Here is another Tesla Sentry Mode action clip, shared by Tesla owner Snared. This time the system recorded a guy who seems to be seeking something valuable in cars in a parking garage.

Sentry Mode flashed the lights and displayed a warning about recording, which as we understand deterred the potential theft.

It's probably enough to prove that the system deters or at least increases the chance to later find the cause of various events such as theft, window breakage, vandalism and so on.

Grab a look at Sentry Mode in action in the video above.

More from video description:

Sentry Mode scares off Car Caser

Guy in the parking garage casing cars (notice how he checks through the window for valuables in the car next to me) panics when the lights flash, thinking someone has unlocked the car and is coming to it.

Reads the screen and sees he's being recorded and peaces out.

Something large and heavy in his hoodie -- maybe a rock for breaking windshields or a weapon.

Source: Teslarati

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