Nissan LEAF Has Way More Cargo Room Than Tesla Model X – Video


By virtue of owning a Tesla Model X and a Nissan LEAF, the Like Tesla YouTube channel was able to explore the cargo carrying capabilities of both vehicles.

Model X Versus LEAF - Cargo Room Challenge

Model X Versus LEAF – Cargo Room Challenge

The conclusion is that the Nissan LEAF has vastly more cargo space than the Tesla Model X, despite the fact that the LEAF is a smaller overall vehicle.

The problem is that the Model X’s second-row seats don’t fold. Those seats saps up tons of potential cargo space. Tesla says the not-yet-available 5-seat Model X will solve this non-folding-seat issue, but for now, the LEAF beats out the X in the cargo-hauling department.

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Wonder what the measurement would have been had they moved the 2nd row seats all the way forward in the X instead of leaving them in place with child seats? Regardless, this clearly points out the lack of utility in the X that results from Tesla’s bewildering decision to not have those second row seats fold flat like EVERY OTHER SUV IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND. Great vehicle, but geez.

it looks to me like the second row seat in the tesla model x is pushed about as far forward as it can go. i don’t think that there is much more space to be gotten. that said, how important is the “utility” aspect to buyers of the tesla model x? there is a limit to how long of an object that you can put in the cargo section, but there is plenty of volume for storing stuff.

one thing that i don’t like about the cargo section in the nissan leaf is that it isn’t flat.

“how important is the “utility” aspect to buyers of the tesla model x?”
This question is a catch 22. Because the model X wasn’t designed for traditional SUV utility, the the Model X customer base is automatically filtered to those where utility isn’t as important.

It’s like asking men how important is the width of a bra strap.

that depends on whether the bra strap is hiding something that i want to see! 🙂

“Utility, meet performance”

It’s the major selling point for the X. And as this demonstrates, not really true in all situations.

On the other hand the X can tow. And with a hanger there’s obviously no competition.

X is as much SUV as flying pig.
Leaf has 92 cu.f. passenger space and 24 cu.f. luggage. X – 94/26 (see link below Specs tab).
Even with folding seats it would barely exceed Leaf space and would be well below Prius V inside space. No chance to put anything on roof either due to chicken-wing doors and reduced range with anything on roof.

Although all this doesn’t prevent it from being good as vanity and status symbol for driving kids to school. Triple price tag is big advantage as it clearly shows driver’s superiority to everybody around 😉

Shortly resumed: “If the X was perfect it will not be fair for others”:)
Let me correct you slightly as if the X was only to seat two people as the leaf in this demonstration, you can put something in the roof of the X.

What a stupid comparison… Leaf with 2 seats up (driver + 1 passenger) vs. Model X with 4 (1+3)…

Not to mention, if this were a folding table, it would easily fit rotated 90 degrees (edgewise), so part of it is between the 2 2nd-row seats in the X.

Now, it’s ridiculous that the X’s seating is as inflexible as it is (every single seat in the 2 back row should be able to slide, fold and be completely removable, and the bac kof the front passenger seat should fold flat) — but this isn’t the way to show it.

i disagree with your assessment. i thought it was a pretty interesting video. if i were looking to buy a tesla model x, it is information that i would find useful.

+1 – agreed. I found the video very informative and am thankful to the couple who created it.

As a side note, I believe the couple traded in the leaf on a second model X. They are Tesla supporters.

The fact of having kids and a Leaf, with only a Three Star crash safety rating (back seat) for the passengers, makes a pretty convincing argument for trading in the Leaf on a second Tesla Model X. Coffee tables or not, humans, especially young kids, are worth more than money can buy. (4 star safety rating overall, including rollover).

Both the LEAF and the X have five star overall safety ratings in both the US and the EU.

I agree in general that safety is a very important consideration. But it is still meaningless to compare vehicles with such wildly different prices. If like most people you can’t afford an X, its perhaps superior safety is irrelevant.

