Watch Porsche Taycan Tackle Mountain In Stunning Drone Footage


Nothing gross about the Grossglockner

The Porsche Taycan, in both form and function, is a stand-in for high-end technology and performance. At least, that would seem to be the opinion of the marketing folks responsible for getting out the word about the new DJI Mavic 2 drone. They’ve just used the car in a promotional video for their fast-flying camera and it’s all pretty spectacular.

Set on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road that winds its way up and over the highest mountain pass in all of Austria, the video (above) begins with a more classic Porsche, the Spyder 550 (be still our beating hearts), attacking the serpentine track. Hairpins are straightened, gears are rowed through. It’s a dramatic, enchanting scene that’s only improved upon by the appearance of the 2020 Taycan, which overtakes the historic automobile on a straightish stretch of road approaching yet another switchback.

The two meet up again at a panoramic viewpoint, where the helmeted and be-goggled 550 driver gets out for a closer look at the Taycan concept. It is only at this time that an image of the actual Mavic 2 drone appears, its Hasselblad fixated on the time-warping automotive scene in front of it. Now, we don’t know a lot about drones here, but this one is pulling in some strong reviews.

If you’ve seen the Taycan before, there may not be a lot new for you in this video, but it’s certainly nice to see the car in a real-world setting, even if its one most of us will never witness. There was one view of the car that we did find unique — a brief edit with both doors swung open. With no B-pillars to obstruct our view, it’s such a nice look at the cabin that we grabbed a screenshot so you can take more than a moment to examine the interior. Enjoy!


Video description:

The DJI Mavic 2 pushes the limits of what is possible for aerial photography. Shot on the tallest mountain in Austria, this short film captures what is possible when you see the bigger picture with the Mavic 2.


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And more shots of the Mission-E concept car. It isn’t the Taycan. The running prototypes we see with the fake exhaust are closer to the production look.

I have sources in the industry whispering me that the production Taycan will look like this except the suicide doors in the back.

If my company was investing $7.4B on this venture, I’d be saying that too.
In fact, I’d even be saying it even after the real deal was rolled in front of the cameras.
People love the white 2015 concept car. Porsche knows that….or at least they know it by now.

True, 95% identical, no suicide rear doors.

You do understand that when you started messing around with things like removing the suicide doors, the car isn’t the same anymore. Some of the design elements are retained, sure. In the end, it is going to look very Panamera like, which makes sense since this started as a mini-Panamera project.

We will see about the production look — but either way, suddenly referring to the Mission e concept car as “Taycan”, just because that’s what the production car based on it will be called, seems just wrong to me.

Look at all the snow. I was there this summer, and it was much greener. This must have been in the spring.
Nice drone though. .

Man, Porsche make a good looking rig..

That was… underwhelming, sorry.

Agreed, love these cars but that was a weak video.