Renault Passes 25,000 ZOE Sold In France, 45,000 In Total

APR 14 2016 BY MARK KANE 27

Renault ZOE, the best-selling full-electric car in Europe in 2015

Renault ZOE, the best-selling full-electric car in Europe in 2015

Renault’s flagship electric car – the ZOE, reached a significant milestone in France this month, passing 25,000 units sold to date.

In its home market the ZOE always shines, often exceeding 50% of the total market share among passenger BEVs. In March, a record 1,370 ZOE were moved, so the model is showing no signs of aging amongst the buying public.

In 2015 alone, the ZOE found over 10,000 new homes in France, and was best selling BEV in Europe overall. In 2016, it seems reasonable to assume that we could see at least ~15,000 sales in France, perhaps even as high as 20,000.

Since the EV’s introduction in early 2013, Renault has sold nearly 45,000 ZOE throughout Europe.

Range of new ZOE R240 is 240 km on the ever-optimistic NEDC scale (149 miles) compared to previous (still available) ZOE Q210 (210 km/130 miles NEDC ).  Translating the ZOE to the “real world” driving environment (EPA-similar), about 100 miles is expected, which is very decent considering the source of the range is a ~23 kWh (usable) battery (although we should note that there are also some indications that the total energy is higher than 25 kWh).

A 65 kW electric motor is good for city driving, but highway performance is a bit tame, with  a 0-62 mph (100 km/h) run taking about 13.5 seconds.  Well, the extra range has to come with trade-offs from somewhere.

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I thought they had a new R240 version with even longer range?
At least that’s what you wrote a year ago 🙂

If both versions are selling in parallel, is there any chance to know the relative quantities?


Although the Q210 can still be ordered the normal Zoe is now the R240 (with 240km Range). I would expect 95% or above of Zoes are R240.

How many buy the battery with the car versus just rent the battery

I don’t know. I am from germany, we can only rent the battery. The are a lot of people in the forums that complain about that. A lot of people here are saying that they bought the zoe despite the battery rental.

Main reason for the zoe is the price and the 22kW charger. Its a fine little car.

For reference there are around 5.000 22kW charger all above germany and only around 500 CCS/ Chademo. With CCS/Chademo in some regions being unexistent.

In France you can only rent the battery (grrr, car configurator using flash):
* 0 to 7499 km/year: 49€
* 7500 to 14999 km/year: 79€
* 15000 to 17499 km/year: 86€
* 17500 to 19999 km/year: 94€
* 20000 to 22499 km/year: 102€
This goes on up to 182€ for 40000 km.
The base price is 22100€ before incentive (10000€ if you own an old diesel for more than year, 6300€ else).

The only way to buy the battery is to buy a Leaf !

Those lease rates seem pretty good. So, I can lease a battery for 10 years, put just under 225000 km (about 140k miles) for a little over 1000 Euro?

Am I missing something here or is that really a great deal? Heck, I could use one a a powerwall!

Important part missing:
* 0 to 7499 km/year: 49€/ month
* 7500 to 14999 km/year: 79€/ month
* 15000 to 17499 km/year: 86€/ month
* 17500 to 19999 km/year: 94€/ month
* 20000 to 22499 km/year: 102€/ month

oops indeed!
Thanks for the correction.

Thanks! R240 now added to the story, but we don’t know R240/Q210 stats.

The ZOE has been a nice little EV. They do need to update it with a bigger battery though because the competition never stops.

The ZOE has that really nice Chameleon charger.

I always liked the Zoe, I think If Nissan was actually working together with Renault at more than just exec. level they could make a really, really good EV together. Imagine a Leaf that looked as good as the Zoe, could charge off the ac at 22kW, Charge with a Chademo at 50kW and had a 30 kWh model today and a 60 kWh model in a few years time. It would be pretty impressive, there are a few minor issues around slow (sub 10 kW charging) that I think could be intelligently overcome but really they could make a stonkingly good car.

They could also work more intelligently targeting different market segments replacing the current LEAF and Zoe with a slightly smaller Zoe city car and a slightly bigger leaf (i.e. mid-size). One would sell better in the EU and Japan the other in the USA. Hopefully we will see so of Zoe in Leaf v.2.

I had a read of my comment again, and essentially I think what I am saying is in a few years I want something like a model 3 but $10k cheaper.

For $10k less, I’d be happy to drive the car myself, to turn on the ac with a button not a touch screen and for the 0-60 to be sub 12 sec rather than sub 6 sec.

And without Autopilot. Still any BEV with 200miles/320km real world electric range and a 25.000€ pricepoint would be awesome. 🙂

Lg Chem already has better battery technology, i don’t what they are waiting for.

And worse price then Panasonic.

Since nobody can do better then 2017-2018 with LG, then I would wagger that whatever little capacity LG had, it’s already booked for Bolt.

It’s crazy how people believe that twice as small company will suddenly outbuild Panasonic build out besting even gigafactory that is 4 TIMES it’s capacity from 2014…

To steal those pre orders.

LG is multiple times larger than Tesla and Panasonic.

What numbers make you believing they are waiting for anything?

He Mark, battery from R240 is 23,3 kWh net and 25,92 kWh total. In the link below you can see all specs and even the plan of Renault-Nissan about doubling range minute 12.

Nice video!

SparkEV (~33K CAD is ~22K €) is similar form as Zoe, except with 100kW instead of 65kW and also bit cheaper and one owns the battery instead of renting. Zoe is way slow at over 13 sec 0-100 km/hr. compared to ~7.5 sec for SparkEV. I wonder how well it would’ve done if sold widely as it was originally planned. What could have been…

Do you happen to have any info if the Spark Ev will be upgraded / still be available once the Bolt is ready for sale?

Chevy didn’t say anything definite regarding SparkEV’s future. Given that 2016 SparkGas got an update but EV is still the old form, chances are that SparkEV will be cut after Bolt comes out.

My guess: if the sales are significant, they could decide to keep it alive, but seeing the inventory numbers (~450 according to autotrader), sales aren’t “eye popping” even with $41/mo leases in CA. And that’s too bad; Spark’s progenitor was probably designed as EV, and to see it cut down only after 3 year run is sad.

Renault should learn a few things from Momentum Dynamics and their cutting-edge wireless charging system. Renting the battery is the stupidest model I’ve ever heard of.

To be honest, i always thought we would be doing a lot better by now. Like someone wrote above, EVs can be quite cheap in France. As a second car (no trips to Southern Spain), EVs are ALREADY great. Not in 2 years, not in 5 years, not when LG invents some super battery, not when the infrastructure grows legs, NOW. So, what’s going on? I know i don’t have one, is everybody as poor as i am? the 2008 events certainly didn’t help. Also, my government is killing the subsidies. future certainly looked a lot brighter 2 years ago

Renault-Nissan p0wZ everyone.

Renault-Nissan is the worlds only company, that does REAL deliveries of affordable electric vehicles for everyone.

But where is the convenience of wireless charging ? Not Renault-Nissan nor BMW, or even Tesla are offering that. Toyota is increasingly steering its R&D budget towards that feature and when it launches it across the board there will be no Ren-Niss anywhere near being on par. The strongest player in the EV field is and will be Toyota.