Renault Unveils Details New ZOE 40, On-Sale Date Set For October 1, Pricing & Options Revealed


Renault ZOE - Now with 400 km* range (NEDC)

Renault ZOE – Now with 400 km* range (NEDC)

Just a couple of days ago, via some leaked intel, we learned what would later be confirmed to be basically all the details for the new Renault ZOE 40, with 400 km of driving range (NEDC).

But earlier this morning, Renault officially made those details available, so with that announcement we have just a few more tidbits to add in regards to the new, long-range yet affordable Renault ZOE 40.

To recap the details that we posted a few days ago:

  • The new edition of the ZOE comes with 41 kWh of batteries
  • 400 km/248 miles of range in the R90 (ex-R240)/non-base trim. Expected real world range of ~300 km (186 miles).
  • 22 kWh/Entry will still be available
  • Max range of the Entry ZOE with a 22 kWh battery is rated at 240 km (150 miles) NEDC.
  • The new/larger battery ZOE sees its motor power output at 65 kW/88hp over the base car’s 57 kW/77 hp.
  • The new 41 kWh battery is developed with LG Chem
  • the 41 kWh battery adds about 2,500 Euros of cost (where it is available – check link for full pricing in Netherlands)

Video (below): Check out Renault (and Nissan/Mitsubishi/AvtoVAZ) CEO Carlos Ghosn debuting the 400 km  ZOE from the Renault Paris Motor Show press conference (from the 21:00 mark), and the new TreZor Concept (from the 29:30 mark)

Battery Comparo

Battery Comparo

Now for the additional info made available by Renault earlier today (in fancy PDF form):

Renault ZOE 40 Price In France

Renault ZOE 40 Price In France

Renault ZOE Options & Packs In France

Renault ZOE Options & Packs In France

Renault ZOE Lineup

Renault ZOE Lineup

Renault ZOE Lineup

Renault ZOE Lineup

Press blast with highlights bolded:

The ZOE goes on sale in France with a record driving range of 400km NEDC

On 1 October 2016, Renault will begin taking orders for the new ZOE that comes with a ZE 40 battery and a record driving range of 400km NEDC
Renault is also marking the occasion with a new price plan for battery rentals
In France, Renault is unveiling the Série Limitée Edition One, a high-end version with exclusive features

A pioneer in electric mobility and the market leader for electric vehicles in Europe, Renault is innovating again. The brand is offering its customers an unprecedented 400km NEDC driving range (300km in real conditions) by fitting ZOE, the top-selling electric car in France and Europe, with a new ZE 40 battery. From Saturday 1 October, customers will be able to order their ZOE from the Renault stand at the Paris Motor Show, as well as throughout our sales network.

Simplified battery hire pricing

Renault is using the ZOE ZE 40 launch to unveil a simplified battery hire price plan with no minimum commitment. It includes a “Flex ZE 40” package that is adjusted to your mileage, and the “Relax” package with unlimited mileage, for private customers only. With this clarified pricing, customers will be able to better plan their expenditure and manage their budget for their electric car.
For the launch of the new ZE 40 battery, this dual price plan comes with a promotional special offer including :
– Vehicle + battery rental (5,000 km/yr)
– Contribution to charging socket + installation up to €500
– 2 charging cables (flexi-charger for domestic sockets and a cable for Wall-boxes and public recharge points).

New design features

ZOE is available in two new shades: Intense Red and Titanium Grey
The INTENS model now comes with electric fold-away wing mirrors and new 16” two-tone aluminium wheel rims. Its interior has been given an elegant makeover with a harmonious black colour scheme for the upholstery and various passenger compartment components. A new blue interior colour pack is available for this model, combining elegance and colour.

Edition One, a top of the range limited edition

Based on the Intens model, the Série Limitée Edition One stands out thanks to its premium leather upholstery, heated front seats, and the Bose® audio system. It comes with a unique and exclusive paint-job in Yttrium Grey.

ZOE Edition One boasts an elegant interior:
– Luxury leather upholstery, with a soft, natural appearance
– Elegantly designed seats with cushioned backrest and topstitching
– New shiny metallic Smoky Grey steering wheel decoration
– Velvet protective carpets in front and back
– Badges on flanks and threshold of front door with “Edition One” stamp

With no engine noise or vibrations, the ZOE’s passenger compartment offers a particularly silent ride, and is the perfect setting for enjoying the Bose® sound system with its 4 high-performance speakers, 2 tweeter speakers, and subwoofer.

The Série Limitée Edition One also emphasises warmth and comfort.
– Heated front seats with three temperature settings for immediate warmth
– Driver’s seat with manually adjustable lumbar support to suit all body types

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Two points
1. 19Kwh of battery for 2500 euros for 125 euros per Kwh of battery .
2. If they had kept motor at 57 kw only range would have been much higher.

Why would it be longer range? A little stronger electric motor don’t have to weight much more and could be as efficient as a smaller motor.

It could easily be the same motor (or an updated version of the same motor) and the new battery pack and controller being able to deliver more power that has changed.


500 euro option for DC Quickcharge!? How dare they make this optional!


The Zoe has AC fast charge over the Mennekes plug.

…. meaning they have to include some heavier electronics/cooling for it to handle the full 43 kW instead of the standard 22 kW

I think they are doing just what Tesla does, adding a second on-board AC charger, in parallel, to double the charge rate. This works great in countries with this much AC power available. With the exception of Tesla, US AC charge outlets won’t handle the Zoe’s standard single charger, let alone two.

My understanding is that they use the AC motor for the three phase charger, much like the early Tesla Roadster.

AC Propulsion add a patent on this in the United States.

You are probably right. You certainly know more about EVs than me.

Will you be offering any opportunity plug adapters for Bolt, and other CCS cars?

