Project Loveday Kicks Off New Tesla Ad Campaign


Project Loveday will rise again in an effort to promote electric cars and fight off the zombie horde.

If you recall, Project Loveday started with 10-year-old Bria Loveday reaching out to Elon Musk about holding a commercial contest. Bria, daughter of InsideEV’s own Steven Loveday, proposed a contest where entrants submitted fan commercials. Twitter users would then vote on their favorite commercial. Her hope was a commercial would come out of it that engaged the general public and would show the unique benefits of a Tesla (or any EV) over traditional ICE vehicles.

Bria Loveday gets a response from Elon

While the entrants were excellent overall, Bria did not feel quite satisfied that the winning commercial accomplished her goal. Certainly, the cargo capacity, frunk and 0-60 speed are excellent selling points, but they do not showcase the unique benefits of Tesla Motors and Tesla Energy. Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) did an outstanding job with his commercial, but it didn’t teach people why EVs are better than gas-powered cars for so many reasons.

So in order to focus on the perks of electric cars and solar energy, Bria and a team of creatives are looking to produce their own professional ad. The theme of the commercial is surviving the zombie apocalypse thanks to an electric car powered by 100% clean energy.

We know that the fear of a zombie apocalypse is something Elon Musk can relate to at least! No word yet if Musk’s Zombie Factory near Pittsburgh, PA will provide zombie related services for the commercial.

Project lead Charles Baker comes from the advertising industry. Bastiaan Koch has been recruited to direct. Koch has worked on big budget films such as Ready Player One, Transformers, Star Wars, Iron Man and Pacific Rim (see video below). All those currently involved seem passionate about the project and the mission of Tesla to spark a renewable energy and electric vehicle revolution.

Bria had hoped to make her own commercial in the first place, but projects like this don’t come cheap. In order to make her dream a reality, the project is currently seeking ideas, support, item donations, and crowdfunding via an Indiegogo campaign. If you’re interested in learning more, helping the project get off the ground or spreading the word, you can check out the Project Loveday page at the link below.

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Ok. But separate facts from fiction so people can take it seriously. This should be more like reality, not a movie. Do you believe that Zombies are real?

The Zombies are a fun representation of some type of outbreak or superbug.

Yet that is not why we need EVs…. or why we want EVs… Or why we love our EVs… By the way, not everyone loves zombie movies and series, most people still think that they are at the crappy end of the spectrum.

Sure, the kid can have her fun but don’t act like this is some kind of brilliant idea that will turn more people into EVs.

Don’t be an @ss.

So everybody, who can’t afford Tesla goods, will become disgusting, virus-infected abomination… very fun idea. Who is an a$$ here then?

Don’t worry you already are an abomination.

Yes, haven’t you seen the movies?

And… the fun has officially been sucked out of the room..

I think its just a fun theme for the commercial. 😉 Geckos don’t really sell car insurance either and tigers don’t eat frosted flakes. Hehe

Facts cause eye-glazing. Shooting for people to do their own research, or simply affirming purpose, is better for a commercial.

VW knows how to do this with opposite aims, like holding a handkerchief to a tailpipe. It didn’t give you “facts”, but did affirm the idea what you can’t see won’t kill you.

This is true. The glow of that big screen TV would have that poor family in a bad spot pretty quickly.

Aren’t the Kock Bros zombies??😉

This is such a typically american idea… there are 100 things that could backfire. How do you prevent Tesla owners from being perceived as a complacent elite that lets the poor people, who can’t afford Tesla stuff, suffer? Just to name one. This project would at least need some heavy humor and eye winking irony to make it work. Something in the tone of the Zombie movie Fido. Better even – the spot could deconstruct some Zombie movie cliches. Like in the gas-station-under-attack-scene – a Tesla owner could open a wider frame to the people (and Zombies), maybe shout at them how silly it is to battle for gas. As he speaks, of course, the people and the zombies stop fighting and watching each other full of doubt (comedic relife). The Tesla owner could give the people a ride (maybe they are six and he has a seven seater MX?) and show them his self sustaining home and that even his fridge is working. The not so angry Zombies have followed them curiously in secret and are watching. At the end, the Tesla driver could give the people a ride to the next Tesla store and while they are gone,… Read more »

Some cute ideas!

Maybe the zombification is more a metaphor for using fossil fuels? When a zombie sees that they can drive electric they’re cured? 🙂 And the zombies don’t go after brains but after gas?

I know they’re still in the early stages so I’m sure they’re open to comments/suggestions.

Great modification!

Great plot! Take my money!!

