Some people will do the craziest, most outlandish things for YouTube views. We're sure you know what we're talking about, but we'd like to bring to your attention a new video of a Tesla Model 3 perched atop 10 feet tall wheels.

If you aren't familiar with the WhistlinDiesel channel, it specializes in performing ridiculous stunts with cars for YouTube views. More often than not, the result of those stunts is the destruction of the cars involved.

Some of the team's most famous exploits include doing burnouts in a Dodge Challenger Hellcat fitted with horse & buggy wheels, crushing a Nissan Skyline GT-R, driving a brand-new Mercedes-AMG G63 into a deep swamp before dropping it through a house, and more. 

For their latest stunt, Cody Detwiler and his team took a Tesla Model 3 and submitted it to a bunch of "tests" to see how durable it is – things like driving it with a wheel clamp on, cutting through the rear seats with a chainsaw, "summoning" it through a closed garage door, and more.

But the highlight of the video is when the Model 3 gets a dramatic ground clearance upgrade courtesy of stagecoach-like custom wheels made of steel. The 10-foot wheels are huge, and that's not just for dramatic effect. The goal was to put the Tesla on wheels that were sufficiently tall to allow it to drive upside down without the car's roof touching the ground.

If you wonder how they managed to turn the Model 3 upside down, well, that's what excavators are (also) for. After that, driving the Tesla upside down was a breeze, except they had to do it in reverse to get the car moving forward – don't worry, the video makes that clearer than it sounds. 

At the end of the clip, the Tesla is turned right side up for a final stunt: going downhill – literally down a hill – at high speed. As you can imagine, that can't end well.

While we're sorry for the Model 3 – hopefully it was a salvage – it's hard to argue with the entertainment value of this video, and some of the jokes at the expense of Tesla and Tesla owners weren't too bad either. Here's one way to rack up more than 2 million views in less than 24 hours.

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