and this is a website for EV advocacy.

To be fair, Woz didn’t say anything to suggest that he was recommending that others might not want the Model X. His comments should serve as a reminder that selecting which car is right for any person is always a very personal decision, as well as a reminder that people make such decisions based on a very wide variety of factors, many or most of which are irrelevant to the average buyer.

What I would like to see much, much less of, in comments posted to InsideEVs, is people saying “Well, I don’t need or want thus and such, so you shouldn’t either.” Ummmm… no, it doesn’t work that way. People who are tempted to write that should think about how they would feel if someone said that to them.


Yes, that was the point I was trying to make.

With EV’s and PHEV’s, YMWV (your mileage WILL vary) much more than with gas cars due to range and charging options each person may have available to them.

Relying on the choice of one famous person to guide your own EV/PHEV purchasing choice, without actually considering how YMWV, is a mistake.

That is the best comment I have seen from you in the last 2 years..

A big Thumb up!!!


And maybe Android Auto/Apple Carplay.

Oh, and a dash that doesn’t look like a prisoner’s cell.

LOL – nice description. Maybe it’s designed to be a constant, in-your-face reminder that the 3 is not an S.

Given who he is I kinda doubt Android Auto is a selling point.

It’s Size.

Less is more.
The MS is a pretty big boat. I put it in the same class/size as a police cruiser Ford Crown Vic.

I totally agree with him.

Tesla, stupid climate control over the touch and also some other things like leight, or changing the trip, very low seating and for many people too big.

This is a Publicity Stunt Bought & Paid for By GM as they always try putting Tesla down. No one in their RITE MIND would Pull a Bone Head move like That ! I hope GM made it worth his while. I’m sure they took care of that!

Really he said he “may” replace the Model S with a Bolt. It may be additive.

I hope he at least gets a Bolt. I’d be interested in his impressions.

Have fun waiting at 50 kWh charging stations, on your cross country trips. 😉

You will miss using the SuperCharger Network. And that’s a good lesson to learn.

Realistically, what % of American drivers actually drive across the country on a regular basis? Cross-country charging will not be an issue for the vast majority of potential Bolt customers.

Exactly! I worked for 45 years, and took one vacation trip a year…in good years. The other 350 weeks a year, it was me, sitting in my car, averaging probably 30 mph for one to two hours, five days a week. Much less on the weekends, when I was busy trying to get chores done.

That’s a lot of weeks in a year

Depends what planet you’re talking about 🙂

Not a planet but the comet 138P/Shoemaker-Levy 7 which fit exactly that orbital period of 6.73 years (350 weeks).

Nerd alert

Believe me, they felt like that many. 🙂

And yet, time still flies…

Woz does. He’s a regular at SuperChargers.

Hence my post, which is directed to him– not the population in general.

Anon said:

“Woz… [is] a regular at SuperChargers.”

If so, then it is more than a bit surprising that he would seriously consider trading the Model S in on a Bolt!

I may only have one long trip a year on average, but I think I would still want to keep the wait at a charging station to a minimum. With four kids now, it will be hard to keep them out of trouble too long.

SparkEV-Fiat500-Leased - M3 Reserved - Bolt- TBD

Most DC chargers are placed in typical logical stop areas to dwell an hour to eat or shop. This is more than sufficient for most instances — even cross country.

With the significant #s of DC compared to Tesla available, and that to widen even more, the choices of stop overs not tied to a single, specific company.

eg: In San Diego, you have a single choice of Supercharger location in a non-retail location vs the 30+ locations for DC.

Looking forward to Woz’s overall experiences–including his dog satisfaction!

A first class flight cross country includes Champagne and real cutlery.

Anon said:

“Have fun waiting at 50 kWh charging stations, on your cross country trips. 🙂 ”

The average American who takes a trip of more than 400 miles, flies instead of drives. Perhaps Woz doesn’t think the ability to use the Supercharger network is all that important.

Of course, for many Tesla owners, Superchargers are very important. But let’s not forget that for some drivers, they simply aren’t. Diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks.

