Volkswagen is a different brand today than it was 12 years ago. For starters, Dieselgate didn’t exist and everything was going great - diesel engines were reliable and clean, and many people saw the German brand as the sensible choice when shopping for a new car.

Now VW wants to be seen as a maker of clean vehicles, with its range of EVs that includes the ID.3, ID.4, ID.5, and ID. Buzz – cars that show Dieselgate is a thing of the past. 

But not everything has to be forgotten, and a brand’s sense of humor is part of its image worldwide. Volkswagen seems to know this because it released a sequel to its famous 2010 ad featuring a Mark III Golf.

Embedded below, the 12-year-old commercial shows a teenager who went to check out a second-hand car with his father. After his dad rings the doorbell, an old lady opens the door, and it’s all bliss for the wannabe shoppers because everybody knows that buying a used car from an old lady guarantees you get a great deal and a bulletproof car. Right?!

Well, not really, as the ad shows. But what VW was trying to show everybody over a decade ago is that their vehicles are tough and reliable, no matter how they’re driven.

Now, in 2022, the old lady is back, and she’s missing her old car – after all, it gave her so many great memories. But as the video embedded at the top of the article shows, her driving habits haven’t changed much in the last 12 years, drifting and wreaking havoc in an electric VW, scaring the dealership rep in the process.

Compared to its initial commercial, Volkswagen now tries to change the narrative and focus on the sportiness of its EVs, emphasizing that everybody can have fun in the ID.4 or ID.5 GTX.

Now, there are some things that I want to point out: on the one hand, the actress isn’t actually the same person as in the commercial from 2010, and those drifting scenes scream bad CGI. But on the other hand, it’s a funny sequel to an ad that made people smile a decade ago.

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