Part 2 Of Tesla Model 3 Reveal Coming By End Of 2016


 Tesla Model 3 Part 1 Reveal

Tesla Model 3 Part 1 Reveal

Before Part 1 of the Model 3 unveil, Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that there would be a Part 2 reveal for the Tesla Model 3.

Elon Musk On Part 2 Of Model 3 Reveal

Elon Musk On Part 2 Of Model 3 Reveal

Now we have some details on the timing of Part 2.

At the recent Code Conference in California, Elon Musk stated that Tesla was planning another “big” reveal event for the Model 3 that will take place sometime after the design is complete, which we know is at least 6 weeks away from now.

Musk said that we should ready ourselves for this big reveal to happen towards the end of 2016.

Part 2 of the reveal is to be “super next level,” according to Musk and it may include the reveal of autonomous driving technology and a trick interior for the Model 3.

The waiting game continues to drag on

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Why would they do the 2nd part of the unveil so far form customer deliveries?

It seems very likely that Model 3 will come with AutoPilot 2.0. I am thinking AutoPilot 2.0 will come on S and X ahead of Model 3 production. Maybe the unveil will show off how awesome AutoPilot 2.0 will be, available next year on Model 3…or today on S or X?

Maybe they want to set something against Bolt and Leaf2 releases, which will be about that time… well, Leaf2 may be a bit later.

Guess they have to do it otherwise people will slowly start canceling their reservations if they are not sure the wait will be worth the final design.

Because Bolt and LEAF.

I want to see that glass turned into a hatch, as the tiny trunk opening does not offer a lot of utility… Or a Model Y.

Amen to that! Except I’d want to get rid of the entire over-the-head-glass thing too!

I’ve read the reasoning for the glass roof and silly trunk opening. And I’m pretty sure the whole thing ultimately derives from Mr. Musk’s conceit re. getting to a Cd< 0.2 (which he apparently didn't manage anyway).

We surely can not be alone in this. I for one, for several reasons, simply do not want glass all over and above me in a car. And I haven't driven a car lacking the usability of a hatch or lift back since about 1978 – a Mustang II (Don't laugh. It was a company car. Choice was limited).

We've really waited a long time for a nearly affordable Tesla. And this cute but half-baked thing is what we get?
Aaaargh! I hate to be looking at a deal breaker.

How do people still not know that the glass roof is an option?

As far as I can tell, Mr. Musk has only made one vague reference to a full metal roof and possible alternate trunk design.
And it was certainly not clear whether we are looking at an immediately available option, or what.
“Pencils down” in a few weeks, remember.

Sorry if my frustration shows through!

As far as anyone can tell, based on discussions with the drivers at the reveal, on video, it appears that the central part, over the heads of the front row, will be optional glass, optional opening sunroof, or optional metal. The big piece of glass running back to the trunk was for preserving headroom, according to one of the drivers. They could not have a support beam back there, like the Model S has between the roof and the trunk/hatch. This leads me to believe that, at least initially, the passenger cabin was going to be all-glass from hood to trunk, except for that fairly narrow portion over the front row seats that could be a sunroof or metal roof. However, given the backlash of the trunk and the glass roof, it is possible that this design lock being postponed by 3 weeks or so from the previous promise may be a result of attempting to incorporate some of the feedback. I would not hold my breath for anything major, however, because of their emphasis on streamlining the process so that they make their crazy production goals on schedule. It’s probably too close to design lockdown in order to wholesale… Read more »

What backlash? A few people expressing their preference for a different solution is hardly a backlash. And the reservation count proves its unnecessary to risk modifications of this aspect of the car – demand is huge, whether or not it’d be greater still as a hatchback.

No single car is ideal for all. This is a big volume car that appeals to a ton of people. I may still cancel my reservation and opt for the Ampera-e instead, since it’s more practical and compatible with becoming a dog owner (I’m undecided). But it’d be very silly of me to argue that Tesla ought to make the car differently because that makes ME more likely to buy it! I’m not that great a customer to have, really.

“What Backlash”?

