Anti-Tesla Group Springs To Life In Norway


One apparent anti-Tesla group has sprung to life, with this one happening to be located in the electric vehicle capital of the world: Norway

Here’s how you’d show your support for this anti-Tesla group (text via Google Translate):

We in Norway Anti-Tesla Association is totally dependent on help to get people to understand that the Tesla Model S is extremely harmful to the environment, and generally a very bad car.

Have not signed up in our connected , we recommend strongly that you do. But you can of course help without being a member.

Our most important tool is the discussion forums online. Here we can enlighten the uninitiated, not to mention argue against the infidel’s claims. To make it easier for you to help, we’ve created some guidelines and examples of what one should write in comment fields on discussions regarding Tesla. The list below is under continuous updating. It is expected that all of our members regularly keep themselves updated to be well enough armed with arguments in discussions.

“Tesla Model S is extremely harmful to the environment,
and generally a very poor car “
Norway’s Anti-Tesla Association

General arguments tricks

Write comments anonymously or with fake names. Preferably with multiple accounts so it looks like there are many who agree with you.
If someone asks you to prove your claims, answers that they either have to prove that your claims are incorrect.
In crisis situations where sources are essential, we have found a few sources that look credible. These all members received by e-mail.
Do not be afraid to exaggerate how little green Tesla is!

The environment

Emissions during production of the Tesla Model S is many times higher than a normal car ever emit in its entire life.
Batteries are extremely harmful to the environment, and full of deadly substances.
Batteries last only a few years before they must be discarded in the trash.
The batteries all the time guy, and can therefore put other non-electric vehicles and motorists at risk.
While regular cars rolls and is at least 20 years, Tesla have a shelf life of 10 years before it is destroyed – the engine has no moving parts and therefore can not be repaired.
Electricity is extremely dangerous for the environment to produce and deliver. Almost all power in the world is produced from extremely harmful coal power plants in the worst part of China. Only an insignificant portion is produced from renewable sources. It must still build a whole new network to carry power to the charging stations, unlike diesel / gasoline already on all petrol stations.
Model S has large wheels, which means more rubber. Anyone who has seen tires burn knows how harmful it is to the environment.
Because of its highly aerodynamic design runs right through airborne dust and exhaust so that it comes to rest, instead of creating turbulence that helps to get it out of the way.

So, to be anti-Tesla, you’d basically have to lie.

We think this Norwegain anti-Tesla group is what you’d call extremist – in a pro-satirist kind of way.  If you haven’t already laughed enough, then here’s some more:

Is extremely slow to fill up the tank. While Tesla owners every day standing for hours waiting while the car charger, regular just fill the tank and drive off.
Has not been tested by NCAP and deform very little secure. Upon collision, the batteries will also catch fire, causing a deadly explosion and fire that can not be extinguished.
No engine noise, a car with no engine noise is no car. Moreover, it is dangerous, because the blind can not hear it.
Have ridiculously low top speed – any family car will under optimal conditions ready to pass it on the Autobahn in Germany.
Tesla has only made cars for 7 years. Almost all other car manufacturers have around 100 years of experience and know so obviously needs.
Is extremely heavy, and therefore suffer almost as much on the road as a huge trucks.
Refills lanes. At the last count of the NATF was 9 of 10 cars in the collective field Tesla.
Bulk in combination with acceleration makes the tires wear out quickly – who would have a car where you have to replace tires more often than a regular car?
Is completely inept in winter conditions. This has even NAF confirmed – if the driver accidentally bump Controls -> Drive -> Traction Control -> Off, and by another error confirms this option, the driver could lose control in turns.
The range is ridiculously short. Can only run for about 5 hours straight before they have to get out of the car and recharge. With regular cars do not have to stop on long trips to stretch your legs and eat some.
Model S looks generally unattractive out (unanimously adopted at the last annual meeting)

And this bit is directed specifically at Tesla owners:

