Production Volkswagen I.D. Hatchback To Look Like Concept


The company had to drop the cameras for rearview mirrors and electric door handles from the concept, though.

The production version of the Volkswagen I.D. concept arrives in Europe in early 2020, and Klaus Bischoff, the German brand’s design boss, says that the road-going model looks a lot like the show car from the 2016 Paris Motor Show.

“The proportions, the design cues, and the wheel size are the same as the concept,” Bischoff told Autocar. “It looks like the show car. We couldn’t do the camera-system rear-view mirrors for legal reasons, nor the electric door handles due to cost. But other than that, it’s pretty much the same.”

The I.D. is about the same size as a VW Golf and features a sleek, futuristic take on the classic five-door hatchback. Bischoff’s quote hints that the concept’s fascinating headlights might be on the production version. The LED headlights imitate human eyes by blinking up and down at startup and a pupil-like center section that moves left and right with the steering.

The I.D. will be VW’s first dedicated EV on its new MEB architecture. “We had the unique chance to lead Volkswagen into a new age. Electric drive provides greater freedom for designers,” Bischoff told Autocar.

In concept form, the I.D. featured a 168-horsepower (125-kilowatt) electric motor and single-speed transmission that mounted to the rear axle. This packaging allowed for more room for occupants in front. The powertrain allowed the hatchback to reach 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in under 8 seconds and a top speed of 99 mph (159 kph). At the time, VW said it would offer multiple battery capacities to give the vehicle a range from 249 miles (401 kilometers) to 373 miles (600 km).

VW will start building the I.D. in November 2019 with sales beginning very early the following year. The company won’t offer the electric hatchback in the United States, but a production version of the I.D. Crozz concept will reportedly arrive in America later in 2020. Road-going interpretations of the I.D. Buzz retro-inspired van and I.D. Vizzion sedan will eventually be part of VW’s growing lineup of electric vehicles.

Volkswagen I.D.
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I wonder if the reported range in the article is the inaccurate NEDC range, or legit 249 and 373 miles? If the miles are true miles then that’s a pretty impressive vehicle.

Since these details are from the concept I.D. in 2016, I would say those are NEDC range figures!

They are probably WLTP which would mean ranges of about 200 and 300 miles EPA.

Too bad it won’t be coming to the US.

Maybe with the recent run-up in gas prices and impending cliff for C/SUV sales that it’ll precipitate, they’ll rethink their strategy of not sending it Stateside.

Yes – they should sell it here in the US! This would be an ideal car for me and my family.

I would buy it too…

It really pisses me off that they won’t be offering it here. They offer the Golf here, so why not this??

I like the designs of all the ID cars, and this is coming from someone that has never liked VW car-styling in the past. I’m glad to hear they are sticking to the looks of the concepts.

The crozz is hideous.

Seen it in person and it looks great!

The design is fine, but the color they chose is hideous.

Yeah right look like concept, look there goes a flying pig or is it a VW marketing manager finally.

I guess the sliding rear doors won’t happen either. It would have been a cool feature. If they really offer seats like that I would already be impressed.

Yeah, leave the impossibly complex doors to the other guys.

A Futuristic take on the Futuristic i3, impressive.

Wasn’t this supposed to be early 2019? More feet dragging…

Where did you see that? First news about the cars here at insideevs is from September 2016, and there it was still to come in 2020.

Also, enjoy reading all talk about “vapourware” in the comments…

Your first link says: “The first definitive examples of the ID are due to be produced in November 2019. Customer sales will kick off in Britain at the start of 2020”. Same info as now.

Your second link says: “While both the I.D. and I.D. Crozz seem set for a 2020 release date, ” and “Volkswagen will begin production of its I.D. EV lineup in November 2019,”

Prodcution Nov 2019, sale beginning 2020. As was stated in 2016, and what was stated a few days ago. There seems to be no change of time plan.

Looks like you’re right. Not sure why I always remembered a sale year of 2019.

Production render of the ID will look like the concept render of the ID. That’s more like it. And it’s still a weirdmobile for some unknown reason.

Awesome! Will the roof be clear? Probably not. Will the tires be blueish? Probably not. Will the door handles be electric? No. Will those wheels be white and 20″? Prob not. Will those headlights make it into production? Probably not. However, aside from those “minor” differences, the I.D. will look like the concept.

Don’t forget the ultra-tight wheel wells and low ground clearance

I remember someone linking to supposed leaked production images at some point, and the proportions of the car were completely different, the hood was slightly longer, giving the car a much more golf-like appearance, which for me was a disappointment, I quite liked the short front of the concept.

Also, the car in the images had normal lights, both front (which is fine, I didn’t particularly like the concept lights) and back (which is a disappointment, I liked the elegant rear lights of the concept).

Of course, since those images weren’t official they might as well have been fan renderings rather than leaked photos.

I used to drive a VW Golf, loved it, cheapest “decent” car. Will give this ID a try 10 years from when I get the only “decent” EV on the market right now…Tesla 3 🙂
By then, VW will catch up with the market and offer this car in North America too. In good production volume.

I like the Hatch but they wont sell here in the States

They will keep the wheel size? Does that mean the same wheel size as the BMW i3 currently has? That would be so cool. Hope that it will lead to more choice of tires for these cars.

It sucks we in N.A. Cannot have this. I sat in the crozz at autostadt in germany last month and was not impressed,,, just another lousy cuv..some people want car like handling and do not want to sit way above the road. Get with it, vw!

Thats awesome, good looking car…

And another foreign car for you to buy Dave.

Sorry, couldn’t resist some sarcasm.

One question: how many will be produced annually?

Half a million or something.

Where you got that? VW can’t even fill the eGolf orders so doubtful.