Agreed. The huge number of reservations means Tesla can lose some, and not be concerned.
If the 3 is released at any time near when it is supposed to, it should do just fine.

The basic car was almost universally applauded.

What Backlash?

Almost every reviewer who has touched the car had at least 1 negative comment about the small trunk opening. It was enough of a “backlash” that Musk made a comment about them looking at the trunk and seeing what they could do.

As for the almost 400k reservations more then half of those happen before the car was revealed AND anyone ever had a change to even comment on the trunk. Who knows if the negative comments on the trunk hadn’t surfaced maybe the 2% who cancelled wouldn’t have and maybe another 50k more people would have put down a deposit. The what if game is always fun but no one will ever know for certain if someone is right or not.

Whatever they do, a single car is going to have some deal breaker features for *some* people anyway.

Simply pointing out how much YOU would prefer something else is perfectly legitimate, but it’s not very enlightening and it doesn’t constitute an argument that they should change anything.

The model 3 isn’t a hatchback and I believe turning it into one isn’t so easily done. Your expressed hope looks to me like a naive child who thinks it’ll help to inform his daddy that he REALLY wants that spaceship for xmas. Much as we hate to disappoint, there’s just no avoiding it when expectations are totally decoupled from reality.

I also don’t quite understand what the big deal is. Why do you have to have a Tesla, whether or not they make the product that best suits you?!? Just go get a Bolt and be happy! As far as I’m concerned you might as well be crying that Ferrari doesn’t make a wagon version of, say, the Enzo…!

Well T-Watt,

Sorry my more personalized mode of self expression doesn’t suit you.
But I don’t think an insulting reply is called for.

To be clear, I was one of the what? 100,000 or so? pre-reveal, early reservers.
From what I have read, there was considerable concern over the extent of the glass and the hatch once it became known.

That’s all.

Just cancel your reservation already, I need this line to be shorter LOL

Well put!


Thank you for pointing this out.

I was hoping for a hatchback too, but the all-glass roof-window is the type of innovation I already expect from Tesla. I am still skeptical, but this might turn out to be the part I love most about the Model 3 interior.

And if I don’t like the glass roof as much as a hatch, I always have the option of buying a used Model S or wait for the Model Y.

Model S is a great car if you have the room for a Full Size car.

Well.. actually Ferrari does kinda make something like that! xD it’s called the FF, albeit I do agree with what you say sir.

scott franco (No M3 FAUX GRILL!)

The world can do without another hatchback, and I like the overhead glass. Even if it is hotter. The latter is an option.

I would like to compare all three options and then decide which one is best for me.
I think most people could find something out of those three possibly roofs that would accommodate their particular desire.

Please cancel your reservation…one less person on this long line…LOL

Then you will need to keep watching.

Turning the traditional sedan into a liftback sedan will kill usable rear seat headroom if they keep the same wheelbase and roofline. Shrinking a Model S 20% doesn’t work. Lifting the rear C pillar kills aerodynamics. Tesla is aiming for .21 Cd.

Model Y, like Model X, will come a few years later when energy density improves and the same range of the Model 3 can be had with less than a 10% price premium.

“Turning the traditional sedan into a liftback sedan will kill usable rear seat headroom if they keep the same wheelbase and roofline”.

I get that, in principle.

But I keep on thinking back to my 2005 Prius (now passed down to a family member).
Its roof line was similarly aero inspired. Most likely with an inferior Cd. But it worked.
What we have seen in the model 3 seems, to me, like a perversion of common sense. Giving up on utility in a major way for a 0.01 point or two of Cd and a Gee-Whiz! roof pushes the trade-offs way too far for my taste.

Quoting EVcarnut on this page: “A ‘SIMPLE’ Solid, Safe , Weather Proof, Reliable Car , for most of Us would suffice”.
Hear! Hear! I would only add “Utilitarian” to that description.

0.26 is ok but not as good as 0.21

The problem is that Model 3 has a cost goal.

Worse Cd means more battery for the same range which Tesla needs to hit.

More battery means more weight, more cost which requires more battery and more cost… It is a vicious cycle.

