Watch Mercedes Tease EQC Profile In “Electric Now Has A Mercedes”


World debut is set for tomorrow in Sweden.

In a long line of teasers, Mercedes-Benz has bit-by-bit revealed portions of the all-new EQ C electric crossover.

This latest teaser shows us quite a bit of the electric CUV, but most importantly we get our first look at it in side-profile view.

The M-B EQ C makes its highly anticipated world debut in production guise tomorrow, but it’s not set to go on sale anytime soon. M-B says the earliest we’ll be able to buy one is some still-undisclosed time next year.

Mercedes-Benz EQC concept:

  • 70 kWh battery
  • up to 310 miles (500 km) of range (optimistic)
  • dual-motor, all-wheel drive
  • 300 kW of peak power

See these previous EQC teasers:

Down below is M-B’s making of a teaser video. A tease of a tease:

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Mercedes-Benz EQC Mercedes-Benz EQC Mercedes-Benz EQC Mercedes-Benz EQC

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With that 70KWh battery that 310 miles of range is extremely optimistic indeed for an SUV. With i-Pace at 238 miles EPA from 90 KWh this could get rated at less than 200 miles with similar efficiency.

Agree, the Model X 75 is around 237 or so? I highly doubt this can push 310 with the same battery capacity.

The iPace seems to be either quite inefficient or not using its full capacity. I don’t think it makes sense to use it for extrapolation to the EQ.

But yes, 310 miles will definitely be using a test standard easier than the EPA’s.

Not sure it’s just i-Pace. Another article today rates Audi’s E-Tron at “more than 248.5 miles (400 kilometers) in the World Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) cycle thanks to a large 95-kWh battery pack”. Of course the question is how much more than 248.5 miles but convert that 248.5 miles from WLTP to EPA and it’s not going to be a lot more than 200 miles, so there could be a (predictable)pattern of low mileage here for electric SUVs with questionable aerodynamic drag performance.

The 310 miles were given for the EQC concept a couple years ago. It’s calculated with the very obsolete and inaccurate NEDC cycle.

I guess the range with the WLTP cycle should be around 250 miles, maybe a little bit more, corresponding grossly to 400 km. And you should cut about 10% to 12 % for the EPA range.

For comparison, the less powerful, tinier and lighter Hyundai Kona EV as a 470 km range (292 miles) on the WLTP cycle with a usable capacity of 64 kWh. And Hyundai seems to make very efficient EV.

EQ: Electric intelligence! But wait, Q is for Quotient…

False advertising! Let’s fine Mercedes!

The more the merrier. With a wide open field for electrics anything that adds momentum is good.

I drive a Tesla and probably always will but options are good to have!

I am very happy that Mercedes enters the market of full blown EV´s, they are most velcome
This is a quality brand, with a history of making great and reliable cars
I do hope that they can deliver and wont experience battery shortage
That said I would had hoped for a 100KWH battery, as Mercedes has no supercharger network, but for daily driving 70KWH is sufficient.

I have hope that they will experience a battery shortage…
Which will mean that they are selling much better than their targets…

Unfortunately though battery production will probably fall behind for several years…
Even BYD the makers of their own batteries are apparently facing a battery shortage…
“However, it is facing battery shortages and is in the process of building several new battery manufacturing sites.”

Hope all those Mercedes fans buy this instead of their FOSSIL CARts, all BEVs help the environment and one less tank of petrol from Big Oil.

“Electric Now Has A Mercedes”

Are they disowning their B250e? Because it had a Tesla drivetrain?

Well, they stopped making it a while back… So I guess it should be “again”? 😉