Well the X has inflexible rear seating due to the large battery in the floor. That’s about the only neg. for the skateboard design; however, it does have more positives than the voltec T design that eats up cabin space or the thrown it in the hatch of the Energi/Prime styles that eats up cargo room.

Now they could easily solve the large/long item storage like the table by putting it on the roof rack. DOH! Damn FWD strikes again! 🙂

the t-design in the voltec does not eat up cargo space.

I didn’t say it did. Please reread.

“Well the X has inflexible rear seating due to the large battery in the floor.”

That nixes the idea of “stow-n-go” seats which fold into the floor, like the Chrysler Town & Country minivan. But it certainly doesn’t nix the idea of seats which fold flat, as in — for example — the Tesla Model S.

And in fact, if you compared the Model X to the Model S, I think you’d get results similar to what is shown here. You can’t get something quite as high into the MS as the MX, but certainly if you’re looking for back-to-front storage room, the MS beats the MX hands down.

What an incredible comment. The LEAF also has a skateboard design. As does the Model S. And the BMW i3. Only the X lacks folding rear seats.

Terawatt said:

“The LEAF also has a skateboard design.”

That is factually incorrect. In fact, the Leaf’s battery pack has high spots and low spots, with the high spots positioned under the car’s seats.

Here’s a good article comparing the Model S’s skateboard design to the Nissan Leaf’s decidedly non-skateboard design:

I fully agree with you. The only relevant point is that thr 2nd row of seats of the X is not flexible. The comparison by itself is unfair since the X has 2 rows of seats and the Leaf only 1.

Sooo when configured to carry 4 (5) persons the X has less cargo room than the Leaf configured to carry 2 persons…
I have a book you probably will love “How to lie with statistics”.

There was obviously no deceit here from the ‘Like Tesla’ Model X owners. They clearly stated the caveat up front. It is still a valid comparison because from time to time, we go to big box stores and purchase big boxes. We want to get our big boxes home. The video clearly shows a valid comparison for that task.

You miss the point. You can’t configure the Model X for just 2 persons if you want room for a cofee table in the rear. I won’t fit regardless how you configure it, while it can fit inside a Leaf.

this is what if find so crazy about some of these tesla fanboys: they are either criticizing the people for filming the video, or they are suggesting that they should have used a different cargo that could have been turned to fit in the tesla model x. from what i can tell, the people wanted to buy a coffee table to use in their house; they didn’t buy a coffee table based on whether it would fit in their tesla model x.

Sorry, but what is this American obsession with coffee tables? Is it this a cultural thing?
In the hand, I used to see a lot of Leafs where I live and now we at least two Model S there too. Then, Model S are very big, very wide, but the Leaf it’s not a small car, in fact seeing one side by side with an S in the other day, I realised that the Leaf is such a big car!

the nissan leaf is about the length of a chevrolet volt, the tesla model S is about a half meter longer than a leaf or a volt. the model S is about 15cm shorter than a b#@z-o s-class, which is why (along with the price of some versions of the model S) some people associate the model S with the large luxury car segment.

Sorry, but what is this American obsession with coffee tables? Is it this a cultural thing?

This is getting rather far off-topic, but even as an American, I’ve never been able to understand why the coffee table is so popular. It would hardly be possible to invent a piece of furniture which is more useless or wasteful of space. It’s too low to be very useful as table, and furthermore it’s not padded, so is ill-suited for use as a footstool.

Yes, and probably in the Bolt too.

a coffee table typically runs about 16″ tall, so you could fit a 55″ long coffee table in a Volt as well.

“How to lie with statistics”

Love that book! Read it over 30 years ago, and it helped me keep things in perspective. It should be mandatory reading before getting out of college or even high school.

if you’re suggesting that the makers of the video “lied”; where did they lie? at best, they were a little sloppy with their terminology because what they were really measuring was length of the cargo bed and not overall volume. but if you watched the video, it was clear what it was to which they were referring.