“in an effort to fight off climate change” and “Her hope was a commercial would come out of it that engaged the general public and would show the unique benefits of a Tesla (or any EV) over traditional ICE vehicles.”

Why does it have to be a Tesla commercial? I think it would be more effective at reaching the goal of fighting climate change if it were to illustrate that there are multiple options for electric cars and solar roofs. Some of which people with less income can actually afford. The message should be about BEV adoption and rooftop solar, not just a love letter to Elon IMO.

It can and may end up going that direction. If Tesla doesn’t get involved and support it, we can go in any direction we choose. But to get eyes on it, we have to follow up on the original project, the original wave of press, and the idea that the automaker publicized and supported. Project Loveday is/was a Tesla-related venture. Otherwise, it may get limited views, little traffic, and few contributions. Sadly, there are not a lot of other EV makers with massive social media followings and a huge network of people connected, publishing, and supporting. It’s the nature of the beast. We still may not get what we need to run the commercial, but it’s surely worth a try. Plus, Bria is behind it and it’s something that she came up with and supports. I am not willing to change her plan and goals at the outset.

The ad may risk coming across as elitist and only white wealthy people get to survive the zombie apocalypse. The poor and minorities are at much higher risk of suffering the worst impacts of climate change.

Yes. This.

So, EV Shop’, you’ve “assumed” the Tesla driver was white?? Isn’t there a word for that…?

Sounds like a very fun summer project for a 10 year old!!! Good for her!

Thank you, Nix. Just FYI for the readers, she’s now 12. Crazy that that was a year and a half ago! Time flies.

Maybe this time it won’t just be a simple popularity contest, but actually judged for content, message, style, etc. Marques Brownlee’s ad was OK, but there were arguably better ones, and he only won because he already has a horde of subscribers and fans in place to vote for him. I thought Sonja Jasansky’s entry was overall more informative and just plain more engaging.

You might reach out to Zero Hour, which is a youth movement working to bring attention to climate change.

From article: “Her [Bria Loveday] hope [for the original Project Loveday commercial] was a commercial would come out of it that engaged the general public and would show the unique benefits of a Tesla (or any EV) over traditional ICE vehicles…but it didn’t teach the public that EVs are a much better option for the future of our planet…” ———— Warning: “general public” and “climate change” don’t mix well… Climate Change has turned into a divisive binary public topic. Mention of “Climate Change” topic will alienate that portion of the population (over 40%) that are skeptical about man-made Climate Change… thus defeating the goal of appealing to the general public. Also, when it comes to voting with one’s own pocket book on a purchase decision the vast majority of the general public makes purchasing decisions based on personal economics , convenience, and general utility… not for altruistic reasons. So to make EVs appealing to the general public it’s best to pitch EVs as real-world a better economic and more convenient choice. That does not mean the commercial needs to be a boring lesson in economics… bring in the zombies. I own a Tesla Model S & Model 3… both of… Read more »

I don’t believe that’s true. I’m pretty sure most people get hooked first and foremost by the ecological aspect — whether they personally believe it’s important, or just because it’s fashionable and cool. All the other aspects just help ease the decision.

People are not generally receptive to practical arguments, unless you engage them on an emotional level first.

@antrik said: “…people get hooked first and foremost by the ecological aspect [of EVs]… People are not generally receptive to practical arguments, unless you engage them on an emotional level first.”

I agree that a large portion of EV early adopters have thus far purchased EVs primarily for the ecological “emotional” aspects of EVs… but the object is to make EVs appealing to the much larger general market.

Perhaps the great success of Amazon, Netflix, Costco, etc. suggests that consumers are highly influenced by practical appeal which when executed elegantly to provide a positive customer experience creates an emotional bond between the customer and product/service.

Said another way:

The majority of consumers are pro environment but voting in favor of the environment with their own actions and own dollars is the line where most of that majority subordinate their support of the environment in favor of perceived practical considerations.

EVs driving slowly, and creeping silently along the road, can quietly skirt right on by the Zombie Hoard, when they are in rest mode between feasts,

ICE, not so much…,
food for thought (sans the meat), FWIW!

Bring it Bria, Zombie flick “World WAR T”, without Tom C. of course!

That argument is spoiled by those pesky soon-to-be-mandated pedestrian waning systems…

First and foremost, GOOD FOR HER! This is awesome. The fact that a new generation has taken interest in EV’s was the goal from the start. So to all who were discouraging, rather than encouraging; shame on you. It’s called imagination and creativity. At the end of the day, she got a tweet from Elon. How many times has he tweeted those of you who need ‘hard core facts’?

Zombies – is there anything more normie than zombies? Or anything more zombie than normies?