2016 Kia Soul EV: New Less Expensive “e” Trim Level From $31,950, New Colors

JUL 13 2015 BY JAY COLE 43

Much like Volkswagen did this Spring with a lower priced version of the e-Golf (details), Kia has introduced a new base “e” trim level to its lineup, or Soul EV-e if you will.

2016 Soul EV Retains Standard L2/CHAdeMO Front Charge Ports

2016 Soul EV Retains Standard L2/CHAdeMO Front Charge Ports

The new Soul EV-e will start at $31,950, which is $2,000 less expensive than last year’s standard “EV” model, and $4,000 less than the “EV+” (Sun & Fun Package) trim level.

The only caveat to the new lower-priced Soul EV, is that Kia has decided to make it a California-only offering.  So, while the company just announced the plug-in’s arrival in Washington and Oregon, this model won’t be made available anywhere but California.

Our friends at Kia-World.net (which is a swell place to keep up to date on everything Soul EV) also dropped us a line to let us in on some other new features for the 2016 Soul EV ahead of Kia’s official announcement:

The former base model, the Soul EV, now becomes the middle trim, and will now come with a heat pump HVAC system.  It will also feature upgraded windshield washers, side mirrors with turn signals, navigation system, rear backup camera display, UVO eServices, luggage net, cargo net, and much more.

Even more features – heated and ventilated seats, park assist system, leather seats, upgraded interior lights, etc. – are found on the 2016 Soul EV+.

There is also the option of a Sun & Fun Package ($1,100) which adds a panoramic sunroof, LED interior lighting,speaker lights, nozzle locking function for SAE J1772 port (inboard port) and illuminated AUX/USB port.

No Word On If Production Will Be Upped From The Current Monthly Run Of About ~500 Units

No Word On If Production Will Be Upped From The Current Monthly Run Of About ~500 Units

Kia Motors noted some new standard features and color choices for the 2016 Soul EV lineup:

Additional 2016 enhancements standard across the Soul EV lineup include a charge port nozzle lock, an illuminated Aux/USB port, and two new exterior colors:  Shadow Black and Bright Silver.

Mechanically the Kia remains the same and continues to be rated at an EPA estimated range of 93 miles and an EPA MPGe of 92 miles highway and 120 miles city for a combined mileage of 105 miles via a 27 kWh air-cooled,  200 wh/kg battery.

The 2016 Kia Soul EV will be on sale by month’s end.

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” estimated range of 93 miles ” it just seems so yesturday

But 93 miles puts it among the highest range of the affordable EVs.

93 miles works great for me except for cold periods in winter. If it offers CHAdeMO, I would be all over it @ $31K before incentives. I do not really like buying full import vehicles, however. I do hope the GM Bolt can whack these imports with a much better solutions.

You are in luck CHAdeMO is built-in.

I don’t know about you but I buy the best car for my needs; most “domestic” cars are full of international parts/labour anyways.

Kia seems to consistently be behind the eight ball. They started very late in the game and are are still offering a very low range when almost everyone is talking about increasing the range.

Huh? At an EPA rated 93 miles, that’s the longest-range PEV now available that’s not a Tesla.

Of course, it would help if Kia sold the Soul EV in more than compliance car numbers.

Have you compared the Kia Soul EV specs and production numbers the the other S.Korea built BEV sold in N.America?
ie: the Chevy Spark EV

I’m confused. I thought the Soul EV had the best range in it’s class. Unless you count vaporware cars…

Despite the range shortcomings, the Soul EV still offers the greatest cargo capacity among non-Tesla EV offerings.

Too bad it is strictly a compliance play by Kia.

I wouldn’t call this a compliance car. No CARB credits for Georgia or Washington, so half the states they are selling it in don’t earn them credits. They may be slow rolling it out, but it sold worldwide, not just in US CARB states.

“Slow rolling it out” is an understatement. The Focus Electric looks mass production when compared to the sales of the Soul EV. The compliance car Fiat 500e sells about eight times as much as the Soul EV.

Let’s hope Kia ramps up production to more than one hundred a month.

kia stated 5000 for the first year, which is more than a one hundered a month. More like 400, but globally. Since germany alone takes around 100/month and norway the rest, there are none left for US. But this just shows how good this car is.

No one prevents you to go to a dealer and order the car of your liking (testdrives excluded)

I see Kia as only semi-serious about EVs. They are simply positioning themselves. They want to be ready just in case the EV market really takes off. At this point, it looks to me like they are just hedging their bets.

Short range, too expensive and localized small quantities is the definition of serious compliance only cars. I see nothing serious here.
Last year we were very happy here in Québec when Kia introduced the Soul EV … to see it was only a ridiculous 50 units!

Short range?! I don’t understand some expectations.

Name me one pure BEV car at the same price with a better range – the only one that comes to mind is the rumored LEAF upgrade later in 2015.

There’s a reality of production costs and margins for EVs.

