Teslanomics Compares Tesla Model 3 To Competitors – Video

Tesla Model 3


Ben Sullins compares the Tesla Model 3 against its class competitors.

As we’ve been reiterating all along, though the Model 3 is an all-electric car, it doesn’t really have much similar competition in that category. Sure, there’s the Chevrolet Bolt and the Nissan LEAF, but neither is anything close to a luxury sports sedan, and neither have the naming cache of the Tesla brand either.

When comparing specifics like size, styling, interior quality, horsepower, acceleration, and cargo capacity, the Model 3 is much more at home with cars like the BMW 3 Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, and Audi A4.

Tesla Model 3

A look at a Tesla Model 3 delivery in Austin, Texas

With that being said, exactly how does the Model 3 stack up to these quintessential entry-level German luxury sedans?

Ben does a nice job of clarifying each category in the video, and the information below lays out the categories in the form of a list. The current Long Range Model 3 costs more than all three rivals (though it’s less expensive if you factor in the U.S. federal EV rebate). The Model 3 has more passenger space, cargo capacity, horsepower, and acceleration (0-60). While Sullins gives them all a 5-Star Safety Rating, we won’t have details like safety and reliability for the Model 3 for some time.

The Model 3 is surely designed like a luxury vehicle, however, it doesn’t boast the interior quality or standard features of most European luxury cars. However, Tesla offers unique features that you can’t get in competing models (Autopilot, eventual Full Self-Driving Capability, Over-the-Air updates, etc. … oh, and it’s 100-percent electric, meaning no gas, zero tailpipe emissions, very little maintenance, and a lot less money out of your pocket over its lifespan).

Video Description via Teslanomics by Ben Sullins on YouTube:

The Tesla Model 3 has been called a mass-market vehicle, but honestly, that’s not true. It’s really an entry-level luxury sedan that does pretty well compared to its peers.

Today we’re going to take a look at how the Tesla Model 3 stacks up against the BMW 3 Series, and MB C-class. When it comes to the entry-level luxury or compact executive cars, you’re talking about sedans’ under 50K that offer a great driving experience. The class leader for a long time has been the BMW 3 series, and for a good reason. The BMW 3 Series offers a classic look with premium finishes and high acceleration. The 2017 3 Series offers loads of options that can make it work for nearly any budget. For many, this car is a timeless classic.

In 2017 BMW has revised their naming of the various trim levels and revised exterior trim, interior color options, with the Sport and Luxury lines being wrapped up int into separate packages

The sedan version of the 3 Series is BMW’s bread and butter; they also offer a sport wagon and Gran Turismo body style. Another class-leader is the Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

The C-Class is no longer Mercedes only option in the entry-level luxury category offers loads of powertrain options and body styles. They have three high-performance AMG models to choose from, and as you might expect, the interior finishes are second to none in this category.

In 2017 Mercedes added the rearview camera as standard equipment and put out some new colors for you to choose from. To round it out we have the Audi A4.

The Audi A4 is another compact sedan introduced in the US in the late 90’s. It has a timeless design similar to BMW and offers decent acceleration with some cool tech inside. The new 2017 Audi A4 has a “virtual cockpit” with a 12.3” screen that replaces the traditional gauges and buttons.

So we know who the leaders are, now let’s see how the Model 3 fares …

The Tesla Model 3, released just this past July, is making major waves in the affordable luxury segment. While it’s been called a mass-market car with a base price of 35K, we know that the options you’ll want quickly add up to push it into the 50K range.

The interior is completely free of buttons and controlled by a 15” center console that Tesla placed flawlessly for both driver and passenger use. Every Model 3 comes with the hardware to one day become fully self-driving and already offers Enhanced Auto-PIlot making those hours spent in traffic a little more bearable. Because Tesla mounted the motor underneath the rear seat, the Model 3 includes a sizable trunk as well as a small trunk for storing additional items.

// Price Details
Model 3 – 44K
C-Class – 39.5K
3-Series – 38.7K
A4 – 37.3K

// MPG Details
Model 3 – 126 (MPGe)
C-Class – 29
3-Series – 29.5
A4 – 29

// Horsepower Details
Model 3 – 258
C-Class – 241
3-Series – 248
A4 – 252

// 0-60 times
Model 3 – 5.6sec (5.1sec for the Long Range Model 3)
C-Class – 6sec
3-Series – 7.1sec
A4 – 6.7sec

// Seating
Model 3 – 5 (most room)
C-Class – 5
3-Series – 5
A4 – 5

// Cargo
Model 3 – 14
C-Class – 12.6
3-Series – 13
A4 – 13

// Safety
Model 3 – 5 Star
C-Class – 5 Star
3-Series – 5 Star
A4 – 5 Star

So there you have it, a comparison of the top features between the leaders in the affordable-luxury category. I’d love to know what you think? Are any of these cars in your future? If so which one and why?

Source: Teslanomics

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You used the Long Range pricing and said you were using the long range figures, and then quote the 0-60 time using the short range specs. Odd?

Noticed that as well. Put in the real time of 5.1 seconds and it is a second faster than the next fastest competitor and a full 2 seconds faster than the slowest competitor.

And at least for a while the true price of the base long range version will be $36,500 after the federal tax incentive so it looks even better for the M3.

