Over the years we’ve seen some pretty strange things captured by stationary Teslas through their Sentry Mode feature. They were either witness or subjected to a wide range of situations and acts, some of which included wildlife encounters, although none of them quite as amusing as this one.

We picked this up from Reddit, where it was posted by baseball4ev, but he doesn't even say where it happened, so there’s not a lot of information about where exactly it happened. The video shows a bear walking up to a parked BMW X3’s door, rising onto his back legs to peek inside and then trying to see if it was unlocked - sadly for him, this owner did not forget to lock the vehicle.


What makes this especially amusing is that it doesn’t really remind us of any animal-related video in this genre. Instead, it looks eerily similar to all those videos showing potential thieves trying to break into parked cars in big, crowded parking lots.

Bears are known for being especially crafty, and those that live near and get accustomed to human presence, are very apt at opening doors and getting into places that should have been out of reach. There’s a plethora of videos online showing bears casually opening front doors of homes and just walking in, so the bear in this video has most likely done this before and it worked.

Just the way he looks inside the car and then tries the handle - he’s not scared or disoriented - he is looking for food, as bears do, but this one seems to know that a car door is best overcome with cunning, rather than brute force, and if it doesn't open easily, you move on to the next door...

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