Chevrolet Spark EV Ad – “400 lb-ft Of Torque, Thats More Than A Ferrari 458 Italia” (video)


The question on how (and if) Chevrolet would be marketing the Spark EV has been answered.

Spark EV Commercial Is All About Performance

Spark EV Commercial Is All About Performance

The answers are:  Yes they are.  And by featuring the performance of their 4 seat, 82 mile EV.

“Now you can give up gas without giving up performance.  Introducing the all new, pure electric 2014 Chevrolet Spark EV.  It packs a whopping 400 lb-ft of torque; that’s more than a Ferrari 458 Italia…with zero emissions.  A car powered by electricity, that moves like electricity”

The Chevrolet Spark EV (more details here) is now available at selected dealerships in California and Oregon from $27,495.

To find out more about the Spark EV’s 400+ lb-ft of torque rating, check out a story featuring Peter Savagian, GM’s General Director for for Electric Drives and Electrification Systems Engineering, who breaks down all the ins-and-outs of the Spark EV’s amazing electric motor for us.

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I noticed they highlighted the SPORT button too. Supposedly it works differently in the Spark than it does in the Volt (remaps pedal but flooring is the same as normal). Very interested to find out those tester that do some timed run with SPORT vs normal in the Spark to see how/if it is different.

Am I the only one who finds it ironic that they use a Tesla coil in the ad?

I am glad to see an add that is highlighting the performance of EVs. I really think this is what will sell the Spark EV.

I’m not even sure you could call that a Tesla coil. I see similarities, but it has some weird design elements that are very different.

The only irony is that a car company is named after a heavy metal band or perhaps that the car company is best known for DC (super)charging.

I leased a Spark EV on Nov 4th. Living in Palm Springs, the sun capital of N. America and where it’s sunny and warm always, electric cars almost make too much sense. I’m in a daze, why weren’t we doing this 30 years ago? The car does have stuff that wasn’t invented five years ago, and more stuff that’s only recently available commercially due to cost, like the batteries. The car is exhillerating, the whole eco thing being very ‘back-seat’ for me during the hunt for one, but now that I’m driving one, just a thrill everytime I drive it. Our 40 year old house is on the ‘total remodel’ plan already, so adding a 100 Amp sub panel to the 200 Amp Entry panel (put in last year) in preparation for a charging station and other major upgrades to the house’s electrical system prior to some PV generation and a DC pool pump we all on ‘the list’ already. This whole experience just gets better and better until I mention Chevrolet. I won’t relate the entire, sordid tale here but suffice it to say, that despite how much I love this car, I would advise no one to buy… Read more »

Compliance car! Cunokuabe cur! CINOPKCE JRR!!!! ªchirpª

*slaps Stuart22 square in the forehead*

Gee GM can make a good spark EV commercial but not a good Volt commercial.
That’s odd.

I like the Volt commercials! Agree that this one’s pretty cool, though.

For me, the best commercial would be one that advertises the sleek-looking Volt with 400lb-ft of torque out of a pure electric drivetrain. Anyone know why GM chose to put that drivetrain into a Spark instead of a Volt?

I think Gen 2.0 Volt SHOULD switch to the Spark EV transmission. I wrote an article on it over at GM-Volt and got 180 comments.

The sparks little coaxial transmission is totally cool. It makes a great little package and it is compact and way lower cost than the Volt transmission.

We own a Spark EV and pressing the Sport button is… exhilarating, scary the first time you use it.

The Spark EV is some 600 pounds heaver than its gas powered relative the Spark and has an improved suspension over the Spark.

We’re very impressed with the handling characteristics and interior space. The Spark EV is definitely a case of “more than meets the eyes”.

We’re getting 91-93 miles per charge.

Thanks for the first hand information. I can’t wait to test drive one, if they ever bring it to Texas.

We test drove one and LOVED it. The killer for us was the 3.3 kW charger. We need to charge through the day and it just isn’t fast enough. But the car is incredible!

i test drove a spark ev, of course the torque is massive but it doesnt feel like its very stable when smashing the accelerator, it feels like its too much for it to handle, also there was a 1 second delay when smashing the accelerator, it wasnt completely instant, the spark is very oddly shaped and its a very ugly car so i wouldnt even consider it, if only this could have been as good looking as the volt…. great technology, but horrible exterior design, also the interior is pretty cheap

I know. Why couldn’t GM have made an electric Sonic instead? Maybe they want to compete with the Nissan Leaf for the ugliest EV.

That’s a nice ad. Only 96 in inventory and already running ads. I wonder if the 80+ Mile Spark EV pack will make it into the next gen Volt.