Yea! Hurry Up & Wait!….l m a o ..

Where to put his dog is probably one factor.

SparkEV-Fiat500-Leased - M3 Reserved - Bolt- TBD

Nothing wrong in owning two EVs. These cars are completely different in function. It’s our plan too if the both the Bolt and M3 fit our needs — both yet TBD.

It’s clear that Woz misses his Prius and the utility of the Bolt is probably going to get pretty close to that and we’re VERY interested in those insights he’ll provide.

Another is a real world test of the current DC network and how it’ll be utilized by a frequent user and traveler.

If his motivation in preferring EVs over ICEVs is related to their environmental benefits, then, yes, there IS something wrong with needlessly owning more vehicles than you need, particularly considering the fact that a greater percentage of EVs’ lifecycle environmental footprint is up-front in its manufacturing compared to ICEVs.

Navel gazing gets you nowhere. To get the cost down so that everybody buys these we need to sell every one they can make. Worry about having too many built much later than today. There are plenty of oil burners out there.

this seems like “celebrity” stuff to me. clearly, he does not need to trade in his tesla to be able to buy a chevrolet bolt. of course, he could be like steve jobs, who got a new car every 6 months.

Just because he’s a “celebrity” doesn’t mean he can’t be practical too.

what i am suggesting is that it is not necessarily giving this decision a lot of thought and that it might be more of a “what the heck…” decision. it is perfectly within his right to make a “what the heck…” decision, but such a decision making process has no value to anyone else.

Woz is an out-of-the-box kind of thinker. The type of person who opens their mind and is not afraid to go against the flow. It’s no surprise he has shocked the EV community with his move – too many minds have been closed to the reality that GM is not as horrible as thought and that Tesla is not as supreme as believed.

money is no object for him, so he can afford to buy a car on a “what the heck” basis. most people don’t have that luxury, so an auto purchase has to be more carefully thought out.

But it’s not the simple fact he’s buying a Bolt EV, possibly trading in his Tesla. It’s the fact he like the Bolt EV better.

There is no progress without out-of-the-box thinkers. I wouldn’t be surpised to learn that Steve is simply testing the best offerings in the EV world just in order to make a good suggestion to Apple for their upcoming Apple Car, surely with some out-of-the-box hints such as we do not really need batteries with so much energy around us awaiting to be captured and put in good use. So make a device capable of pickiing it up and pushing the motor permanently. That’s what Steve would recommend them to do.

Woz likes to try out and experience all the latest and greatest new tech. He even replaced his Apple iPhone to try out a Google Android smartphone for heaven’s sake.

He came out hard against the dropping of the headphone jack on the iPhone 7.

I think that is a mistake too. But I’m an Android guy so it is not my problem.

I think the naysayers look ridiculous. Just goes to show how conservative people are.

Who brought the mini-jack to the phone anyway..? Apple, with the original iPhone. Back then everyone else were making special jacks and it was a boon for some Chinese adapter makers and nobody else.

But taking audio over the universal bus is a logical move. Including an adapter to a minijack with every single phone takes the sting out of it. And just like when they removed the optical drive from the Macbook there will be a ton of people who loudly complain, but a year later many others will have followed suit and nobody will miss it.

Yes, using an adapter so you can still use those great headphones is a little bit clumsy. But you can’t really make progress unless you sometimes drop backwards compatibility. I think it was the right move.

Well, you can’t charge your phone and use the headphone jack simultaneously. And as a person that runs with my phone wearing headphones, I tried to switch to Bluetooth but it frequently dropped the audio thus making it very annoying.

So I’ll stick with what works for me.

I’m not an iPhone person, but I did see the bit about removing the headphone jack and was shocked. I thought it was going to suck to always have to use Bluetooth headphones. Then I read there was going to be an adapter and was like “Oh OK, disaster averted”.

I don’t know too many people that use their headphones while charging, and there might end up being a adapter that lets you do that as well, or a docking station.

Terawatt said:
“Who brought the mini-jack to the phone anyway..? Apple, with the original iPhone.”

