You happen to be driving a Tesla Model 3 in the desert, and you find an electric car there. It has the keys placed over the left rear tire, which allows you to drive it and give a ride to multiple people in your way. This is how Rich Benoit found to make a completely different review of the Xpeng P7 Performance and show it may be a compelling Tesla competitor when it reaches the American market.

The company has not yet revealed plans to sell the P7 in the US, but you can take it for granted that it will at some point. There would be no reason to test it on American soil or let popular youtubers drive otherwise.

Rich Benoit Uses The Xpeng P7 Performance To Tell A Story On YouTube

In his peculiar presentation of the Xpeng P7, Benoit and Steven Salowsky pretended they found the car in the middle of the desert. They were driving a Tesla Model 3, which belonged to none of them and that was conveniently suited to make a drag race with the Chinese electric car.

After taking the P7 sideways for a while, Benoit and Salowsky start to drive around and find Benoit’s assistant Leenda asking for a ride, as well as another man that is left to dehydrate in the desert and an anonymous Xpeng engineer that speaks Chinese and helps Benoit and Salowsky read the menus at the P7 multimedia screen. After learning what they need, they ask the engineer to leave the car.

Since the P7 cannot show how its advanced driving assistant works in the US, Salowsly calls Jefferson, another Xpeng engineer that shows it works pretty much like the Tesla Autopilot.

What Salowsky and Benoit manage to test are the self-parking functions of the car, the videogames, the light and sound show it makes and how fast the car is. You’ll have to watch the video to see how the vehicle performs in these functions but rest assured there’s an explanation for everything.

The most compelling part of the Xpeng P7 is its possible price in the US: $33,391, according to the video. That’s probably the price it has in China after incentives converted to dollars, but it is not presented as such, suggesting this could be a price for American customers. At that much, we do not doubt the Xpeng P7 would sell well in the US.

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