When Tesla added the Model S Plaid+ to its online configurator, it had a base price of $139,990 and its planned launch date was set for ‘late-2021.’ Afterward, we reported the $10,000 price increase, which brought the Plaid+ starting price up to $149,990 (or and now it looks like it has been postponed by nearly a year.

Now, instead of ‘late-2021,’ the official online Tesla configurator app says the Model S Plaid+ is actually expected to debut around the middle of next year. We had been informed by Tesla that while all other versions of the overhauled Model S would become available in the very near future, we would have to wait longer for the Plaid+.

In fact, you can’t order one right now. You can reserve one and place a refundable deposit down, but technically doesn’t constitute an actual order.

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But should you wait for the Plaid+ or just put an order down for the standard Plaid model? Well, the regular Plaid (which costs from $119,990, before incentives and without destination charges) gets a tri-motor setup, over 1,000 horsepower, 390 miles of range, a claimed nought to sixty time of 2 seconds and a claimed top speed of 200 mph - the best thing about it, though, is it will ship far sooner than the Plaid+.

We really wonder why Tesla is doing this. We’re pretty sure it has nothing to do with it not being able to manufacturer the Plaid+ and the reason is Tesla wants to sell some Plaid models too - maybe the former proved more popular than the latter and the automaker wants to offset the balance and keep the Plaid+ a more exclusive model.

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