That is why Tesla is trying very hard to get the drag as low as possible.

Tesla’s trying to built a long-distance electric car. The _fundamental_ challenge for long-distance electric is charging speed, which leads to a need for efficiency at higher speeds, which leads to a need for good aerodynamics.

It is not in any way a conceit to aim for such a low cd and I’m very glad to see Tesla trying to do hard engineering to solve the hard problem of headroom v aerodynamics.

However, it’s clear that the trunk opening is nearly universal considered to be too small and Tesla will expand it from the reveal.

Rob Stark said:

“Turning the traditional sedan into a liftback sedan will kill usable rear seat headroom if they keep the same wheelbase and roofline. Shrinking a Model S 20% doesn’t work. Lifting the rear C pillar kills aerodynamics.”

I know that’s what Tesla has said, but I really question that there wasn’t any way to make it a liftback and keep the same head room.

I realize, of course, that makes me the design equivalent of an “armchair quarterback”, but I really question that there wasn’t another way to skin that cat.

In fact, comparing the rear of the Model S to the Model ≡, it looks to me not as if the liftback was eliminated in the M3 due to designers having to move the “C” pillar, as Tesla or Elon has claimed, but rather because they/he decided to make an all-glass roof, and that required getting rid of the liftgate.

Just my opinion, of course. I could be wrong on this point.

Keep the Autopilot disabled for me, so …….no thanks.

They need to keep the Model ≡ KISS!

Most of the complexity of autopilot is software… it won’t hold up production. Every Model 3 has to come with enough sensors and software to handle the expected automatic braking safety features anyways.

They are, by putting the autopilot hardware in all cars. That way, you or a future owner has the option to pay to activate the feature in the future.

The fundamentals of the hardware and software are going to be the same as the S and X, so the development they do for one platform will readily translate to the other.


Autopilot 2.0 hardware BoM will likely be around 200 USD (excluding any shared components). If they have LIDAR then twice that.

Will be interesting to see how many additional reservations Part 2 generates. My prediction: 2X of Part 1… yup I know that sounds nuts.

It doesn’t matter whether they get a million or two ….. what matters is when will they start deliveries and how good/reliable the car will be etc etc.

The number of reservations is only a good number for the fans and for the money enablers who keep them alive and media, so they have something to write about.

Actually, at even just $1,000.00 each, the number of reservations, if reveal part 2 brought in double what part 1 did (373,000), the extra 700,000+ or so reservations would drop another $700 Million+ on Tesla, so I think it matters more to them than blog and article writers!

Of course, it matters that the car is solid…no owner issues and no car issues, too!

@mxs, both matters…

All… Items.. Matter


+1 …lol


There are rumours (in the UK) that the the Model 3 will not be able to use the free supercharger network. Eg. Software or hardware blocks this. I see a certain logic to model differentiation and controlling demand for superchargers to match roll-out of supply… and I guess there would quickly be far too many Model 3s out there… but even so this would kinda defeat their practicality!

Elon Musk has said that Model 3 owners will have to pay for Supercharger access. The only question is how much and how.

Model S60 owners had to pay $2,000.

There is NO WAY Model 3 will have autopilot 2.0 before S and X, musk said so, watch the video. New features will always be available months before the Model 3. So, Look for autopilot 2.0 around christmas for S & X, around the same time as part 2 of the Model 3 reveal.

A “SIMPLE” Solid, Safe , Weather Proof, Reliable Car , for most of Us would suffice…I will be happy to “Pay Per Charge”….

+1 The rate people will walk from Model 3, on sheer affordability, will be nothing like Tesla is used to. Then, there’s the “how is this thing going to be out of warranty” factor, as well. Lessons learned from a Model X, which itself may be giving the market reaction they don’t want to have to experience with M3.

So they should offer an awesome warranty to alleviate those concerns. Here is Australia. Kia offers a 7 year unlimited mile warranty on all their vehicles. Hyundai offers the same deal over 5 years. Cars really should last 10 years before you really need to retire it.

From the tweet we can infer that production will be in 2016.

