Tesla Model S Owners Unite To Offer Law-Skirting Test Drives In Iowa


Tesla Model S Test-Drive Event

Tesla Model S Test-Drive Event

Iowa’s department of Transportation has deemed Tesla-conducted Model S test drives illegal.

So, you’re probably thinking that Model S test drives don’t occur anymore in Iowa, right?  Wrong.

InsideEVs is on the scene for a law-skirting event where Model S owners (mostly from Minnesota) trekked to Iowa to hold a private test-drive event where potential Tesla-owning Iowans can drive the Model S to get a feel for the electric car.

There’s always a way to work around existing laws, right?

Paul Steier, director of the Iowa DOT’s Bureau of Investigation and Identity Protection, says that this test-drive event is perfectly legal since the Model S owners don’t work for Tesla and have no direct association with the automaker.

Interested Iowans can purchase a Tesla online or venture out of state to the nearest Tesla store.

The group conducting the so-called renegade test drives will head to Michigan (another state where Tesla can’t conduct sales) next Spring.

The Model S test-drive event in Iowa is in Des Moines at the Urbandale Hy-Vee, 8710 Douglas Ave, from 5-8 PM on Friday or 11 AM-3 PM on Saturday.

Tesla Model S Test-Drive Event

Tesla Model S Test-Drive Event

*InsideEVs is on the scene in Des Moines where we’re capturing video of the event too.  Look for us to present more coverage of this unique test-drive event soon.

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Bravo !!! May you each receive a knighthood..

No. Her Maj wouldn’t dish out gongs for this, PLUS, they all be Yanks and as such aren’t gongeligable…
Sorry 🙂

The box of disruptive technology has been opened. People know better options exist, than continuing to burn oil and money for transport.

Thanks to generous Tesla owners promoting sustainable vehicles from a domestic automaker– corrupt politicians can’t stop the spread of better automotive options for American consumers.

You folks make me feel proud. Keep up the great work!!!

Ditto. Well said. Go Elon, go!!!!



This is a great form of political protest by the people against Iowa’s anti-consumer law barring Tesla from opening a store or offering test drives in the state.

I hope this story gets the national TV news coverage that it deserves.

Tesla just open a dealership. I’m sure there are lots of car dealers in Iowa who would love to put a big Tesla sign outside.

In the near future these dealership laws will help to keep cheap Chinese made crap off our streets.

Peter, most dealers are terrible at selling electric cars. Some are downright hostile.

It really boils down to, do you feel the government should be protecting a cartel (the auto dealers) from competition?

Who says Tesla has to work with an *existing* dealer?

I don’t think you will feel the same way when Fly by night industries. Starts marketing the POS online only. Look past Tesla, once this wall comes down the rats can get in.

If the Chinese cars are crap, then its up to the consumers to avoid purchasing them as long as they pass safety and smog checks.

Protecting auto dealer cartels is not in anyone but the auto dealer’s interests.

Tesla has an operational profit margin of 27%, due to no dealers cost, which would be huge.

This is a start up and they have out-innovate the much established competition, but the corrupt lawmakers want to take that away as that is how they see “capitalism.” in the Citizens United world. The lawmakers need to be in the figurative sense, “stomped.”

“operational profit margin of 27%” ? Ha!

So, you want other auto makers to pay for dealers, but Tesla shouldn’t pay a dime because it is the new boy in town?

“you want other auto makers to pay for dealers”

Where did he say that? Oh, that’s right, he didn’t.

of course he didnt, thats what the little oil slave trolls are for, making s#!t up.


Today, people worldwide can find a voice on Twitter and Facebook, plus numerous other outlets. Information and cooperation are our tools of freedom against crooked politicians and special interest money.

This is fantastic to see. While politicians turn a blind eye to what matters and focus on getting re-elected, the people speak. The people gather, and the people spread the news that the old ways of sucking oil are soon to be over.

Let’s all organize regional weekend test drives, perhaps around Superchargers or friendly folks with HPWCs on Plugshare.

‘Minnesota Nice’ in action. You should really try one of dem new electric cars dontcha know. ..yah?

Yah, sure, ya betcha.

” … has deemed Tesla-conducted Model S test drives illegal.”

That’s not a sentence out of a Russian or Chinese newspaper. It’s in the U.S. about a U.S. company. Wow.

Is is not so ironic that a law originally designed to curb car dealership abuses, which are legion, is used to actually protect them from competition?

“Model S owners don’t work for Tesla and have no direct association with the automaker.”

What if they are found to be Tesla shareholders? Then, they do have an association.

Let’s hope no unfortunate event occurs in these unregulated test drives. What if someone just drives away with a car? such things have happened in the past, like the one ending in the the July 4th fiery crash when a Tesla split in two halves.

That was a theft of a car, not a test drive.

I am pretty sure a number of the owners are stockholders. I know a number of people that have been able to buy one with the earnings from the stock.

Huh. Never thought of car theft as a form of test drive… Just thought the guy wanted a ‘Darwin Award’ really really badly…

What? Too soon? 😉


Ford, Nissan and Tesla all borrowed money from the same loan program. Tesla borrowed $465million… but Ford borrowed $5.9BILLION (over 12 times as much). Tesla paid back that loan 9 years early, with $26million profit to taxpayers. Ford are probably making payments back to the government… but what have they provided so far?

Tesla on the other hand have put over 220 Supercharges into the ground around the world, and at least 50,000 Model S cars (and 2,500 Roadsters).

Unfortunately the Ford EcoBoost engine is counted as part of the ATVM program.


Nissan also picked up $1.45 billion from the same loan program.


Here’s another direct sale startup auto company that absolutely fits the ATVM loan program. At least the middle class can afford this vehicle.