Hyundai Kona Electric Arrives In Norway With 20,000-Order Backlog

AUG 9 2018 BY MARK KANE 42

On August 4, Hyundai unloaded the first batch of Kona Electric in Drammen, Norway

Hyundai Kona Electric in Norway

This is the all-new all-electric CUV that is expected to shake up the EV scene.

For Hyundai in Norway, the Kona Electric will represent tremendous change as there are more than 20,000 people that are willing to buy one with 7,000 orders on hand.

That’s a lot even from the Norwegian perspective, where Hyundai delivered less than 2,300 cars in the first seven months of this year. Now you can understand that even several thousand Kona Electric would shoot the brand to the somewhere near the top of sales in the country.

The first batch is more than 100 Kona Electric. Hundreds of additional Kona Electric are now on ships from South Korea.

All of the Kona sold in Norway will be the 64 kWh versions with 482 km (300 miles) of WLTP of range. Pricing starts at 325.900 kr.

And by the way, just look how beautiful Norway is:

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The Hyundai Kona will quite likely become more popular than the Nissan Leaf, in and around Norway. Can Hyundai keep up with the EV production numbers, of the RNM Alliance, in Europe?

Sadly its reported as 2 year wait for new orders, looks like just the zoe and the leaf in big numbers

It should be more popular than the Leaf; it can charge faster, it has a bigger battery with a TMS and despite the CUV form factor it seems to be way more efficient than the Leaf on the highway. The Leaf has a bigger trunk, but that’s about all that I can think of to recommend it. Let’s just hope that Hyundai can build the Kona fast enough!

They’re not.. if you order a Kona now, you have to wait to 2020 to get one.

Zoe and LEAF has a much higher production volume.
People can still not get the car they want, and have to wait, or make do with an EV they can get their hands on.

Even the Ionic could have sold thousands.. but people have to wait a year to get one, at least..

Well GM, it could have been Bolts (Ampera E), but GM abandoned the Western World’s largest auto market.

GM had the tech and manufacturing to become well established and maybe even dominant in EVs in Europe and elsewhere, just not the will I guess.

Got to hand it to GM, they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

The Chinese automobile market is far larger than the European market, Chinese tastes in cars are closer to American tastes in cars, and the Chinese are more willing to buy American branded cars than Germans are. Those seem like good reasons why GM is rebirthing itself more as a trans-pacific brand with models designed in the US, introduced in Beijing first, and manufactured and sold in both countries.

Thanks to Trump, im not sure if there is a single chinese person in china that would buy an american car today.

I’d like to know what the current tariffs are for US goods exported to China.

I don’t stop buying stuff from an entire country just because I don’t like their elected leader. Most Chinese people are equally discerning and don’t change their lives upside down just because they don’t like the political climate in a foreign country. You must be one of those ‘resistance’ types who can’t imagine being happy since an election 2 years ago and want to ensure that everybody else is as miserable as you are. It must really suck being you!

If people in foreign lands refused to purchase products based on another countries leaders and policies, Americans would have never bought anything made in China. We don’t give a damn, so I’m sure the Chinese consumer doesn’t give a damn either. I would bet there is more hate for Trump in this country than there is China.

If you had same product done in USA, Europe at much lower cost I am sure wouldn’t buy the Chinese ones. That’s the big difference. If the Chinese currency or economy plunged because of trade war, I don’t think they will want to buy American product, more so as they will have other choices.

I think he means the Opel Ampera e, which Opel har thousands in line to buy, in Norway.

When GM sold Opel to Peugeot, they stopped the supply of the Ampera for å price people was willing to take.

It would have been the best seiling EV in Norway.

Well, until the “$35,000” Teslas show up and then it’s game over for everybody, right?

Chinese love BMW, Mercedes, and Toyota minivan. That’s all I see when I drive through Chinese communities in Socal.

They Like Lexus! A Lot!

Huh? The people you see driving BMW, Mercedes, and Toyota in SoCal are Americans.

GM was losing thousands of dollars for each Ampera-e in Europe. If they could make money in EU, they wouldn’t have abandoned that market. They were too small to effectively compete in mainstream European market. They still sell Chevrolet and Cadillac in EU. If some day they could make money, they would still sell Chevy Bolt rather than Opel Ampera-e in Europe. Personally I think they wanted to get rid of 40,000 employees they had in Europe, and focus on new technologies instead. What is more profitable in the future you think? Selling Opels or self-driving cars, battery technology, BEVs? They had a choice between investing billions in Opel or in new technologies. The choice is clear.

As an American, I would rather that GM spent the money on bringing a truly excellent Buick Enspire to market that people here in the US and China would lap up than in burning cash trying to convince a bunch of Europeans to buy Opels.

Sorry, the western world’s car market is North America, not Europe. Yep, that sure would have saved the day for GM in Europe, a few thousand BEV sales. Think of it, they could have had as much as 50% of 2% of the European car market all to themselves! What an amazing coup that would have been!

However I think they are more cleaver than you think. They just got out of Europe ahead of time so that when Tesla eventually takes over the entire market, they will not have wasted all that time and money. Tesla’s going to take over all car markets everywhere, right? Probably by 2020 right? Smart of GM to cut their losses and leave PSA holding the bag when the might Tesla comes to smite them down.

