Tesla’s Achievements Called “Astonishing” By Porsche


High praise from the legendary German carmaker is definitely something Elon Musk will love to hear.

You know, while we may love luxury mid-size and full-size sedans, crossovers and SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles), the fact remains: no young boy ever had one of those hanging off his childhood room walls. While the Italians – represented mostly by Ferrari and Lamborghini – had the upper hand, the Porsche 911 was also one of the wall staples of any petrolhead in his younger days.

Thus, when Porsche gives you high praise as a car company, it’s probably a sign that you’ve made it. And for Tesla, after years of issues, production hell and various financial problems & tight spots, this comes as one of the most significant signs that the company is probably going to make it. Furthermore, it means that Tesla, alongside its CEO, Elon Musk, is on their way to becoming one of the major players in the automotive industry. And the likes of Porsche North America Chief Executive Klaus Zellmer certainly notice that.

The praise comes through an interview that Porsche Chief Executive Oliver Blume and Porsche North America Chief Executive Klaus Zellmer gave to LA Times, discussing the upcoming 600 horsepower Porsche Taycan. For many, the Taycan is dubbed as a Tesla-fighter, bringing impressive horsepower and Tesla-like range to the four-door luxury coupe market, is what everyone expected from a legacy carmaker, in order to fight Tesla effectively.

If you look at what Tesla has done, if you look at their volume and look at their price level, it’s truly astonishing. If you can do that with one brand and a sales network that is not comprised of dealers and a real sales organization, it’s even more astonishing.

While high praise is certainly welcome, the upcoming onslaught of the legacy carmakers like Porsche may bring worry into the offices of Tesla. After all, the U.S. based carmaker is still a long way of achieving the production capacities of legacy carmakers like Porsche. However, they have the upper hand. And in this game, Porsche (and other legacy carmakers), are the clear-cut underdog.

Source: LA Times

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“After all, the U.S. based carmaker is still a long way of achieving the production capacities of legacy carmakers like Porsche”, could you guys make this comparison. Tesla is on its way to deliver around 250.000 vehicles in 2018. Porsche delivered 246.000 vehicle last year and is up this year with 5-10%. Thus, Tesla and Porsche will be very close on sales numbers in 2018, probably close to a 50/50 split, any bets?
In 2019 however, Tesla should be able to leave Porsche in dust, quite remarkable!

Indeed. This isn’t about production, anyway. What astonished Porsche is Tesla’s ability to sell so many cars at such high price points. Especially without a dealer network. Or conventional advertising.

Why all the down votes on this comment? I would bet anything that the biggest surprise for the Legacies is exactly what Doggy said — that Tesla broke all the rules of making and selling cars and are still succeeding.

Down votes seem to have no correlation with factual correctness and everything to do with “that doesn’t fit my idea of reality”. I don’t pay attention to them.

A lot of dealers exist due to service. Even though modern ICE cars are fairly reliable the shear number of vehicles on the rode means one will need some type of service – routine maintenance, recall, accident, or problem. Just imagine an airbag recall with the number of model 3 Tesla has sold this year. Now imagine 5 years from now. Sales is easy – support not so easy when you have to deal with the unexpected.

Is it a sign of success, that you work a lot or earn a lot?

Why would Tesla be worried about upcoming competition? In a market that is growing more than 40% each year, and most available models are production-constrained, the only way other makers could affect Tesla’s sales at all is by ramping production more than Tesla does… Doesn’t look like anyone (outside China) plans on doing so.

If the legacy OEM’s actually commit to the things they are saying Tesla has a lot to worry about, especially once their USP of premium/upmarket EV has gone. We all know most OEM’s won’t hit their targets, but that only extends the time before they do. I doubt Tesla is going anywhere, but I also very much doubt they will have a monopoly on the market.

Of course, they won’t have a monopoly! What automaker does? There’s plenty of room for Tesla and several others to enter the space without damaging Tesla’s bottom line.

Complimenting Tesla As He Puts Tesla Down In The Same Breath……………. What He Is Really Saying is., “For a Company Without Dealerships That Doesn’t Know What They’re Doing is astonishing “…………. ..Hang On Tight Mr. Taycan , Garbagecan Maker ., There is More to come As You Will Soon Be Eating More “HUMBLE PIE”…ENJOY IT ! ….. 🙂 .. 🙂 .. 🙂

On my childhood wall it was a Porsche 959 and Vector W2.

The 959 came out in 1986, you had a picture on your childhood wall, and you call yourself ‘Old Guy’?

BREAKING NEWS ! ! Tesla Does Have “DEALERSHIPS” And they’re Run By TESLA* ! ! ! ! . Not A Bunch Scamming , Cheating , Lying , Independent Free Loading Thieves Who Think They are Big Time Important Celebs , Making it on the Backs of Unsuspecting Innocent Cash Paying Customers. …….. 🙂 …

That is not a ‘dealership’. It is a store front.

Better known as stealerships ‼️

Porsche sold 250,000 in 2017. Tesla sold about 150,000 so far in 2018. In the US Porsche sold 55,000 vehicles and Tesla has sold about 125,000 Model 3. Based on those numbers, if international sales of Model 3 are anything like the US, and Tesla can meet that demand, then just the Model 3 will sell more than every Porsche model put together. Things are looking pretty good for Tesla compared to Porsche.
Tesla really wants to increase their production capacity and introduce the Model Y and Pick-up. They will certainly be one of the top manufacturers in a few years.