It didn’t matter that Betamax was better than VHS. When standardization required one of them to rule all VCRs, the latter was the winner. In a similar dispute among charging standards, the Nissan Ariya put the last nail in CHAdeMO’s coffin after it decided to use CCS. Chris Maxwell, from the ecodweeb YouTube channel, decided to pay CHAdeMO a heartfelt tribute that really touched us: we laughed out loud!

Maxwell called it “A Haiku Eulogy for CHAdeMO.” Haiku is the Japanese word that refers to a sort of short poetry – a bright touch of irony, considering CHAdeMO was born in Japan. If it remains alive anywhere, it may be there, but we would not bet on that.

You can see Maxwell with three little pieces of paper in his hand, along with an accordion. He also managed to find a plastic casket that was attached to a wall, as a CHAdeMO plug would properly like to be laid to rest.

The YouTuber remembers that CHAdeMO was a pioneer. The fact that it did not resist being one of the first charging standards shows how cruel evolution can be – even if it also more than welcome.

For the video to be even more touching, Maxwell could have chosen a flute, as Matt Mulholland did back in 2010. In fact, Maxwell should have invited Mulholland to play at the funeral if he did not live in New Zealand.

With the perfect soundtrack, CHAdeMO would have had a more fulfilling farewell, but we are sure Maxwell did the best he could. When it meets Betamax in the Kingdom Of Failed Standards, they will hold hands and watch the transportation world go electric with a bit of resentment and envy. You will not be missed, CHAdeMO, wherever you are.

Source: ecodweeb

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