Up Close Look At Tesla’s Newly Refreshed Interior


This video shows the new Tesla interior refresh in captivating detail.

Interestingly, this YouTuber didn’t get his 2018 Tesla Model S P100D quite the way he ordered it. When he placed the order, he chose the cream interior with dark ash wood. We know full well that Tesla doesn’t use traditional model years and is forever changing and updating its vehicles on the fly.

About 10 days after he placed his order, Tesla made the production change and he ended up with the natural oak decor finish. It also features dark graphite in place of the previous aluminum accents. Keep in mind that this particular Model S is a bit of an outlier. This is because you can no longer get the cream interior in the Model S P100D. However, he ordered his car during just the right timeframe to get a touch of the old mixed with a bit of the new.

We appreciate this video since it’s in 4K and the videography is impressive. Additionally, other than the brief intro during which he explains the situation, the entire video is much like a slideshow. It shows all facets of the interior clearly, and you don’t have to deal with a bunch of unnecessary blabbering. If you had any questions about exactly how the refreshed cabin looks, this should clarify it for you.

Feel free to share your impressions of Tesla’s new interior. Love it? Hate it? Send us a comment below or visit our Forum and start a related thread.

Video Description via InternetDude on YouTube:

So I finally got my 2018 Tesla Model S P100D. I ordered it with cream interior but it was supposed to have figured ash dark wood. Tesla made a production change just about 10 days after I ordered and changed almost all of the aluminum accents to dark graphite colour instead. They also changed to the wood to a natural oak decor finish, more like the Model 3.

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Love it! Has a fresh, beach feel to me.

He might’ve shot it in 4K, but it’s only 1080P on YouTube. (Which is fine… just not 4K.)

TYL (today you learned) that youtube videos take a while to process 4k. 4k is now available for this video.

Not a fan, too much beige. The dark wood would have been better.

Yes, I agree too, but please remember this is a customer choice and doesn’t mean all the cars will look like this.

You CAN get this combo on the lower trims, so congrats to ordering a high trim with a specific combo but receiving a lesser interior? I personally do not like any wood (real or fake) in vehicles as it looks dated and believe it goes directly against Tesla’s “sustainability” image even if their wood isn’t real…

Tastes may differ (and I happen to be a big fan of open pore wood trims like MB offers, for instance), but you’re going to have to explain something to me: How exactly is wood not sustainable? Cut down a tree, it grows back. Absorbs carbon in the process. Wood houses, for instance, are great carbon storage 😉 What’s the alterative for a car interior? Plastic made from fossil fuel? Okay, it could be made from renewable feedstock, but that’s still not an improvement over wood. Aluminum could be even worse, considering the open pit mines and the obscene amount of energy required to refine it. You may live in a place where trees are rare, but where I come from they practically grow on trees!

Yeah, the idea that wood is “not sustainable” is simply bizarre. Growing trees and harvesting them is sustainable forever, so long as you don’t harvest the trees faster than they grow. In a country where forests are resources which are properly managed, such as Japan, it’s a resource which has been sustained for centuries.

Using fossil fuel — petroleum — to make plastic… not so much.

Its the optics of seeing a dead tree…Even if this is real wood, its usually an ultra thin veneer sandwiched in plastic…Plastic can be made with reduced petro or even petro free…I’m not sure what Tesla uses for its dash plastics…

are you implying wood cannot be sustainably sourced?

Will the white vegan seats naturally “age” or yellow over time to look just like your cream seats? I does happen in some other autos..

I must say that this looks amazing!

Absolutely gorgeous.

Go Tesla!

He should have declined delivery. If he ordered Ash accents, he should have received Ash accents. If I’m dropping a $150k on a car, it had better arrive the way I ordered it…

Ordering a Tesla is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get.

Out of Curiosity, what happens if you get a car and they’ve made a change like this, but you hate it? Can you refuse delivery?

I still hate Tesla interior designs, the Model 3 being the worst.

I like the interior… BUT, it seems Tesla just decided to deliver something other than he ordered, because they no longer make that, and didn’t bother telling him..? If so, amateurish behaviour on their part, regardless if he happened to like it.

The graphite instead of aluminum looks cheap to me. I wouldn’t have accepted the car.