My pre-iPhone Palm Treo definitely had a mini-jack. I’m pretty sure my pre-iPhone HP Windows mobile phones had a mini-jack, but I don’t recall if my pre-iPhone Blackberry had a mini-hack.

This could be a case of conflating “what product B does that works for me” and “what the company behind product A didn’t get right.” The Bolt does seem to offer a lot in today’s EV market. I can reach that conclusion myself without a famous person’s opinion, or anyone else’s to back me up. Right guys?

Sure. I was interested in his opinion not because he’s a celebrity, but because he is a tech-savvy person who says he thinks GM got many things right in the Bolt that Tesla got wrong in the Model S. So I wondered just what things he was talking about, especially since clearly cost isn’t an important factor for this person.

I saw this in the FB comments. Ugh..people still don’t know how the Volt works.

“Brian Nave – I considered a Volt… but only 4 seats? No regen? It’s either gas OR electric, no hybrid? Doesn’t make much sense unless they’ve changed since I looked at them”

How did he manage to pack three complete falsehoods in one sentence? Is that trolling?

You have to wonder how some of these people dress themselves in the morning.

Yes spec. That’s the good old American public. The planet is doomed.

So Woz thinks the BoltEV has a better interior? Hello? If he had complained about the reliability I could understand, but interior room??

IIRC the Bolt’s interior volume is a hair under that of the Model S – impressive considering its exterior footprint is substantially less a Model S.

I think the S is wider inside but tighter in headroom than the Bolt. Woz is pretty short, but having a tall roof allows for upright seating position which helps give an impression of ample roominess.

The Bolt EV is actually bigger than the Model S.

speculawyer said:

“You have to wonder how some of these people dress themselves in the morning.”

Sadly, I get the impression that most people don’t understand that the Volt is a hybrid that’s a switch-hitter, performing equally well as a gasmobile or as a BEV… and also in hybrid mode blending power from both drivetrains, as needed.

But then, most people don’t read InsideEVs articles on a daily basis, as we Usual Suspects do, speculawyer!

It’s tiring. I would bet that the Volt will come and go without the majority of the population ever actually understanding what it was and how it worked.

Very sad.

The FB posts are hilarious. Some people think it’s a Ford. Some saying they’ve rented Bolt EVs in the past, or have had test drives. A lot of comments about the Volt and not knowing how it works. Others asking why he didn’t buy a Toyota BEV (lol). Some saying he should wait (just 1 year) for the Apple EV *chuckle*.

So much EV education needed….

All those misinformed that you just stated are missed sales that GM could’ve capitalized on by advertising and educating the public.

Sadly we all know how it didn’t happen.

Well, GM has done some advertising. And anyone can look up the info on the internet.

But as GeorgeS points out above . . . the American public is pretty stupid . . . especially when it comes to math & science.

I think it is worse in Europe. S&T culture is on average lower than in the US but fortunately you have a small number that are at contrary very savvy.

Woz’s comments are all over the place as well.

” I had American cars in my life. I had a Buick, I think, and a couple of Pintos. And I currently have one American car, in fact the one with the highest percentage profit of any for GM (it’s a Hummer)”

So he in fact has more than one American car. 2 American cars if he has a Hummer and a Tesla. LOL After all this hand-wringing about which EV he should own and he has a backup Hummer.

I love the Woz, he’s a childhood hero of mine. And he is also a fellow San Jose Sharks fan.

That said, I often question the things he says about products since he seems to do a fair amount a social media advertising for companies. So I am never quite sure if he is saying something about a particular product because he really believes it or because he made a promotion deal.

Certainly could go either way in this case. But I have agreed with the fact that the GM Bolt probably will be a more polished, stable, and reliable car. GM literally has a century of building cars experience. Tesla has less than a decade and they are often rushing things. That said, I’m still going for the Model 3 instead of the Bolt.

Not me – I’ve been driving a Spark EV for the past year and I’ve fallen in love with its small size which, combined with its strong acceleration and finely tuned handling, gives it the ability to carve through tight spaces in heavy traffic with ease.