That’s a true comparison..As far as I’m concerned the ancient Tech. Ice Clunkers might as well go from the factory straight to the Junk Yard . I wouldn’t touch one with a 20ft. pole ..too bad the Model 3 can’t be readily Had .But I will wait.. I would never buy an 0iL burner ever again…

Tesla is over priced for this comparison!
Whereas the interior is austere.

But the most difficult reality for most to swollow on is the price, $60,000.

$35,000 was just an Elon, old fashion,
“Bait and Switch”.

Shut up. We’re really tired of trolls like you. Seriously. Take a long walk off a short bridge.

Go to /r/The_Donald or somewhere else where trolling is appreciated.


Within your passionate review you abridged your metaphor.

Please forgive the pier review.

FYI – I believe you mean “peer” review. Well unless you were trying to be clever 😀

I would agree that suggesting someone go and kill themselves is a little over the top and probably against IEV’s TOS but it’ll probably slide.

He wouldn’t know how to be clever so he was not trying anything…

DJ, I think the aforesaid “abridged” and “pier” in Disappointed’s post are a play on the previous “bridge”.

Maybe a better way to put it would be take a long walk of a short peer review.

off, oh well I goofed too.

I know the feeling, but a pier can be thought of as a one way bridge, of sorts, so I will give him points for that.


Yes, three Troll Strikes and Out.

“Because Tesla mounted the motor underneath the rear seat, the Model 3 includes a sizable trunk as well as a small trunk for storing additional items.”

Totally wrong. There is more battery under the rear seat, just like in the Bolt. The motor/gearbox also looks very much like the one in the Bolt. Only it is under the trunk.


There are no batteries in the hump under the seat in the Model 3. That’s the DC-DC and charger. The cells are all in the flat bottom part of the pack.

Right you are.


Getting 74 kWh into that space is truly impressive. And using the motor windings as a battery heater is brilliant.

Reminds me of AC Propulsion’s use of the inverter, and windings to replace the onboard charger.

This guy talks so much but he doesn’t really say anything…

That’s why they put the specs in the article. No need to click on the video 😀

The interior leaves a lot to be desired at this price (just my opinion) given the tax incentives will run out Before I could get one. Performance though is great but I prefer comfort and options over speed. It just feels a bit too minimalist.

and you don’t give a crap that the 3 is emission free and ICE vehicles are killing us and the environment.

“Sure, there’s the Chevrolet Bolt and the Nissan LEAF, but neither is anything close to a luxury sports sedan…”

Funny.. I was thinking the same thing about the Model 3…

… and the Model S and X (a $20K car and $30k minivan sitting on a $50k electric skateboard). Well, at least the materials, fit, finish, and build quality are consistent with cars priced in the $20k range. Not to mention there isn’t actually anything luxurious about the cars. Sit in a 7-series, CT6, S-Class, etc.. not even close. Hell, sit in a Ford Fusion and it’s not even close. More like a Fiesta..

Maybe a bit overstated but I don’t disagree. This does not feel like a luxury car. In another year or two there will be a lot of EV competitors. Some of those look pretty badass. Will have to see what the pricing looks like.

Despite your childish evaluation, the Model S is decimating sales of the S-class, Panamera, 7-series, etc.

Apparently you value fluff over substance much more than people who actually buy $100k cars.

Yep, the more successful Tesla gets the more trolls coming out here and elsewhere in the form of shorters, shills, cynics, critcs, jealous people and people just opposed to progress.

What is surprising is how many are Americans who are willing to throw a truly bright spot in American innovation and disruption under the bus for selfish ideological or personal reasons like shorting or just plain mental reasons.

Truly sickening.

Seriously? The more successful tesla gets? Define success. Decelerating revenue growth, total failure in achieving manufacturing goals, negative cash flows, no profit. This company is 100% hype. Electric is the future but Tesla will go BK before that. The amount of competition that is coming in the next 12 months will put tesla in its place…

The model 3 leaves a lot to be desired. It is too expensive for what it is…

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

” negative cash flows, no profit. This company is 100% hype. Electric is the future but Tesla will go BK before that. ”

Isn’t that what Ford, GM and FCA did when they had to go begging to the US Goooberment for bailouts????

But hey, that’s OK but your perception of Tesla and their great losses means Tesla is a bad company????

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

“The model 3 leaves a lot to be desired. It is too expensive for what it is…”

Bolt MSRP is pretty much the same.
What’s your opinion of the bolt ……lol

If you really believe that then you would sell everything you have to buy more short positions on Tesla.

Tell us how that has worked out so far?

go away

Yep, nailed it.

That’s “cachet”.

Interesting to hear the views about the simplistic interior. Thinking about my daily drive the things I use everytime:
Volume controls
Music changer
Climate controls
Cruise control

Every other button on the dash is rarely, if ever, used. Blinkers are there, two roller wheels which I’ll be pretty surprised if they can’t change the volume, cruise and climate appear to both be there.
I don’t share my car very often, so seat, steering and mirrors once set just never change.
So, really how much do you fiddle and change all those other settings on a daily, or ever, basis?

I should also mention that the S-Class, which also overlaps the MS in price, still sells about 12K a year in the US, but sales are definitely on the decline. SUVs rule the roost at Mercedes.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

“SUVs rule the roost”


I think the Outlander PHEV is going to runaway with many sales.

The others have dead animal skins for the seat covers.
The others make deadly pollution.
The others are only 20% efficient.

There is no comparison unless you use other 100% electrics.

exactly – the comments about the interior not being as plush are ridiculous, There is not blip about the technology of the car. – its not a living room -OMG