Just over a week ago, on May 24, 2022, popular comedian and host of The Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon talked about the all-new Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck on his show. It was pretty clear Jimmy didn't know as much as he should have about the truck before sharing it with the world, but that's not the point.

You don't have to fully understand an EV to enjoy its benefits. Many gas car owners don't have a clue about how their car works, how efficient it is, how much range it has, or the many other details that don't impact the nature of their daily drive.

Fallon opened the segment mentioning that he's talked about the F-150 Lightning before, but obviously not in as much detail. He called it the all-new all-electric Ford truck that he's "freaking out" about. Fallon is the owner of a gas-powered F-150 pickup, which he says he uses to "haul pumpkins" and "listen to country music," but it seems he's considering making the switch to the fully electric version going forward.

Jimmy goes on to say that Ford took the electric F-150 to the next level, and it's getting excellent reviews. He adds that "it has 10 kilowatts of electricity," which is sort of correct. The Lightning offers a battery pack with as much as 131 kWh of energy, and it can deliver up to 9.6 kilowatts of power. This means it can power your entire home for multiple days.

As the segment continues, Jimmy talks about the Lightning's 4.6-second zero-to-60-mph time, its power outlets, giant touch screen, roomy cabin, and more. However, he seems to be most impressed with the F-150 Lightning's Mega Power Frunk. Jimmy explains that the Lighting has a trunk "in the front, cause the engine's gone," though he admits that he doesn't know where Ford put the engine.

Jimmy says there's already a Swedish pop duo named Frünké that wrote a song about the F-150 Lightning entitled "Junk in My Frunk." Of course, in the usual Jimmy Fallon style, the host himself actually plays both roles in the music video. So, to be clear, there is no Swedish pop duo, it's all an act, and it's worth watching.


The song gives listeners an idea of the many possible uses for the F-150 Lightning's frunk, and it's arguably entertaining in a goofy sort of way. Whether or not you are a fan of Fallon or you like the song, it's this type of "advertising" that could help bring EVs into the mainstream at a quicker rate. 

While most folks visiting our site probably have some idea about EVs, there are still many people that don't have much of a clue. However, as they see their favorite celebrities and athletes promoting EV adoption, they may begin to take interest. Check out the video and then start a conversation in the comment section below.

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