New Video Takes You Inside Tesla Semi


The Tesla Semi is coming back into view as of late, and now we get a closer look inside.

This is the first candid, up-close look we’ve seen of the fully electric Tesla Semi cabin. There’s no mistaking that it’s a Tesla interior, much like that of the Model 3. We’ve already seen the driver’s seat and two screens, but as Teslarati points out, there’s an extra pedal in the place that a clutch would usually be located.

It comes as a bit of a surprise that YouTuber Andrew Black was allowed to step inside the semi and even more shocking that he was able to have his camera rolling. However, the video has been up on YouTube for over 10 days now and it hasn’t been taken down, so it appears that Tesla is okay with the footage being shared.

This closer look reveals the Semi’s sizeable, minimalistic interior, Model 3-style air vent, and rear passenger seat. It also shows the dual touch screens, which appear to come directly from the Model 3.

Watch Andrew Black’s video of the Tesla Semi’s cabin below. Check out the extra pedal that is visible around the 54-second mark, as well as a few other times toward the end of the video. One of our readers, Bunny, who has experience driving semis, shared that this might be used for releasing and adjusting the steering column. The explanation was that this is typical of many semi trucks. Thanks to Keith Ritter, we’ve added a video below to show the use of such a pedal.

Video Courtesy of Andrew Black on YouTube:

Source: Teslarati

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Looks like Tesla Semi will have same HVAC vent system as Tesla Model 3.

Impressive! Looking forward to seeing these on the road.

The little pedal in the upper left? That’s normally used to release the steering wheel column for comfortable driving positioning. Most Semi’s in last 20 years use that design.

Very good to know! Thank you. I added that information to the article.

Following up on Bunny’s great tip – Here’s a link to a video showing a driver using that pedal to adjust the column on a 2014 Volvo semi.

Awesome, thanks! Added it to the article.

The suicide doors plus center driver’s seat take up lots of space in what appears at first glance as a sleeper cab in size.

This format really doesn’t make sense until you consider Tesla’s thinking behind the minimalist design of the Model 3’s cockpit. The omission of knobs, buttons and switches with the belief and intent to make the vehicle fully autonomous seems the end goal.

Like no HUD being frustrating to many in the 3, the large cab but inefficiency of space by not having a side by side seating arrangement – having to flip up a seat just to enter the truck seems a bit odd. Even a jetliner has side by side seating for pilot and copilot.

You cannot have another driver in the front passenger seat when the truck is moving. If they are in the front, they are considered to be on the clock.

But sometimes the driver does carry a passenger, even though carrying two drivers is rare, and generally would only be done for very long routes, which isn’t the market for the Tesla Semi Truck.

They would at least need a passenger’s seat for training purposes, if nothing else. The single seat is just one of several signs this isn’t a production-intent prototype, but more of a concept vehicle or tech demonstrator… as I’ve been saying all along.

why would I want an HUD in the 3, is the screen too small for you? Has all the info I need, and a lot comes from audio also, like instructions talking you through the navigation, and you use voice control like ‘play tribute to pennywise by bassnectar’ or ‘navigate to work’ or ‘stop navigating’. I really don’t even want an HUD, 7000 happy miles with the model 3 I really never even thought of needing it.

You are unique in that many comment that they’d very much like a HUD. I’m ordering my Model 3 now and I will add an aftermarket HUD on mine,