Electric Cars Dominate 2014 Sales In Norway


VW e-Golf

VW e-Golf

Nissan LEAF In Bus Lane In Norway

Nissan LEAF In Bus Lane In Norway

Electric cars are insanely popular in Norway where for 2014, plug-in electric cars captured at least 3 of the top 5 spots on the best-selling cars of all types list.

According to Best Selling Cars, “The VW Golf is the best-seller in the country for the 7th year in a row and its splendid year-on-year increase (31% or 2.313 sales) is almost entirely the work of its electric variant the e-Golf launched halfway through the year (2.018). The all-electric Nissan Leaf remains on the third step of the podium (a world-best) with sales up 4% to 4.781 and the Tesla Model S is up 104% to 4,040 units for its first full year of sales in the country, earning it a 5th position, another world-best.”

Best the domination by electric cars doesn’t end there:

“Add to this the VW Up doubling its sales year-on-year solely thanks to the e-Up (2.971 units or 78% of its total sales), the BMW i3 instantly becoming the brand’s best-seller in the country at #22 and the Kia Soul #2 best-selling all-new nameplate this year with 72% of its customers purchasing the electric version.”

So, if an automaker hopes to sell well in Norway, then it needs a competitive electric car on offer.  The sales figures prove this, with automakers such as Toyota down 11% (no electric car offered in Norway) and BMW up 40% (thanks to the intorduciton of the BEV version of the i3):

Volkswagen remains the most popular manufacturer in Norway thanks to sales up 13% to 21,659 units and 15% share, distancing itself clearly from Toyota down 11% to 11.1% and Volvo down 5% to 7.9%. Outstanding year for BMW up 40% partly thanks to the i3, Nissan is also in great shape at +12% in 5th place. Notice also Peugeot up 25%, Renault up 84% and Lexus up 51%. Model-wise, the Toyota Auris holds onto the #2 spot, the Skoda Octavia is up 17% to #4, the Peugeot 308 takes off 475% to #20, the Mercedes C-Class up 120% to #30 and the Mazda3 up 293% to #33.”

Tesla Model S In Norway

Tesla Model S In Norway

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Even the little i-Miev and his brothers take in little over 1000 new cars.

And: The Norwegian car of the year award 2014 was given to Tesla MS. The car of the year award 2015 was given to Kia Soul EV. Yes we love EV’s.

Let’s hope that 2015 takes you even higher. 20+ percentage would be awsome. 🙂

Yes, hope so! 2016-2017 (or maybe 2018) will give us some great BEVs offering far better range (Bolt hopefully being one of them). Knowing this, some customers (world wide) may wait a couple of years in order to get a long-range BEV. Still I know that a lot of Norwegians (including myself) are waiting for ordered cars. MB-e, Soul EV, E-Golf and Tesla are still hot BEVs in Norway. Nissan Leaf has been a winner for years, but the competition is now harder.

There is a lot Norwegian influence here in Minnesota as various waves of immigration gave us a hefty dose of Scandinavian populations. I suppose it reminded them of home. Anyway I think that has something to do with our rather progressive view of things here, and our Minnesota nice. Also the view that things can always get worse, so be happy with what you have.
Norway is microcosm of what ev’s could be with proper support and incentives, and compelling cars.

Must be all of those beautiful Minnesota fiords that attracted the Noreweigen immigrants, and “reminded them of home.” Oh, wait, maybe not.


True. No fjords but 10,000 lakes is a lot of water, nonetheless.

“our rather progressive view of things here [in Minnesota]”

How do you account for Michele Bachmann?

Norway rocks
Btw that is one cool name “Magnus”

Hei-ya, Norge!

And they are Oil producers, they are really advance as a society.

They gain more by selling it than using it. So if truly an advanced society they would let the oil stay in the ground.

But I guess that is too much to ask.

You are right. The oil and gas have made (and still make) us rich, but we like to appear as a “green country” (with BEVs, recyceling and a lot of renewable enery). I don’t think we believe that we are “better” than others. We know that the oil will not last forever (and that it is not good for our planet). In the future we have to depend on other natural resourses (like fish/seafood and renewable energy). BEVs and renewable energy is a start, but the world will still need our oil for many years (like it or not).

The headline implies that electric cars sell at a rate of more than 50% of all cars. Domination is a winning side of a match.