Does not contribute to society / piggybacking on tax
Rich and superior
Runs only in the collective field, because they do not want to be in the same field as the “underclass”.
Serves well over a million and behave accordingly.
Staying mainly on Oslo’s west side, but someone running around in Norway to show off.
Unintelligent (because they think they have good car)
Disbelief end (because they believe electricity is the future)
Low vision (think the car looks good)

Tesla Model S P85D

Tesla Model S P85D

But it doesn’t stop there.  In response to Tesla unveiling the AWD P85D, the anti-Tesla group held an “emergency meeting.”  Here are the minutes frm the meeting:

As you are familiar with the sale of Tesla been miserable the last few months – not a single new record of sales statistics. This we take the NATF course part of the credit. The night relaunch is however a predominantly danger that this trend may reverse. Therefore it is extremely important that we have mobilized all our members immediately to prevent this.

Our most important weapon is of course discussion forums and comment sections of online newspapers. The majority of today’s meeting was therefore devoted to updating the guidelines so that we can continue with full force to spread our message through comments online, especially with regard to these new features, Tesla presented the night. Below is a list of arguments that can be used as the basis of discussion and arguments that can be used toward the new features / issues, both in environmental terms and general resistance to the Model S as a car.

Two engines means even hundreds of thousands of parasitism on time fees.
The car is in any case too heavy to be used on winter roads, 4WD will not help.
Two motors means twice as much emissions in production.
Now the front wheels struggle tremendously on our roads, in addition to the rear wheels.
Two engines means that the battery runs twice as fast, in other words it will not be possible to drive to the store and back again.
Autopilot can be useful, because Tesla owners are incompetent drivers.
Autopilot creates congestion and irritation because the car now hold the speed limit slavishly. Congestion is bad for the environment.

So this is the new guidelines for commenting online. In addition, it is of course encouraged to follow the original guidelines for commenting.

We encourage our readers to not support this bogus anti-Tesla group and/or enjoy it for the parody it is.  Just thought we’d share for some humor and to provide you with a sense of how far some are willing to go in support of their beliefs.

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LOL, they looks like fat trolls. Norway is a born-place for trolls, looks like not all of them are myth 🙂



….but the group itself sounds like a snark to me…

That movie looks cool.

A Tesla would be a good car to sneak up on a troll in that they make no noise or give off a heavy oil gas smell. Not to mention they would be great at out running one too.

The Troll Hunter is a really good film! I watched it ages ago. It’s very amusing.

Haha, that page is false. It`s just irony from a fellow Tesla Owner, as tesla actually is raising massive jealousy in Norway, so there are some haters. But is not one of them, this page was made to troll and ridicule the norwegian tesla haters. The owner himself owns a Tesla, and made the page just for trollin` purposes, his name is Fredrik 🙂 Just do a whois search for the domain and you will see that i am right 🙂

Now I know where the people I argue with online about EVs get their “facts” from!

Hmm, a few names of regular commenters on this forum come up that, if not a fully paid up member of some anti Tesla movement at least seem to live by their guidelines.

I wonder if it really works?

That’s awesome.

Of course those who want to believe desperately enough will imagine that this is a real group, with the stated aims.

It would seem however just as likely that this is a deliberate ploy to set up a straw man by some pro-Tesla eccentrics.

What we actually know is that a website purporting to be by an anti-Tesla group has been set up.

Judging by its wilful descent into parody, in the absence of any evidence at all that that it was in reality set up by such a group then the assumption that that is the truth is naive in the extreme as its sole function is clearly to set up a useful target.

Sad stuff.

Clearly this is a parody of anti Tesla types that invariably show up on green car blogs. As such it’s actually pretty cool.

Except I suppose in the eyes of those who recognize themselves in the profile.

Haha, that page is false. It`s just irony from a fellow Tesla Owner, as tesla actually is raising massive jealousy in Norway, so there are some haters. But is not one of them, this page was made to troll and ridicule the norwegian tesla haters. The owner himself owns a Tesla, and made the page just for trollin` purposes, his name is Fredrik 🙂 Just do a whois search for the domain and you will see that i am right :)s

LOL, this page is made by Model S owners to troll people 😛

LOL! and it seems to be working perfectly.

