According to a tweet from Sawyer Merrit, Tesla's Fremont factory has been partially shut down for a few days. It could just be certain production lines and not a total shutdown.

***UPDATE: Elon Musk confirmed the shutdown but now says the factory is open:


He claims his sources say that some Model 3 line workers have been sent home for two weeks. Everything is still unclear, but it might be due to a parts supplier. His source speculated that it's likely a chip supplier, possibly Samsung. 

"Samsung was shutdown on 2/16. The Fremont parking lot was then empty on 2/21. Samsung was able to get power resumed on 2/20. Tesla is taking the opportunity to address some needed downtime."

Supposedly, there are rumors circulating that the refreshed Model S and Model X have production delays. None of this is official. He also claims to have reached out to refreshed Model S and X owners who have yet to receive a VIN. We reported that refreshed Model Xs could be delivered to customers this month, and Model S Plaid deliveries could start in March.


However, he then says that Tesla has enough inventory to offset any recent factory downtime. So maybe those production delays are really just rumors.


Some Tesla fans didn't care much for his breaking news but he stands behind his sources.


Replying to his tweet, The Kilowatts posted a video of the Fremont factory's parking lot. They agree it looks a little empty. Let's see if Elon Musk replies to the tweet. 


This is still a developing story, we will have more information soon. 

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