That won’t change until we get better and cheaper batteries in 2-3 years.

Sooner… 😉

Of course short range! From which planet are you? It’s the main request for 15 years, since the EV1- Ni-MH with +120 miles range, the RAV4-EV(Ni-MH) and the Nissan Altra-EV(Li-ion) as well.

lol, if you cite the not-EPA rated range of the ENV1 you can also use the NECD rated range of 131 miles for the Kia Soul!

Where is the Soul EV being sold? It is not yet here in Massachusetts. If they are serious, they gotta sell it in many more places.

The Soul EV has only been on the market for 9 months. This is similar to when the Chevy Volt and Nissan LEAF were introduced in 2010/2011 … a restricted market for the first 12-20 months as the trained dealers and ramped up distribution.

Kia is entering the EV market five years later, but with a competitive vehicle that has higher demand than Kia expected. In Norway the waiting list is still has six-12 months of backlog!

Kia does know, I assume, that they don’t get extra compliance credits for trolling those of us who don’t live in California and Georgia, right…?

Kia is serious!

Serious about meeting compliance…….lol

Either way, it still has the most room and best range in it’s EV class.

Ok but look at it

I guess they are still betting on hydrogen fuel cell cars. They will fail for the same reason CNG cars failed. Gas station owners won’t spend the money to build the fueling facilities–that chicken and egg thing. If they aren’t bright enough to realize that by now, I wouldn’t buy one of their cars.

Naw. Hyundai/KIA are following through on their extensive hydrogen investment but they realized it is not going well. They are coming out with more plug-ins.

Tesla is losing lot of money to pay all this anti Kia agents.

Ha! Ha! Ha! you’re joking right?
Because if you’re not, you’re an anti-Tesla agent lol!

Want to hear a joke…. Kia.

Strange comments here on the best affordable EV on the market today…

Also this nonsense about it being a compliance car. If you want to state such things please look beyond your backyard. Thank you.

No, not a compliance car.
But an avoidance car by default, for sure.

The Soul EV is only semi-affordable. It might be the most affordable for the range, but there are not the deals to be had in comparison to the Leaf, 500e, Focus Electric, and others. Kia isn’t really interested in compliance because that doesn’t begin until 2018 for this automaker.

Take a look at this box… no one wants a box.

Why does an EV have to be a box

Do not want

Kia is just a little slow with their production. Their 93 mile rating will take the lead for perhaps a couple months, when Nissan will steal it back with their 2016 Leaf. The Chevy Bolt and 2nd generation Nissan Leaf in 2017 will further make Kia’s offering old news.

Kia had the opportunity to get a real jump on the competition and they failed.

They are only slow with entering in the US. Here in Europe they sell rather well; anyway, the waiting list is 5 months in France now.

And the true range isn’t low but the highest apart from Tesla. Mine is doing a true 200 km from 100% to 0% consistently for 1600 km now.

No real jump in range? No one else made a brick with huge range. Brick = this car has damn much trunk.

And compared to the Leaf the soul has a complex and special heating cooling system, this means summer and winter are much closer regarding drivable range.

This is one of the best EVs out there! Kia thought the demand would be lower and was overwhelmed. Therefore the rollout takes longer or/and you have markets will long wait times. Rampup is not an easy task if you get overwhelmed by demand.

About the range: it’s not that hard to put a better battery in the same car. They could just suddenly do that when they see they lost the upper hand. Not all companies announce their advances a half year in advance to the public.

Come on GM, get us some real good solid EV cars! I’m really disappointed in Kia and their broken promises. I want a good EV now!

I would love to get a EV, That had a Range of 200 to 300kms, Unfortunatly I live in South Australia, The Government has a Negative attitude towards Green Technology, They are too Interesting in Fossal Fuel, And are only interested in Hybrids. While the rest of the world goes forward in Leaps and Bounds, Australia Plod’s along like some old Cart Horse.

Compliance? I’m up in Vancouver, Canada and just picked up a Kia EV+ Shadow Black yesterday. For the record, there is no mandatory requirements for zero emission up here.

They are selling in the more ‘EV friendly’ areas that have infrastructure (charging stations) already in place.

FYI the car rocks, you also get free chargepoint card, free gas car rental for that long vacation trip )if no chargers on your route) most destinations do have chargers so shouldnt be an issue but nice perk, free 120V & 240V charging stations, and forget what else.

ny codacar 14,000 miles still running strong

Just picked up a white 2016 Kia Soul EV+ in Portland, OR yesterday. Apparently I’m the first retail sale of a Soul EV in the Portland, OR region. Broadway Kia had no problem leasing to me even though I live in Washington. They said they only received 4 with demand for more. Very nice car.

I’m also thinking of leasing a soul EV, if I can order one with the sun roof. Did Broadway give you a good price/lease? I may buy mine after Kia gets the tax credit. I currently have a 15 Leaf SL. Have you had a Leaf? How do they compare?