The Bolt is going to be very similar with its Spark-like minimal exterior girth, but with more interior space and comfort.

The Model 3 looks like a more conventional sedan with a long hood. Its seating won’t be as upright as the Bolt’s, and I have doubts it will offer as much bang for the buck as what I expect to get with the Bolt.

“The Model 3 looks like a more conventional sedan with a long hood. Its seating won’t be as upright as the Bolt’s”

I agree. But as someone that highly values the aerodynamics, that is good for me.

“I have doubts it will offer as much bang for the buck as what I expect to get with the Bolt.”

That really does remain to be seen. Tesla has really set a very difficult goal for themselves. I suspect they will fall a little short but it will still be great.

Actually it would rather be the Bolt that looks like all the European standard econobox, so I find that remark quiet funny. The Model 3 is at contrary super aerodynamic and look like a bit like a Porsche which is still rather unconventional.

M3, like MS and MX, looks very sleek and says “look at me” rather loudly. I like it, but it is unescapable that it is a bit of a poser’s car – even if the shape confers aerodynamic advantages. It also looks more expensive than the Bolt, even though the base prices have the inverse relationship. And of course it is far from certain the Bolt’s starting price will still be above that of M3 when M3 some day can actually be bought in base version…

I hope the Bolt is a big hit. The fate of Tesla and Model 3 depends pretty much 100% on Tesla managing the production ramp up and costs and so on – it isn’t going to fail because Bolt does well.

Ahh the “celebrity” worship is strong on this site. Why should we laud them for making any decision?

Well we are not talking about a typical “celebrity” . . . he’s not an actor or singer. He’s the engineer that primarily designed the Apple ][ computer, an amazing piece of work for its day.

Unless I am missing something, the Bolt is not available to the general public for in depth test drives. I suspect that GM provided the car to him along with endorsement money for his “Honest” opinion. And yes I know he does not need any more money, but guys like that are wired for attention. Even WOZ.

Uh, Woz is not exactly rich. He’s not poor but I think he sold most of his Apple stock many many years ago.

And good point about it not being available to the general public so how did he get a look?

He’s only worth around 100m… dude needs to get a job at Applebees to pay the bills pretty soon.

Ooohh.. conspiracy theories are fun.

I think anyone who suggests Woz (who’s worth multi-millions) was paid off to endorse the Bolt EV is actually employed by other automakers to spread this rumor.

Obviously you’re just trying to spread a false flag rumor to discredit attempts to explain what’s really going on, which is that Woz is secretly working for Tesla, and is only pretending to prefer the Bolt as a reverse psychology tactic. 😛

I guess the Tesla vs Apple electric car war just started 🙂

Who knows what Apple is doing . . . some reports said they were switching from building an EV to just working hard on autonomous driving technology. But I really don’t know what they are doing.

I just take Wozniak opinion like any other one made by educated people.
He is one of them certainly, not a god.
Two thing stand out from what I read
1 getting more for less is also an environmental motto that I share.
2 Space and commodity, that is what I look for in a car.
3 He didn’t say but for my part driving a small car is much more fun than having to steer ship size car.
4. My own, dumping 120 000$ for anything, or worse for a car, that will worth nothing in 15 years is not my cup of tea.
So Bolt might have my vote even thought I put a Tesla model 3 deposit.

Less is more.

Eat less exercise more.

Right!(Got it backward)
Less weight, less stuff you don’t need, more fun with what you have and share.

Interesting! I like the Bolt too. The model 3 looks great on the outside but fairly poor on the inside (as of yet at least) and I have doubts about build quality when they will ramp up production like that. I think GM can make the Bolt a very solid car and I think it will sell well, much more than GM anticipates.

How a car “looks” inside or out, tends to be a matter of personal taste. As far as build quality, well that remains to be seen for both cars, but I suspect both manufacturers will do their best. Finally I think Tesla can make the Model 3 a very solid car and I think it will sell EXTREMELY well, much more than even Tesla anticipates.

