Is this the first time we see what the new, thermally-managed 60-kWh LEAF battery is capable of?

EVTEC recently released some images of what it claims to be the 2019 Nissan LEAF charging at a rate of 102 kW.

leaf 60

This particular LEAF is reportedly the upcoming and hugely anticipated 60-kWh version.

As you'll see in the attached images, which EVTEC has now removed from its Twitter page, the LEAF pulls off the 102-kW charging rate when the battery is somewhat low on charge. The state-of-charge shown is 32%. This is typically a point at which a battery can charge more rapidly than when it reaches a percent closer to 100.


Further down in the comments of the now-deleted Tweet (which we wisely screen grabbed), EVTEC confirms this to be the 2019 LEAF with the 60-kWh pack:


Our sources tell us that the 2019 Nissan LEAF with the optional 60-kWh pack will likely launch this Fall, though this date is subject to change.

What we do believe to be certain is that the pack will be sourced from LG Chem and will have thermal heat management. However, the recently failed AESC battery sale effort could have some unknown-to-us impact on all of this. We're still fairly confident in our previous predictions though, so we'll highlight them below:

  • 225 miles or more of electric range
  • Base price of approximately $35,000
  • Active thermal management of battery
  • CHAdeMO fast-charge capability
  • Launch as 2019 Model Year offering
Most of these details were confirmed and first laid out by us back in January of this year. Some of those details can be found in this Nissan slide:

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