Brooks from the YouTube channel DragTimes is known for drag racing all kinds of supercars for many years now. He has a revolving collection of supercars, most of which he frequents at the drag strip. Fortunately, he's the type of drag racer that's embraced EVs and currently owns a Tesla Model 3 Performance and a Model Y Performance. He has two more Teslas on order, a Model S Plaid and a Plaid+.

The Plaid+ he ordered won't be delivered until next year, but he was supposed to get his Plaid by now according to an update he got from Tesla in January. That's not the case anymore. In early April he received an update from Tesla stating the new delivery date would now be in July. 

Tesla Model S Plaid delay order screen (DragTimes)

The delay isn't much of a surprise. Back in February, we reported that some customers who ordered the Model S Plaid were supposed to receive it in March. Then earlier this month we reported that many customers had their Plaid delivery dates pushed to May-July

By looking at Tesla's 2021 Q1 deliveries, we know Tesla did not produce any Model S or Model X units because the factory was still retooling for the refreshed versions. Are they being produced now? It's hard to say, but more Model S Plaid models have been seen driving around lately. It's likely they are pre-production models. 

Part of the delay could also be attributed to the temporary Fremont factory shutdown that happened in February caused by a parts shortage. Let's hope the July delivery date is accurate because many of us want to know what the Plaid is capable of. 

Speaking of the Plaid's capability, Brooks says the Model S Plaid has a 4 mph faster quarter-mile trap speed than his McLaren 675LT. He is basing that off of Tesla's claimed quarter-mile numbers (9.23@155 mph trap speed), but thinks Tesla is being conservative. He mentioned that a tuned 675LT might be able to keep up with Tesla's claimed quarter-mile figures. 

Once Brooks gets his Model S Plaid, it's a guarantee he will quickly put it on the drag strip. 

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