I don’t get your comment. Did you read the book? You should read it if you haven’t.

i think that my comment is probably better directed to “bob”. i got the impression that this reference to the book about using statistics to lie was an implication that the makers of the video misrepresented the facts of their tesla model X/nissal Leaf comparison, when i saw no evidence that they did any such thing.

Model X can carry:
4 people with no coffee table, OR
2 people with no coffee table

Leaf can carry:
4 people with no coffee table, OR
2 people WITH coffee table

Where is the lie?

The lie is in your comment. In the video they say the X can carry seven people and lots of luggage, not four people and no coffee table. 😉

No matter what you do with the X, there’s no fitting that coffee table in, because those seats don’t fold. It’s not deceitful, it’s being perfectly honest.

And they conveniently leave out the frunk on the X, headline reading ‘Cargo Room.’ Put both vehicles in the same seating configuration to make a fair comparison. The X wins hands down..

A coffee table wont fit in the frunk either, so it makes no difference if you need to haul some large item like this coffee table.

And the model 3 is going to be way worse…

Model 3 will be able to tow a trailer, unlike Leaf. In that regard, Model 3 will have more cargo capacity than any of today’s EV other than other Tesla models that can also tow.

By the time the III shows up, the new Leaf II will probably be out and I would bet dollars to doughnuts it has enough power to tow a decent albeit not huge trailer.
Right now, both are just a gleam in their prospective buyers eyes of course.

Leaf with trailer…

Don’t Bother Knockin’ if the Trailer is Rockin’………l m a o ..

That guy may just have voided the warranty. Any car can tow (and I mean ANY car), but to do so without manufacturer blessing means denied warranty coverage. For something like Leaf where the battery is iffy in the first place, towing is a gamble best left not taken.

The four cardinal mistakes of Tesla:
– Model S without tow hitch
– Model X without foldable or removable 2nd seat row
– Model 3 without hatch back like Model S
– non listening to their customers

Is there a reliable source that Tesla will solve the problem with the 5-seater? So far I hear nothing than silence.

BTW cargo space in Model X is almost the same as Model S (by banana box comparison) but the crucial point is the max length you can put it. You can sleep with two people comfortably in a Model S, but not a Model X.

as it turns out, not everybody likes hatchback cars.

Hatchbacks are WAY more popular worldwide and their utility has been proven time and time again. Mostly just America where we demand sedans despite their obvious drawbacks.

Also – Musk confirmed that the Model 3 will have a lift back/hatchback after so many people were disappointed when the prototype didn’t.

When did that happen? The last I heard he only promised to make the trunk opening a little larger.

Do you have a source?

Before the Model 3 was revealed I commented that they were smart enough to make the Model S a hatchback, so I didn’t think they would regress on the Model 3. Boy, was I wrong.

Anon454 said:

“Also – Musk confirmed that the Model 3 will have a lift back/hatchback after so many people were disappointed when the prototype didn’t.”

I’m fairly sure that’s incorrect. It would have been big news here on InsideEVs if Tesla had announced that change. Perhaps you’re getting the Model ≡ mixed up with plans for the CUV version of the Model ≡, which apparently will be called the Model Y.

Hatchback Takes away from the structural Integrity..

Only when you have a giant pointless glass roof. Save some money, give me a steel roof, and make it a liftback.

I’ve got $1000 down on a Model 3 but if Nissan brings a compelling product to the market in 2017, I might get my $1000 back and put it towards a LEAF.

It is meta-physically absurd to hear silence.
You can’t hear the absence of sound. So when it is silent you say I can’t hear anything, not, I hear silence. Grammatically speaking your sentence, while semantically still incorrect, should read: So far I hear nothing, other than silence.
Hear, hear.

“You can’t hear the absence of sound.”

Obviously not a Simon & Garfunkel fan!

that’s like saying that you can’t see the absence of light; but you have to use your eyes to detect darkness. so if you can’t “see” when it is dark, then your eyes would be useless in such cases.

