Another EV Charging Might Have Caused House Fire (VIDEO)

OCT 11 2012 BY MIKE 16

NBC channel 2, which is located down in Florida, released a news story yesterday about a house fire that took place in the gated community of Estero. After an investigation, the fire was deemed to be caused by a new Smart EV charging, or keeping its charge in the garage.

Around $200,000 of damage was done. Picture from NBC-2.

According to the article, estimated damages are about $200,000 of the estimated value of the $500,000 house.

Richard Karp, a neighbor to the Schardein’s, who owns the home and Smart EV that caught on fire, said that since the flames were so large, police officers told him to evacuate just in case it spread. “I didn’t think about getting anything. I just thought get out,” Karp said.

Based on the video, the cause of the fire originated at the charger that was plugged into the Smart Car. Not much information was said about the charger itself other than it was purchased online and was installed by the home owners.

The home owners were away at the time the fire took place.

Here is a video from Fox 4 who is also based in Florida:

To see the video from NBC 2, click the link below:

Estero fire caused by Smart Car charger


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Maybe you should keep stories like this off of this site until proven guilty? Maybe bad wiring to the charger was to blame?
There’s been enough negative EV news circulating in the media (and on this site) already.

That’s what happens when “Primitive Pete” installs his own EV charging station without consulting a professional.


Yeah. Bad installation job is a likely culprit. I am sure they can easily determine if it was up to code.

The truth is the truth and it should always be reported. This is a story we can learn from. Regardless, EV’s are much safer than gas powered vehicles. More than likely it was the charger. But, instead of running from the truth, use the truth to continue to improve. EV’s and EREV’s are here to stay…but hey are not perfect.

The TRUTH is there are up to 187,500 Highway vehicle fires every year!

If every single one of them received as much hysterical media coverage as every EV fire does, they’d need their own 24 hour news channel!

And sometimes you just have shoddy reporting that fails to wait for all of the facts. First and foremost… It wasn’t and electric car. It was a GAS Smart w/ a trickle charger on it’s 12v to maintain the starter battery’s charge while the owners were away.

I agree that this article should be updated to reflect that this was a gas Smart car, not the Smart EV involved in the fire. Much different story.

The story on green car reports is sites a facebook fan page of someone that lives in the same town as a new sources. Until an actual news source (like CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, or FOX, of Fox News) says that this was not a Smart EV, I have to take into account what other sources are saying that it was an EV charging.

If you can, please send me news links that validate the fact it was a regular smart car and I will do a correction.

Damage is done.
Let’s stay positive, we have a lot of folks running against us.

Respectfully: Take this article down! It was a gas Smart and is not related to this website… unless you are going to report on all the other gas related fires. This is just fanning the flames!

I am pretty strict to the conversation, but felt the urge to post this tangent.
New Rolling Stones. Not directly related but close to the point. (Showing my age)

I am fine with that song, although I am two generations younger 🙂

Mick nearly has one generation on me as well. I still remember when the Stones were the first to promote a product (Coka-Cola) at a concert. Seems so normal now but it was more radical than an EV then.
I agree with your stance on the article. Although it is doom and gloom, it is the news until proven otherwise.

Still, how many Leaf owners have gone the cheap route and installed their own EVSE?

It’s ok to install your own, as long as you do it properly and to code. Unfortunately I have seen too many horror stories of diy home owners from houses I have bought and then made these discoveries after moving in. Seems many people believe they can wire and install plumbing by guess work.

Hi,I don’t like the tone of this blog is going in… It is saying that Do it Yourselfers are no doubt responsible for any fires in EV charging equipment..

Let me put that to rest right now: My 30 ampere Schneider overheated when running at capacity and certainly would have overheated if professionally installed since the Electrician wouldn’t have touched the parts that are overheating.

Many years ago I had a Master’s Electricians License so I can speak with some authority on this:… the overheating in my professional opinion was great enough to eventually cause a fire, and it had nothing to do with hooking up the supply wiring, which is all a professional electrician would do in any event. I had to Robustify my unit to make it run safe and cool. I suspect I’m the only one who has done this, simply because the unit will run at a safe temperature at 14 amps charging volts and leafs. But Rav4 evs and Focus EV’s and Teslas will be a problem.

And the Do it Yourselfer will not be the slightest bit guilty of the intrinsic (as designed) overheating.