Glad Hyundai is not losing money on Kona. There’s zero incentive for Hyundai to sell at a loss in Norway.

Hyundai should offer the Kona to all 50 States before Trump starts going crazy with tariffs.

You sure of that? If they can indeed sell them at a profit, surely they should be more willing to make many more of them to meet demand?…

I’m sure there is a profit. Even if there wasn’t one in the form of $ building a customer base may be even more lucrative for them. How else would you make the Norwegians switch from BMW and Benzes to Hyundai?

Bjørn just finished hypermiling the Kona. 830km with 1% SOC, going on average 36km/h.

Drove it for 24hours.

EV’s are selling like crazy in Norway because of two reasons: There is a rapidly growing and convenient charging network being built or is in place, so range anxiety is low. The price of gas is near $10 a gallon… if not more. In the USA the ‘establishment’ of Big Oil and power politics are trying to strangle the slowly growing EV movement. If gas were $10 a gallon in the USA, the same would happen and you would see stacks of Escalades, Hummers and Suburbans in the scrap yard waiting to be recycled… into the likes of Chevy Bolts.. Climate change is no joke, record temperatures everywhere, changing rainfall patterns, rising sea levels and California fires galore, somethings gotta change. At least the Norwegians, and Scandinavians in general recognize the need for change; sadly the rest of the world doesn’t seem to care.

An EV is also cheaper than an ICE in Norway.

its more because the base price of BEVs is far cheaper than a ICE. Something like you can get a 17k$ Impala or a 12k$ Leaf. That and only that is the most common reason! Other stuff is nice to have…

The Oceans Coral Reefs are in real Big Trouble, ask an Aussie how the bleaching EVents, of most of the Australian GBR, are proceeding along.

How again does our great leader and POTUS, aka “Crock-0-Pile Dumbdee”, say “throw a Chimp on the Barbie”?….,

Oh yeah, AGW is “Fake NEWS”!

Another Euro point of view

…and also because there are almost no highways in Norway and that the speed limits are ridiculously low (like 80km/h last time I drove there).

It’s 110km/h. Will be, or have been increased to 120 or 130 on the best roads. Accident rates are low. If you drive on a road that have no devider between lanes, you will die in a front to front crash in higher speeds. That is why the speed limit is low on many roads. In general. . There is no difference between speed at summer and winter, so the speed is set to be safe in winter too. Slower speed pollute much less as well. But it is always fun when friend from Denmark, Germany and so on plan to travel by car in Norway and just look at the distance between A to B, and forget that most parts of Norway is full of mountains, and winding roads. They expect 3-4 hours, and in real life it is 8-9-10 or more. They try to cross mountain passes in the winter, and end up with 20 hours or more in the car. There are huge investments in roads and infrastructure in Norway now. Due to EU regulations larger contracts is open for other European companies to bid on contracts. More often then not, they give up, loose money or… Read more »

Plus of course Norway is a major oil exporter and they don’t want the citizenry burning up the product wastefully.

That’s where the mideast oil powers went wrong. They were drowning in oil, so got wasteful.

Hyundai could sell 100,000 Kona EV’s in the second half of 2018.

If only Hyundai would produce them in higher numbers (in order to be able to deliver them).

I would not bet $ on it but i hope they do get to mass production this year.

LG’s gottta be the gating factor here

Instead of looking at the negative aspect like missed opportunity, look at it from the bright side; people are lining up to buy EV.

They sure are! In US it was 5 in every 100….disappointing.

Yeah, at work about 90% of all the vehicles will be electric in the next 3-4 years.
They have only bought 5-6 ICE vehicles the last 2 years !!
Not including trucks, where range is useless for most of their need, at the moment.
Some smaller trucks and large panel vans used in local transport has slowly started to be electric. By 2020, 100% of the vans will be electric.
Huge companies like the national postal service have begin to replace a lot of ICE vans too. They have a lot of vehicles.

Cali is on the list for these too but I put my money ($16,000 of it at least into a 40kWh Leaf) on all the LG BEVs allocated to higher-profit markets — Nissan included.

No doubt the LG platform is 50% superior to the 2018 Leaf. I wanted to wait for it, but assuming the $40,000 pricepoint translates to the USA, $12,000 over what I paid for my 2018 would not be worth waiting for at all.

I could put that $12,000 in the bank* at 6% and earn $720/yr, which would pay for all my car rentals. Plus the higher insurance cost on the $40,000 car factors into this probably…

* dividend stock(s) actually

Why stop there? You could have bought a used Fiat 500e and put the difference in the stock market. BTW, I know only one bank that gives 6% interest and they’re bankrupt.

I could’ve kept my 2015 Leaf for $5000 less but decided 24kWh just wasn’t enough for in-town driving.

(Need a 99% solution not 95%)

I might have gotten an eGolf had they still been on the market, tho not having an electric-friendly VW dealer within 150 miles is not attractive.

Kona and Niro EVs might have the same problem here, no EV dealer outside of Bay Area and LA.

Leaf Plus will certainly be in-town and I’ll kick myself if they have a decent supply of 60kWh cars and are willing to come down from MSRP at all.

6% interest comes from a bank preferred issue I like. Guaranteed 6% unless the entire economy blows up (again)

You have made an amazing choice Troy. Congratulations.

Backlog is one thing, delivery is another… we’ll see the real figures at the end of the year…