They use the inverter in reverse, Bosch came up with it, but when Renault made their own motor, they lost all fast charging functionality.

It wasn’t the smartest choice in retrospect.

Wouldn’t matter for a US version. They would be using 440 volt DC for fast charging anyway.

I don’t think so. There is DCFC in Europe, too. It seems they lack a charge controller or something like that, else they could have easily switched to Chademo or CCS in Europe, too.

The R240 has the same Chameleon charger as the Q210, just a weaker version. Renault fixed that with the 40 kWh version.

Thanks to the Chameleon charger, even without fast charging you can charge at up to 22 kW (32 A, 230 V, 3-phase), which is available from quite a lot of chargers. Those chargers are not marked as ‘fast chargers’, even though it is still quite usable en-route. You have quite a lot of options with the Zoe.

The Chameleon charger is awesome, but it is quite different from anything out there. That’s why there is so much confusion about it.

Q210 vs. R240

The Q210 from Continental is compatible with quick chargers, unlike the R240 from Renault. That’s the only reason they have kept the more expensive Q210 motor in their quick charger versions.

Q210 is supplied by Continental [better known for their tires by the general public].

R240 is a new newer motor developed by Renault. It’s 10 % smaller without sacrificing performance and cost less to build partly because it does not use magnets.


“The Q210 from Continental is compatible with quick chargers, unlike the R240 from Renault. That’s the only reason they have kept the more expensive Q210 motor in their quick charger versions.”

Your use of the word ‘compatible’ is strange. The Zoe has a Mennekes plug only and the Q210 can charge from 6A 1 phase all the way up to 63 A 3 phase (which is 43 kW quick charging). That’s why it is called ‘Chameleon’.

The R240 is the same, except that it is capped to 32A 3 phase, which amounts to 22 kW. You can hook up the Zoe to any charger with a mennekes plug, whether it be a standard road-side charging station or an ABB Terra fast charger and it will figure out the max charge rate on its own.

So yes, the R240 is ‘compatible’ with quick chargers, meaning you can charge it at a 43 AC fast charger, but it will reduce its charge rate to 22 kW.


Do these things have heat pump or is it just resistive heating for the cabin?

Previous ZOE had the heat pump, presumably the same as the “hybrid heater” in the Leaf.

What kind of hybrid heater does Leaf have?

And battery upgradeable for older models…

The Zoe’s 400 km NEDC range is 60% higher than Leaf. Applying the same 60% factor to the Leaf’s 107 mile EPA range gives a hypothetical Zoe EPA range of 170 miles.

What do you mean, the Leaf also gets 170 miles? You probabbly know that Ghosn is CEO of Renault-Nissan so he will also upgrade the Leaf to 400 km, probabbly next month.

So, no buy-the-battery outright option for France? C’mon, Renault, get with the program! Battery rental is fine for some customers, but give them choice.
This doesn’t affect Renault’s engineering or production costs in the slightest.

As usual, Green Car Congress has few pictures, but much useful data.

So they offer a 41 kWh, fast charge version for under $30K. If they did a US version, that would be $22.5K after fed rebate. I might give up 70 miles of range to save $8K. Not to mention a likely smaller lifetime CO2 footprint. Yeah, I am looking for the absolute minimum vehicle to get the job done. I count on my wife to boost my ego. 🙂

You just have to convince Nissan/US to rebadge the Zoe and sell it through Nissan dealers in the States 😉

Maybe Renault could return to USA as EV only brand.


Great idea for Nissan/Renault to get around ICE dealer negativity.

You forget the VAT (sales tax). It would be $25k before incentives.

Plus battery rental. That is a killer, 1200+ euros a year for the life of the vehicle is a big problem for me. If they offered it in the USA $30k batteries included it would be pretty compelling but they are unlikely to do that.

Renault rent the battery in France. You can’t buy the battery. So some people said the will surely buy one in Netherland, paid the VAT in France and make the first registration in France. That way, they can receive the incentives (6,300€ in 2016 only 6,000€ in 2017)
And in 2017 any car with a price tag superior than 40,000€ VAT included, can’t have incentives.
The Zoé could have two rivals out of his road, the Opel Ampera-e and the Tesla Model 3. At least if Opel cut a little bit the price.

Can one add new battery to older model at what cost?

It’s possible, and the cost is 3,500€ in France but you have to rent the battery.
It will be possible for the other countries before june 2017. Renault have to adapt to the registrations of the countries.

It was the 10k euro ‘cash for clunkers’ discount that caught my eye. I assume this is only a French thing? Nothing here like that in the UK… yet.

“The new/larger battery ZOE sees its motor power output at 65 kW/88hp over the base car’s 57 kW/77 hp.”

According to the Danish Renault price list both the 22 kWh and the 41 kWh has 92 hp:
Renault Denmark however don’t sell the 22 kWh model in Entry trim, but only in Intens trim.

92 metric hp equals 68 kW. So not sure why it says 65 kW instead of 68?
But in any case both the 22 kWh base model and the 41 kWh model has 92 hp if the Danish price list is correct.

Anyway, they are only selling the follwoing 3 variants of the ZOE in Denmark:
R90 Life . | 22 kWH | 92 hp | 133 Wh/km | 240 km range | Price: DKK254,900 [€34,233]
R90 Life . | 41 kWH | 92 hp | 133 Wh/km | 403 km range | Price: DKK282,900 [€37,993]
R90 Intens | 41 kWH | 92 hp | 133 Wh/km | 403 km range | Price: DKK302.900 [€40,679]

There’s no DC quick charge options. It comes standard with 43 kWh AC fast charge.

Btw. all of the Danish prices are now including battery. There’s no option to rent the battery any more according to the price list.
For the old model you could not buy it with battery, but only rent it.