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FastCharge Now Evaluating 450 kW Charging

450-kW charging sounds like the way off future, but is it really that far off? A large group of German companies have joined forces in the FastCharge research project to evaluate fast-charging technologies at the very boundaries of what is believed to be technically feasible. Participants in the project received…

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Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Sighting In Germany

White @Tesla Model 3 spotted in Germany today.@ElectrekCo @Model3Owners @Teslarati #model3 #tesla — Maxime Romain Julien (@hellomaxime) November 24, 2017 With only a handful of Tesla Model 3 vehicles anywhere at this point and no customer deliveries yet, sightings are rare. Honestly, for many of us, seeing any Tesla…

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Germany Maintains Nearly 1.9% Market Share For Plug-Ins In October

Germany continues its outstanding run of plug-in electric car sales growth in October, achieving its second best result ever, right on the heels of September’s record. In total, 5,065 new passenger plug-in vehicle registrations were logged, good for a 1.86% share of the overall automotive market. October’s plug-in growth rate of 94%…

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Tesla Model 3

Der Spiegel Calls Tesla Biggest Concern For German Automakers

DER SPIEGEL: GERMANY’S AUTOMAKERS FACE ‘EXISTENTIAL CHALLENGE’ WITH ARRIVAL OF TESLA Germany’s top automakers have been plagued by an unprecedented crisis related to cartels and collusion surrounding their beloved diesel engine technology. Now, having turned their backs on electric vehicles for years, they’re facing another existential challenge. Der Spiegel* reports, “The biggest cause for concern in the…

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Siemens To Build First Electric Highway For Trucks

The German state of Hesse has commissioned Siemens to build its eHighway, an overhead contact line for electrified freight transportover a 10 km (6.2 miles) stretch of the A5 autobahn. It will be the first such project in Germany on a public highway. Powering hybrid trucks through a pantograph on the trucks…

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