We recently came across an interesting video of a Tesla Model 3 driving through deep water in flood-affected area, but it seems not only Teslas can temporarily turn amphibious.

Here is a video of an Xpeng P7 in Zhengzhou, China, which refuses to get stuck and drives forward through the water.

Stock electric cars are much more capable in this regard than conventional cars, as their powertrain is sealed.

Driving in such circumstances is not recommended by the manufacturers, however, in emergency situations, at least some EVs can be driven like that for a short period of time.

The biggest danger is that the driver doesn't see the road surface and can run into something easily.

Another thing is that those cars are not designed for the purpose and at a high enough water level or prolonged time, water might get into air intakes or cabin. Later, the water can also stay in the nooks and crannies, which will affect the car in the longer term.

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