Now even though in terms of its size, the Xpeng P7 is kind of in between the Model 3 and Model S, most people seem to be comparing it to the smaller of the two Tesla sedans. So even though the P7 is a bit larger than a Model 3, it would undeniably end up being cross-shopped against it.

Currently, Xpeng has no clear plans to export the P7 to Europe (it is probably coming to the US, though), but that still means buyers on the local Chinese market will have to choose either it or the Model 3. According to this video review shot in China by Wheelsboy, the Xpeng sedan is more than a match for the Tesla, not only in terms of driving dynamics, power and range, but also the on-board technologies (particularly regarding the self-driving side of things).

This is currently a battle only fought in China, but Xpeng is considering bringing the P7 into Europe, as well as America. Apparently, it was mainly designed with the local Chinese market in mind, but Xpeng does plan to create more globally-minded models in the future. In the US, Xpeng intends to sell the P7 starting from around $32,500, with a top-of-the-range  model costing almost $50,000, undercutting the Tesla Model 3.

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