New Tesla Model Y Teaser: Don’t You Even Dare Try To Lighten It


Nice try!

Often times when an automaker releases a teaser image of an upcoming car, we immediately pop it into Photoshop to see if various enhancements will reveal even more.

Such was the case with this latest Tesla Model Y teaser too (see above).

The shadowy, dark image doesn’t reveal all that much of the highly anticipated Model Y, which is set for debut on March 14 (less than a week away).

So, into Photoshop the image goes and guess what? Tesla left us a message. A joke? Another hidden Tesla Easter Egg, perhaps?

We’ll openly admit that we were surprised by this, then we chuckled quite a bit. It’s as though Tesla knows us all too well.

Take a look at the brightened Tesla Model Y teaser image below. No more of the car is revealed, as compared to the original image, but a funny little “Nice Try” note does appear.

Go ahead and give it a shot. Crank the brightness to max and see for yourselves.

Hat tip to @28delayslater

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Super exciting.

This is going to be revolutionary.

It’s an electric SUV. Not sure how revolutionary that will be considering they already make one.

Nobles already had bread on their tables. However, Peasants were starving pre-revolution.
As you said, there is electric SUV already that only higher income bracket people can afford. After Model Y, A LOT more people who are not rich will be able to afford an electric SUV.
Therefore, it will be revolutionary.

Easter eggs, BAMF Performance, Emissions Testing (aka Fart) Mode, Dog Mode, and now this. What other company is like Tesla? They play on another level, and have fun doing it.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Rivian tried to do similarly.

It’ll be interesting to see how well Rivian does once Tesla enters the pickup market… obviously Tesla will be aiming at Ford, not Rivian, but anyone looking at Rivian will be cross-shopping Tesla… I’m curios what they intend to offer that Tesla won’t…

The Tesla pickup will likely be dual motor to keep cost low. Rivan will have four independently controlled motors, it can literally turn on a dime. Some people will HAVE to have that feature.

“The Tesla pickup will likely be dual motor to keep cost low. Rivan will have four independently controlled motors, it can literally turn on a dime. ”

That turn radius of 0 is known as Z-turn. I’m surprised we haven’t seen it on EVs already. On a sticky surface it can be tough on tires but on a slippery surface it can be a ton of fun. It could be the next ludicrous mode fad. It also has pragmatic uses such as getting in and out of tight parking spaces.

Sorry, but you’ve let your enthusiasm overcome your common sense. The Rivian trucks won’t do a zero radius turn. That requires all four wheels to be steerable. Rivian’s trucks will be have all four wheels independently powered, but only the front wheels are steerable.

We’re talking about skid-steer capability, with 4 motors you can spin the right wheels forward and the left wheels backwards, like a tank or bulldozer.

“We’re talking about skid-steer capability,”

You’re right. It is referred to as skid steer. I would think it would be popular with off roaders.

“Sorry, but you’ve let your enthusiasm overcome your common sense…,That requires all four wheels to be steerable. ”

You’ve let your ignorance overcome you. 😆 You’ve probably never driven a large tractor with Z-turn. You need independent control as Peabrain said. You do not need steering. Independent steering would make it easier on your tires but is not necessary.

If they take a part of the market from Ford, both will do very well, they can be at full capacity and it will only be a fragment of what Ford sell

The attitude and mindset at Tesla and SpaceX are certainly different from the current industry leaders. I watched some of the Crew Dragon footage and SpaceX had a relatively young woman and man doing their commentary. They were both very good and informative. The dress was also somewhat casual. They were talking with three guys from NASA. The NASA group were old guys in suit and ties. Like watching paint dry.

Looks great.

It’ll be all about the details. The X was liked by some and hated by others, and IMO didn’t capture the elegance of the S.

I hope Tesla’s Ian Kettle (who led the XC40 design) was able to jazz up the exterior a bit.

Such an important vehicle for Tesla and EV growth, with potentially bigger sales than the 3.

It would have been better if they’d hidden a big heavy chrome grille in the image

Ha. Seriously, though, they need something to visually fill that space.

You can see vertical bars on the top of the front…

Likely also bait for photoshop.

Can I use Gimp?

This brightened image shows me more than I saw from the original pic, guess because I always just saw the darker pic. I really like the stance of the Y…wide and low.

I bet the demand and high volume for the Y, especially in China, will help Tesla launch a high volume compact /city car below $30k. Or maybe that will be the new high volume full-size pick-up.

You have to admit, they have a sense of humor.

I was a little surprised by the big mirrors instead of cameras but mirrors are probably more expedient and lower cost and they could offer an option to replace them with cameras.

I don’t think cameras are allowed to replace side mirrors by regulation at this point yet.

In Europe they are.

Then why are they not being put on road cars?

Funny, I was able to brighten the image last week and was able to see the car just fine.

He he! 😝

Hahaha! Who needs a marketing department when you’ve got this kind of public interest!

where do i put the deposit down?

I disagree with the statement that nothing more is revealed. Seeing the relative location of the bottom of the front tires relative to the hood line and the roof line gives a much better sense of the proportions of the vehicle, and that vertical distance relative to the outer fender width gives a reasonably good sense of the overall stance.
The only thing we don’t see is what the ‘grill’ looks like, but I’m pretty sure I can guess that to as close as makes no difference.