Exactly the opposite. Part 2 of the preview near the END of 2016 lines up logically with the stated goal to start production in mid 2017. Your continued insistence that the 3 will begin production this year is utterly devoid of credibility, yet you cling to it despite all evidence to the contrary. To quote R. W. Emerson, “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds”.

“Tomorrow is part 1 of the Model 3 unveil. Part 2, will take things to another level, WILL BE CLOSER TO PRODUCTION” This is the tweet. It was out 1 day before part 1. So Elon did not know that he will have nearly 375,000 reservations. He also did not know that he will have $1.7 billion in the bank from selling more outstanding shares. When he knew that he has 115,000 reservations he said he will have to scale up production. Now this is very important to pay attention to the sequence of events. He did not know any of the above, yet he said that part 2 will be closer to PRODUCTION. Now did he intend to have part 2 at the end of 2017? No because it is a long wait and hardly worth mentioning because it will make him lose credibility. The year has 365 days. So why did he say closer to PRODUCTION? Does this mean MORE than 365 days? Is that logical to assume? No it is not. So in the Code Conference Elon knew the following: 1 – He fired two that were responsible for production and manufacturing. 2 – He hired a… Read more »

Alaa, I actually read this thread just to see your response to it. I think you are wrong, but your Panglossian view of the III’s development timeframe reminds me of my own back in 2009 as I waited for the Volt to hit the road.
The III is going to be a great car whenever it shows up, even if the first release is only to CA Tesla S or X owners in June of 2017.

They will not start production in 2016 of the Model III. Proof? You can’t absolutely prove a future event will occur or not occur.

Though by using logical thought we can surmise or speculate, based on evidence, what may happen, or is likely to happen, in the future.

I don’t find your evidence or argument that the Model III will be in production in 2016 logical or compelling, though I would be happy to be proven wrong.

Also you can’t know what another person was thinking, as you suggest from studying tweets, or videos and go on to say, he did not know this that or the other thing. You simply can’t know that.

Also your citation is actually counter to your argument:
“A proof of impossibility, also known as negative proof, proof of an impossibility theorem, or negative result, is a proof demonstrating that a particular problem cannot be solved, or cannot be solved in general.”

Do you know? The end of 2016 is nearer to 2020 than the middle of 2016 to 2020???

And now? What does this prove? Nothing, except that time goes on and on.


“From the tweet we can infer that production will be in 2016.”

LOL! Alaa clearly has a finely honed ability to firmly ignore facts and evidence in favor of his preconceptions.

Dude… you really, really need to lay off the Kool-Aid. If there’s one thing we can be absolutely certain of, it’s that the Model ≡ won’t go into production earlier than Tesla is claiming. Probably later, but certainly not earlier.

Just wanted to leave her that I really love the design and that I would reserve if I had the funds to actually buy the car. That complete glass roof just sounds awesome to me. I always thought that most cars look kind of cramped and not spacious. I think this car will make both the driver and the people in the backseat feel very free. I also don’t really care about the lack of dashboard instruments. The speedometer seems close enough to the steering wheel to keep a good eye on how fast you are going and the rest is all trivial and distracting information. For me they could have put their pens down after the first review (some minor things like no cup holders should be still done though).


And Part 3 will be announcing a long delay in deliveries.

PS: FUD bla all you want, there’s a high probability that the Model3 will be delayed OR Tesla will build a lot of lemons sticking to the new 2017-2018 ramp plan.

Kind of funny.

Kind of true.

Model3 back glass roof could be 1 foot shorter and extend the tiny trunk opening by 1 foot will help getting things in easer.

Very late 2016 should see the availability of the VP prototypes.

Engineering intent — some parts of prototype tools, some rapid prototype parts and hopefully no hand crafted major assemblies.

Consequently the timing might be to show these vehicles off or use them as a larger demo fleet.

Late 2016 is still a stretch.
Jan 2017 might be more likely for the demo drives.

Still interesting to see how things go.
Job 1 in late 2017 is an even bigger stretch.

I have paid a deposit for the Model 3.
In need to up grade electrical wiring for the charger in our garage. Could you please give wattage usage for charger