Tesla Model 3 Parallel Parks Itself – Video

Tesla Model 3


This Tesla Model 3 parallel self-park appears to be spot on.

As most of us are well aware at this point, Tesla is continually updating its Autopilot system. Early on, it appeared that perhaps some of the early first Model 3 vehicles, which were delivered to Tesla employees, had a handful of features that weren’t updated and ready to roll.

Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 appears to do a nice job with the Autopark parallel self-park maneuver, and it doesn’t take ridiculously long.

The more we see these new Model 3 videos, the more it seems like Tesla has overcome the initial glitches and has the car up to snuff. One would think that this must be the case now that the automaker is comfortable providing Motor Trend with a Model 3 for its Car of the Year competition.

The Autopark feature was just released for the Tesla Model 3 about a month ago. We previously shared another video showing the car performing a perpendicular self-park action. Unlike this new video, the Model 3 seemed to take forever to perform the task and it didn’t even get it right the first time. Although the Model 3’s attempt wasn’t much different from previous videos of the Model X attempting the maneuver.

Perhaps the recent updates have made the Autopark feature more timely and accurate. To make a fair judgment, we’d have to see the perpendicular self-park feature again now as well. This Model 3 executes the parallel maneuver smoothly on the first try, and although it isn’t a quick process, it doesn’t take forever.

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Another Euro point of view (improved version)

Impressive !


I’ll take it!..lmao

Nice and fast – but here in Europe, that’s not parallel parking — that’s a slow lane change. You need to have a spot with less than a meter of room – front and back, combined – between you and the size of the space. If you’re in France, there’s a great possibility you need to push the neighboring cars with your bumper to get in (parking brakes aren’t always used).

But yeah, that’s a lot of room for parking.

@Kel said: “If you’re in France, there’s a great possibility you need to push the neighboring cars with your bumper to get in …”

Lol… I don’t think Tesla will be programming in a bumper push feature.

For Model S I do know Automatic Parallel Park will squeeze you into very tight spots … I’d think same for Model 3.

AP1 on Model S does a pretty good job of squeezing into tight spots, but it doesn’t have a parking-by-Braille option. Not even in “beta”.

Parking-by-Braille…absolutely brilliant! 😛


😆 😆 😆

Thanks for the belly laugh! I’m still chuckling.

Are we discussing a Touch version of ‘Drive By Ear?’

They also call it the “Tap Method”, up in the Bay Area Mission District. Tap first to see if one of the parked cars parking brake is not set, then gently nudge your way into the spot were you can.

+100 Totally right.

The average good metropolitan driver could have squeezed 2 cars in that space. Don’t need a computer to make that easy park.

“there’s a great possibility you need to push the neighboring cars with your bumper to get in”
– We all know that the french are wildlings. But don’t try to sell it as something normal!

Ford’s trucks do that

M3 - reserved -- Niro/Leaf 2.0/Outlander - TBD

Good vid. Exciting to see. Valet hopefully good with homelink integration.

Hopefully just as good with tighter spaces than that though. Speed is sufficient.

? But… Can it do a High Speed, Drifting, Parallel Park ‘Insertion?! ?

Unimpressive. Large amount of space there. Welcome to 2013 in a run of the mill Ford. Or really any one of many models that have been doing this for years.


Yeah but they don’t have a supercharging network! It’s not as sexy as a Tesla. (I’m being sarcastic)

Yea! If Tesla did it, it sucks!

If Tesla did it, it would be late and then still need several OTA updates.

That’s all good, but the driver is still operating the accelerator, brake and gears. The Tesla (and no doubt other vehicles now) is doing everything, the driver isn’t doing anything. So quite a bit different on that level.

Wow! Almost as good as my old I3 was doing 3 years ago! Also note that it pulled up way too far to the front instead of centering in the spot, just like my Model S does, which is why I never use that feature.

So like Ford has been doing since 2011…congrats

So what??

Toyota did this since 2010…


Volkswagen Touran did it in 2006, they were the first on the market

Well VW, Audi, Mercedes etc have had this feature since 2012, so this ain’t exactly braking news…
And boy to the Model 3 look cheap in the inside.
Reminds me about a 1970 Audi.