East Bay Muscle Cars Debuts “Deskla” – The Tesla Model S Desk


Yes, we’re envious.

East Bay Muscle Cars Logo

East Bay Muscle Cars Logo

What you see here is the shell of a Tesla Model S converted to a reception desk by East Bay Muscle Cars of Brentwood, California.

Where do you find this one-of-a-kind desk?  At Draper University Hero City in San Mateo, California.

Dubbed “Deskla” by the East Bay Muscle Cars’ crew, this would be tops on our must-have Tesla accessory list.

In case you were wondering, no roadworthy Model S sedans were harmed in the making of this extraordinary desk.

Tesla donated a bare Model S shell to East Bay Muscle Cars.  The team then went to work converting it to a useable desk.

Job well done.

Source: East Bay Muscle Cars

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They should set up a monitor where the Tesla’s touchscreen normally is. And the plug port should have 120V outlet or USB ports.

Good thinking kdawg! I designed the Deskla and it does have 6 USB ports and 3 120V outlets all powered from the factory charging port and cable, modified if course. The reason we didn’t put an integrated screen in is because two receptions will work there with iPads. Not forcing them to have to stay in one place allows for better interaction and customer service! It’s always about form and function.

If the receptionists are women, you should install the side mirror so they can check their makeup periodically. 🙂

(also good to look behind you to see if the boss is coming)

Do like the chairs…

Well, Corvette has a bed, maybe they should make a Tesla Bed. Testbed?


This is exactly what Elon needs for his office!