I hope they sell more than GM’s Chevy Dealers actually want to sell… way more… enough that it inspires all power companies to want to install more EVSEs (outlets or chargers)across the country. If we can all raise awareness of the next gen of EVs enough… big pig oil is done.

There is a lot I like about Woz including his being a true humble nuts & bolts electrical engineer.

…But Woz has never had (or pretended to have) an appreciation for high product design-elegance…which is why he and Jobs never really clicked. In some ways the Tesla Model S probably seems overly Apple(ish) to Woz.

Woz’s Model S to Bolt switch will likely end up similar to the Woz’s infamous switch to Android then back to iPhone.

I dunno. Apple products seem to be robust, and intuitive to use. This is what Woz appears to like about the Bolt EV. According to Woz, the Bolt “does many things right” that his Tesla doesn’t.

Why people keep comparing the Bolt and Model S is beyond me. They’re 2 completely different cars. The Bolt is the smaller footprint, nimble, stuff carrier, with good range and excellent efficiency. The Model S(especially in 100D guise and the supercharger network) is the consummate, uncompromising, highway cruising, game changer. What they’re both set to accomplish, is putting the hydrocarbon burners out to pasture. That’s a good thing.?

SparkEV-Fiat500-Leased - M3 Reserved - Bolt- TBD

It’s more the Model 3 and Bolt; but again, different cars- Hatchback vs sedan.

What will be interesting is how successful each will be in capturing it’s market segment.

Bolt is still a bit too expensive even with the federal subsidies. So hope GM really puts some goodies into it steal sales in the segment

“I expect to be switching cars soon!”

– I heard he ordered a MX P100d!



Model S has been extremely successful and highly rated but it has had no real competition so far. The real test is to succeed in a competitive environment. In car business you have to build very good cars otherwise you will go out of business quickly. So GM know how to build an excellent car for sure. It remains to be seen if Tesla can survive in a competitive environment. We will know soon with competition cars starting to show up at a rate of a few per year for the next few years.

Do you know GM history? LOL They are called government motors for a reason, if it wasn’t for a taxpayer bailout they would be dead.

So did Chrysler/Volvo/SAAB/Jaguar/Land Rover/PSA, etc. All automakers have had episodes of near death experience more or less. It is a terrible business. For its part Tesla got government support and literally a free factory due to financial crisis in 2009. They have been on the brink a couple of times as well. If we get a deep recession today Tesla will be the first US automaker that needs a bailout. They were lucky because in 2008 they were an upstart with a small workforce. Today is completely different.

Like my dad always used to tell me, “It’s like a bird eating s*** on the street…everybody to their own tastes.”

This really is a story about the limited number of choices there currently are for EV’s and PHEV’s.

If you look at gas cars, there are so many choices of body styles, sizes, engines, features, etc that there is simply no way Tesla or any other car maker can match all of those different market sectors with the limited choices there are for EV’s today.

There is a reason that all these different ICE car choices have evolved to exist in the market. It is because consumers continue to choose to buy them. So of course consumers will want the same number of choices for EV’s too.

That doesn’t automatically imply that one car in inherently better than another. It is just that different cars suit different needs/desires for different people at different points in their lives.

This really shows that there needs to be many more choices of EV’s/PHEV’s to fit all of these different market segments. And Tesla with their 2 vehicles they sell (soon to be 3) can’t magically replace the multitude of ICE car options, no matter how good they build their cars.

I’ve read every comment to date, but, having never seen a BOLT in person whereas Mr. Wozniak has is the biggest Rave ever for GM’s Marketing Dept.

A famous person, who can basically afford anything, trading in a $100K flagship for a $40K utilitarian vehicle deemed by this person ‘more valuable’ is guaranteed to give Mr. Musk need of Alka-Seltzers.

for wozniak, the choice between a $100,000 car and a $40,000 car is about as significant as the choice most people make when they decide whether to buy white bread or wheat bread. cost is no object for him: under those circumstances, pricing is irrelevant.

The Bolt is very likely to be an astounding car. Especially if GM starts throwing $3-5K on the hood in a year or two like they did with the Volt.

