Tesla sentry mode strikes again, this time catching an alleged laptop thief in the act. If you've ever had anything stolen from you, then you can appreciate how infuriating it is.

The video was posted on YouTube and the person who posted it says it was his neighbor's laptop that was stolen, and he posted the video with the hope that someone would see it and identify the perpetrator. So this isn't a case of sentry mode helping the owner of the Tesla, it's the owner's neighbor that had their property stolen. 

The video has been up for a week now and only has a couple hundred views. The last comment posted indicates that the perpetrator hadn't yet been identified. We're hoping the InsideEVs community can be of help here and perhaps someone will recognize the individual in question. 

sentry mode thief

If you do, please report it to the Fremont, California police department. Let's see if we can help out here. If you live in the area or know someone that does, please take a look, and let's see if we can help solve yet another Tesla sentry mode case. 

sentry mode thief
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