Indeed. It was started by a Norwegian Tesla owner and meant to mock aa facebookgroup of fanatics against electric cars.

I don’t think Stephen Colbert could have added a thing.
To my friend Sam if he is reading
“Autopilot can be useful, because Tesla owners are incompetent drivers.”
OK, I give em that one. lmao too funny

The NATF is a FAKE Tesla Hate page made (by a Tesla owner) to show how stupid the REAL Tesla haters are. Luddites are everywhere – the fear of change is real for many people, new technology are frightening, especially when new technology is a lot better than the old. Tesla is a game-changer that perform much better than fossil cars. Fossil car companies have all reasons to be afraid.

Fake extrimist sites to laugh about are fairly common in europe.
For example – does anyone want to follow this prussian aristocrat in his plan to conquer the USA?

Fitting that this came about on election day here in the US. The verbage looks a lot like politicians as they make up any sort of trash in an effort to get your vote…

Some more tips for those with an anti-Tesla agenda:

– try to prove how Model S really is a sales failure and that Tesla will soon run out of cash and fail
-try to spin any news regarding Tesla into something negative, don’t be afraid to stray off topic in doing so
-endlessly repeat how Tesla is barking up the wrong tree since hydrogen is the future anyway and batteries are a dead end

Always remember: by cherry picking the facts one can prove anything and lying is always an option.

Just keep trowing dirt, something is bound to stick eventually.

FUD is the name of the game.

“Just keep trowing dirt, something is bound to stick eventually. ”

Except that the car is TOO aerodynamic. The dirt just falls to the floor instead of being swept away by turbulence! 😉

Darn, I forgot about that!

Oh well, I’m sure that won’t stop the usual dedicated Tesla bashers on this forum from obsessively keeping up their effort.

You are right though, not much seems to stick!

I saw what you did there 🙂

somebody warn stephen colbert that a norwegian guy stole his bid on tesla!

This is obviously satire.

poor kid couldn’t get one so he took a fit and needs little friends to help him .boo hooo! get a life!

Some sort of weird satire here. That said, while we’re on the subject of Norway, why don’t someone publish the data series of how many cars Tesla sold in Norway each month since inception? (I believe Aug/Sept 2013) In addition, let’s publish where Norway stands on its significant incentives, i.e., how many cars left? Timing?

Espen Hugaas Andersen

There is no firm limit on when the incentives expire. 50,000 or 2017 has been the most common figures, but in the budget for 2015, the incentives have not been touched.

We’ll probably reach 50,000 electric cars by summer, and at the end of 2015 we’ll probably be closer to 60,000 electric cars. Then we’ll have to see if anything changes in the budget for 2016. Some parties want to keep the incentives for much longer, and then *gradually* phase in taxes towards the end of the incentive period, so we’ll see.

The word “infidel’s” gave them away. Some Arab oil group upset at losing business to Tesla for giving away free electricity for life.


I wouldn’t drive a Tesla in Norway mainly due to my fear of angering Thor and Odin, the mighty gods of thunder and lightning. Musk has clearly been possessed by Loki.

Leave unto Thor that which is of Thor.

You don’t want to mess with Asgaard.

Can Thor charge a Model S with a flash?

Answer is probably: yes, but this may result in unwantet time travel…

Waste of time they should recommend watch FOX news and hire CherylG as editor in chief 🙂

I really think this anti Tesla group is funded by the oil and gas lobby along with the old car dealers. In that this anti Tesla group sounds like they are also anti EV and are hopping they can feed off of people’s dumbness to keep the old 100 year old system going.

What this reminds me of is the people who owned horse cart owners who where worried when the first steam locomotives where built in the 1830’s.

Your wrong, is created by a norwegian tesla owner set out to ridicule the haters. So everytime a real hater refers to the side for facts, all us tesla drivers can laugh hysterically 🙂 The page is pure irony all the way

My name is Frans-Åge Olsen and I’m the leader of the Norwegian Anti-Tesla Association.

If there’s any doubt, our association is dead serious. In the same way Tesla is a serious threat for the environment and the humanity because of how horrible the car is.

