The market launch of the refreshed Model S and Model X cars might be noticeably delayed/behind the schedule.

According to media reports, some Tesla customers that ordered the new Model S have received info that their estimated delivery was pushed back - from March or April to May and July. That's about two months.

"Now, many Tesla buyers who placed orders early after the new Model S was launched are seeing their estimated delivery dates pushed back by a few months.

Most of them had March and April estimated delivery dates, but they have now been pushed to a May-July timeframe."

Tesla initially announced a plan to start production of the new Model S in March and the new Model X in April. What we know for sure is that no Model S/X were produced by the end of March.

The cars that we sometimes see on the videos or images posted on the Internet must be then just pre-production prototypes.

It's not clear whether Tesla has any serious troubles with the production of the new Model S/X, or if it is limited by the lack of some components or if Tesla needs to complete some software.

There is a possibility that at least some customers will get their cars on time. Others will have to wait.

An issue at the production line/supply chain is indicated also by the extended expected delivery time for new orders (but it might be related to a high number of orders as well):

  • Model S: 10-14 weeks (Plaid+ in Mid-2022) from 4-11 weeks (Plaid+ in Late 2021)
  • Model X: May-June 2021 (no change here)

An eventual delay of two months is probably not a big deal for Tesla. Hopefully, everything will be solved and finally, we will see the new Model S/Model X in action.

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