But let’s go over what you consider important. What you consider important is the opinion of:

“A famous person, who can basically afford anything”

Well, that decides everything! Chrome wrapped Fisker Karma’s are clearly the best then. Since Justin Bieber is worth double what the Woz is worth, and is much more famous around the world.

So either Chrome Fisker Karma’s are the best, or there is a flaw in your criteria….

I find myself in rare disagreement with you on this point, Nix. Woz has earned our respect by his life-long accomplishments, and his obvious intelligence and technical expertise.

Justin Bieber? Not so much. That’s much more of a contrast than a comparison.

just because the guy came up with an innovation 40 years ago doesn’t make him a lifelong expert on all things. there is nothing magical about wozniak’s opinion: it is an opinion like anyone else’s. it is your right to consider wozniak’s opinions to have magical qualities, but other people won’t.

I think you are belittling his life.


i’m not belittling wozniak at all. but what i will state is that i have met a lot of really intelligent guys in my life, and what i can definitively tell you is that “money” does not equal “intelligence”. the amount of money you get has a lot more to do with your priorities than it does your intelligence. a lot of what makes for “breakthroughs” has a lot to do with public relations, such that the innovation gets turned into what the public perceives as being groundbreaking. for example, the “groundbreaking” apple graphical interface was not actually invented by apple – it is a knockoff from the alto computer developed at xerox parc in the 1970’s. that’s not an attempt to “belittle” but to point out that much of the silicon valley innovations depended upon work that was done by others outside of the limelight. that doesn’t mean that the people in the limelight and who cashed in are inherently more intelligent than the people who didn’t. a lot of these guys got their money by developing a concept, and then flipping it for big cash when some bigger company bought them out. some of those buyouts are pretty… Read more »

Well he’s no commenting on political or social affairs (which also annoys me when actors do that sometimes, but that’s more about using the podium they have). He’s commenting on technology, which he is in that sector. He also has the benefit of being a Tesla owner to use as a comparison. I’m not saying he is an auto-expert, but I would value the opinion of someone with his background and recent experience.

Nix, besides the other testimonials here, WOZ deserves some credit…. Namely, Steve Jobs wouldn’t have made $Billions without WOZ doing the initial designs on the cheap.

Woz’s forte was thoroughly understanding the NTSC TV standard, and therefore could come up with cost-reduced apples. Again, without WOZ it is more than likely JOBS would have been just another huckster.

As far as the Karma goes, I too thought it was nice (it was the most popular car at the BUffalo Auto Show years ago), and I test drove one a few times. I liked the fact that it was an EV that was NOT an econobox, was large and comfortable, and had a decent EV range – something VW and Daimler have yet to learn regarding their PHEV products.

It would be nice if you could occassionally comment on something without being personally insulting.

As far as WOZ’s comment, Mary Barra Tweeted “We’re glad Mr. Wozniak loves the BOLT as much as we do!”


Bill, how is me suggesting there is a “flaw in your criteria” a personal insult? Are you that thin skinned that you can’t rationally discuss your criteria you present? But since you’ve now added to your original criteria, where fame and money isn’t enough, the famous rich person must also contribute to a large technical company, let’s explore that. Well, there again, according to your own criteria, the original Fisker Karma must be the best car. Pixar executive John Lasseter, who pioneered the use of groundbreaking CGI technology in movies bought a Fisker Karma. Wealthier than the WOZ, and his movies have been seen by more people world-wide than there are Apple product owners. Again, this has nothing to do with how good either the Karma or the Bolt are. The Bolt will easily outsell the original Fisker Karma in the first month of sales. It just shows the inherent flaw in using the purchasing choice of one famous/rich/tech savoy person as the sole arbiter of the comparative value of two vehicles. If you somehow feel that pointing out that your argument is an example of the logical fallacy “argumentum ad verecundiam” is a personal attack, I can’t help you.… Read more »

You have nothing better to do than make clownish statements? – sorry, I’m getting ready for Drive Electric Week, as I’ve mentioned before you get one sentence responses for drivel, which is my policy for all the clowns.