Did you know that a recent poll showed that 9 out of 10 norwegian EV owners missed the delicious smell of exhaust?

Also 8 out of 10 miss the small talk around the gas pump.

Best regards,
Frans Åge
NATF leader

Please tell me you are joking, i can’t fathom how someone could seriously believe things like “Because of its highly aerodynamic design runs right through airborne dust and exhaust so that it comes to rest, instead of creating turbulence that helps to get it out of the way.”

As satire, it is hilarious because it is so outlandish and unbelieveble. If it is meant to be serious I’m frankly speechless at how every “argument” is completely incorrect and could not he further from the truth.

Dude, you are comedy genius! Best laugh I’ve had in ages, keep up the good work.

Oooh…. You make my face hurt. 😀

On that “delicious smell of exhaust”… I know you’re joking, but let me share a small story. I’ve worked in the auto industry for more than 20 years, now. In that time, I’ve launched a lot of new products, and had the privilege of being part of an interesting experience common to all new product launches. As the first unit of a new design rolls down the assembly line, typically in between other ordinary units of the previous generation, a small army of engineers and employees follow it along, walking aside and hopping in to carefully watch the that the assembly steps go as expected or to assist in training the operators, or to fix problems as they inevitably crop up. It’s a beautiful, stressful, exciting dance… flitting butterflies around the target property. Or properties, plural… sometimes there are a few units to dance between. At one very special point, the vehicle reaches the end of the conveyance system, it’s not quite done, but it’s ready to be “fired up” for the first time, and driven under its own power on to the next station. Many times, the team gathers there… those that have wandered off or attended to other… Read more »

He, he, he

I am a Norwegian and the people in this Anti-Tesla group is not the smartest people in Norway…..

Most of them dosn’t have drivers license = Propaganda from Norwegian’s version of Cracker Jacks Drivers Licence Holders? Loaded with Sugar, but No Real Substance!

Of course the arguments is a complete joke!
But question is more why some are mad at Tesla.
In Norway are following incentive for electric cars
1. Tesla has no car tax IC car are 3 time higher taxed than Tesla
2. Tesla can drive in the bus lane in city
3. Tesla can park free in the city centre normal price 3-5$ an hour
4. Electricity in public charging places in city’s are free, normal gas costs 7.5$ pr gallon
5. only rich people or enthusiast willing to sacrifice to pay for a Tesla.
So common people is a bit irritated and the opposition of electric cars uses this possibility

Why don’t they trade in for a LEAF, or an Outlander PHEV and get the perks too?

Well they do, Leaf is also popular in Norway but if you want to create FUD and get media attention you go for the leader Tesla!
PS: Tesla also gets local ferry trip for free!

Espen Hugaas Andersen

Plug-in hybrids like the Outlander PHEV do not get any benefits. That’s also why the BMW i3 REX isn’t even for sale in Norway.

But you’re of course right, anyone can buy an electric car and get the incentives.

“the Tesla Model S is extremely harmful to the environment, and generally a very bad car.”


So, to be anti-Tesla, you’d basically have to lie.

SHOTS FIRED! Well put, Eric!

Some people are very, very mixed up. It’s unfortunate they believe their made up, mixed up way of thinking/rationalizing. It’s probably a form of mental illness or just wrong thinking. It must be terrible to be so confused. Hopefully they can get mental heath care. I wish them well.

Tyl – “It’s probably a form of mental illness”, caused by sucking up too many exhaust fumes, and swallowing gas from trying to siphon gas out for their cars, trying to save money – because they can’t afford to buy an EV!

This is satire, isn’t it? They admit, that there arguments are crap and try to make people belive it though.

this site is satire 🙂
Site been around for a couple of weeks

I always get in trouble with the local ‘green’ groups I’m a member of by my support for the local Coal fired power plants.
People don’t give you time to explain their position, which in this case, is against their “anti tesla” position, but then we’re told its all a fake.

To bad the climate change politicing isn’t fake.

Anyone who has to have it explained that this is a parody has a larger shoe size than IQ.