Tesla’s Top 10 Countries For Model S Sales


Bjørn's Model S conquering The North Cape! (Photo Credit: Bjørn Nyland)

Bjørn’s Model S conquering The North Cape in Norway (Photo Credit: Bjørn Nyland)

Tesla Model S EVs Grab Some Juice

Tesla Model S EVs Grab Some Juice

Tracking Tesla Model S sales isn’t easy, but we’ve routinely got the numbers down to within a few percent margin of error.  With a strong degree of certainty, we can report on the Top 10 countries for Model S sales for 2014 through the end of Q3.

#1 – United States: ~11,300

#2- Norway: 3,535

#3- China: ~2,800

#4- Netherlands: ~958

#5- Canada: 661

#6- Germany: ~576

#7- Belgium: ~361

#8- UK: ~350

#9- Switzerland: ~346

#10- Denmark: ~302

*Disclaimer: Tracking global sales figures for the Tesla Model S is darn near impossible.  Provide us with source links to confirm a different quantity of sales for the Model S in a particular country and we’ll verify and then update this post.

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If you’re going to make a bottom-10 list, then Ireland had 4 Model S sales this year.

Add New Zealand to the bottom 10 list, with zero sales or should I say zero deliveries.
We want it but just can’t get it.

“#3- China: ~2,800”

That is import number, not sales. Sales just about 1000.

All imports are presold with non-refundable deposits.

Bulgaria had 15 Model S sales this year.

According to Green car reports, in Canada Tesla S is 194. Which brings us ahead of those pesky Germans 🙂

In September that is.

Yep…that’s Polk data. Just released. I’ve confirmed that figure with Polk and update the article.

Was the model-s even available in all of those countries the entire year?

Not in China and the UK.

Is it possible to split the 3Q numbers by region North America / Europe / Asia. Which markets will Tesla expand into next?

It should be somewhere around 3800 for North America, 2000 Europe and 2000 Asia (+- a couple of hundred units in Europe/Asia as a margin of error).

Germany had 593 from January till October (official statistics). See: http://teslamag.de/news/tesla-fahrzeugzulassungen-in-deutschland-fuer-oktober-2014-1811

The number for sweden can be found here:

And here is a realy nice site for electric car adoption in sweden in general http://elbilsstatistik.se/
(It makes graphs :D)

Wow, despite incentives France is not even in there…

About 70 in Finland. Without local Tesla presence yet. Almost all sold by http://www.auto-outlet.fi

Maybe solltte The table will be changed and the inhabitants taken into account?
Then Norway would give before the Netherlands, Denmark or Switzerland. USA would be in 5th place!