“as the sole arbiter of the comparative value of two vehicles.”
Who said that? It’s just another straw on the camels back. Well, more like a log than a straw.

And honestly how many Tesla owners have got to drive a Bolt EV? This is one of the first comparisons we have.

what you are stating is all fine and well (meaning, i’m not going to fact check you on any of it), but what does it have to do with establishing expertise in evaluating cars?

Apple principle: pay more and get less

The cheap comes out expensive.

Just looking at him in the Tesla he doesn’t look right in it.

The Bolt suits his looks and style. Dorky with no style.

But smart. Very smart.

I guess “dorky” Elon should also drive a Bolt EV then.

I think the BoltEV will be a nice car with super reliability. My Volt never had to go to the dealer once in the 3 years I had it.

I do like my Model S but it is a bit of a finicky PITA….I won’t qo into details because Tesla must survive. …but GM reliability is very good and that’s worth a lot.

From what I see of Woz for his own sake, he should be just as critical about his body as he is his cars.

He is fat and happy, just being himself.

What a concept.

First we had the fashion police and now fat-shaming…. ahhh good times.. good times…

Randi, and what does his weight have to do with anything?

Here, do us all a favor and cut and paste the following line into a reply to my post:

“Mods: please delete my post about WOZ’s weight. It doesn’t belong here”.

It’s called Tesla s**** on Apple every time they get a chance. Saying Apple sucks at keeping secrets, it’s the Tesla graveyard, etc. If I were an Apple exec, even though I love Tesla, I would get rid of it because they talk smack about my company. Would suck but it’s the principle

I don’t know what cracks me up more: Apple owners excited about owning one more adapter they have to buy because of Apple making deliberate incompatibilities, or someone, anyone, excited about fitting a Segway into anything other than an industrial recycling shredder. I still remember President Bush, Sr. One step closer to an early grave because he was thrown off an early Segway. If you are a US resident, do your body a favor and walk that last mile.

Yea, or more realistically: drive the last mile.

I wonder if Woz May have some GM stock?

My guess is that he just likes the Bolt better. Crazy huh?

This takes the cake: WOZ gives a personal opinion ( I don’t know any more than the next person but I don’t think he said this to make GM stock go up – he probably doesn’t own any gm stock because if he did he could get into legal trouble seeing as he is a ‘public figure’ ), and all the fanboys can do nothing but say that WOZ is old and FAT.

Sounds like some of the more rude people you know where.

Wow Bill, it is your post that takes the cake!

There are over 100 posts on this story, and one guy named “Randi” who I’ve never seen post before, made a tasteless comment about weight. (You are actually the only person to comment on his age…why did you introduce him being old into the conversation?)

Instantly you discount every other comment on this story, and claim that “ALL” comments are “nothing but” discussion about his age and weight!

Not only is your claim patently false, it is a personal insult to everybody who’s posts you have maliciously mis-characterized.

An intellectually honest person would apologize for posting this sort of clear falsehood.

i also think that wozniak looks old and fat. but what strikes me most is the tendency among too many people to idolize wealth and to conflate the aggrandizement of wealth with personal virtue; as though the fact that somebody has a lot of money transforms them into some kind of oracle of delphi, who can be believed to speak authoritatively on all matters.

at least that’s what i consider to be most ridiculous in this discussion thread.

I don’t think it’s so much his wealth, but it’s his intellect that people respect.

i doubt that you know him personally, so all you “know” is what you read. how do you know that wozniak is more intelligent than guys who aren’t multi-millionaires? or do you make the assumption that the fact that he is a multi-millionaire is irrefutable “proof” that he is more intelligent than guys who aren’t multi-millionaires?

i think you see where i am going with this…

“more intelligent than..”
You’d have to ask me what we are basing intelligence on (in what field) and who the other people are.

I don’t care about his money. It’s based on what he’s accomplished and has done over the past ~50 years. That’s what I respect. Money doesn’t earn respect in my book (unless the discussion is simply about how to earn money).

Also, I don’t need to know someone personally to know a lot about them or what they’ve done.