Wrong. The eyes detect light, just as the ears detect sound. You can’t detect the absence of something, only if it is present.
If it is dark or silent, you can say that since you can’t hear or see anything it is dark and silent, but you can’t see darkness, nor hear silence.

Going by this logic, SparkEV has TONS more cargo room that Tesla X (fold all seats). It also seats more people than Tesla S when all seats on S are folded or otherwise occupied with (banana) boxes.

You can apply this worst case of one to best case of other to all kinds of things and come up with ridiculous conclusions, one of which is MPG vs MPGe; yes, both are energy efficiency measure, but one uses far more expensive per kWh electricity.

Yea, Bolt has way more room.. Even the driver’s seat folds down ! l o l

SparkEV-Fiat500-Leased - M3 Reserved - Bolt- TBD

It’s an interesting comparison. SUV should have UTILITY to it and that’s the primary criticism.

In no circumstance should a SUV out cargo space by compact cars like Spark and Leaf (and soon to be Bolt).

Model X is completely sexy and innovative and cool. It is not well designed in efficiency and optimization unfortunately.

I would submit that people buy $120,000+ vehicles probably do NOT predicate their purchases on cargo hauling. However, many buyers are suburban yuppies (see video) and buy/haul their own things and probably IKEA fans too. So, cargo can be a valid issue

Looking forward to the Pacifica PEV myself

Due the battery in the floor the Pacifica PHV will not have stow-and-go seating, but the second row seats will almost certainly be removable.

Not a big fan of the coffee table.

So I guess you didn’t buy the coffee table book about….. coffee tables?

I’ve got that book. The beauty of this book is if you don’t have a coffee table, it turns into a coffee table.

I don’t think that coffee table made the book. I’m a fan of coffee tables, just not that particular one.
It has sharp corners, not good with small children, I prefer rounded. Not fond of distressed wood, and it’s a bad sanding job. Plus the support structure looks tacky and would obstruct your feet and legs. Finally it’s too big for my taste.
Funny reference though.

Perhaps they couldn’t splurge on a nicer coffee table after strething their budget to buy/lease a Model X. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

..or good taste in cars does not extend to furniture.

Sigh, “the leaf ain’t that bad” so true.

As an owner of 3 leafs and one i3, every time I get close to buying the X or S I come back from the test drive liking my leaf better. It is just so easy to jump in and run around in. Even for trips to home depot I prefer the leaf over my Highlander and XC90. LOL I have three leafs two always charged and ready to go when one is exhausted. :-), ….arguments about cross country driving don’t apply to me, as I prefer to fly or take a gasser for the trip, no need to plan and wait for charging.

You bring up a good point. It would be interesting to see a side by side comparison of the “boot up” time for all the BEV’s on the market.

You can fly or have one of your other Leafs Follow you in case you run out of Juice…(&^@%):(:;….lol

I liked the video. Here is another example of how the deep wheel well in the LEAF can help with oddly shaped loads.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this was true. People don’t realize how spacious Nissan makes compact cars.

All joking aside this is very true ..They do feel so big on the inside with lots of room.

What is the passenger space and the cargo space of Model-X. I don’t think its posted anywhere.

For sure, Model-X will have more space.
And what about the space in the Frunk.

Nissan announced the new S30 trim with 30 KWh battery. But its priced so high that the potential customer may just wait for the Chevy Bolt which offers 238 mile range.

Again, Model X sucks because it failed at its most important characteristic as being an “utility” vehicle.

Model S was dead on and nearly perfect at its mission.

Model X failed at its mission except being super gimmicky and show off vehicle.

FWIW, I have hauled in my LEAF:

10 cu. ft deep freeze
full size 4 stroke snow blower
4 x 18″ Wheels/tires…

I use my LEAF like a truck 🙂

If you need more space in your MOdel X, just add a roof cargo carrier…. Opps! Forgot about those silly doors.