Rich from Rich Rebuilds isn’t your typical car reviewer, which is why his first contact and drive of a Lucid Air resulted in a video that sounds like it’s making fun of the vehicle, when in reality he’s clearly a fan. He was invited to an Air drive event where after poking constant jokes about the way the vehicle looks, he eventually gets behind the wheel discovering just how fast and sporty it is.

Does the Lucid Air look like a combination of a Dodge Charger, an Xpeng P7 and a Lincoln MKZ? Not really, but Rich certainly seems to think it does and we’re not even sure when the trolling stops and his actual opinions on the car begin.

Ben Collins, who used to be the Stig on Top Gear (and recently drove the Air at Goodwood), was on hand at the drive event to show what the Air could do, but also to assist the participants with important racing driver knowledge and also guide them through launching the car. He really seemed scared being in the passenger’s seat with Rich at the wheel and he is clearly more comfortable behind the wheel.

We also get to see the Air doing donuts in a parking lot, and it almost seems to crash into a trash container at one point. With as much power as it has, and the ability to completely defeat the electronic nannies, the dual-motor Air looks ready to turn its tires to shreds in a matter of seconds.

In true Rich Rebuilds tradition, they at one point in the video start disassembling one of the Airs present at the event. They take off a plastic cover that hides the intake for the climate system, the fuse box and the master disconnect for the high and low voltage electrical systems. Interestingly, the latter is replaceable, so if it were cut, the vehicle would not need an entire new wiring harness.

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