CATL, one of the leading Chinese lithium-ion battery manufacturers for electric vehicles, announced a major expansion of its manufacturing capacity in China.

The company hopes to raise up to 20 billion yuan ($2.85 billion) in a private placement for

  • Fujian plant expansion to 16 GWh annually (4 billion yuan)
  • Jiangsu plant expansion to 24 GWh annually (5.5 billion yuan)
  • Sichuan plant expansion to 12 GWh annually (3 billion yuan)
  • new R&D project (2 billion yuan)
  • supplement operating funds (5.5 billion yuan)

Additionally, the company announced a 10 billion yuan ($1.43 billion) investment in a new battery plant in Ningde, where its headquarters is located.

This new factory should be ready in around two years (August 2022) and capable of supplying 45 GWh of battery cells annually.

The combined output would be then nearly 100 GWh annually, plus a 14 GWh plant in Germany.

For comparison, the global deployment of batteries for passenger xEVs (including hybrids) in 2019 was estimated at 95.6 GWh.

Such an aggressive expansion always brings a lot of risks, especially today, when the Chinese New Energy Vehicle market is in decline.

"...CATL warned investors of the possible loss, saying the economic returns would be affected by the dramatic change of market climate, which is associated with the promotion performance of NEVs and energy storage products, relevant industrial policies and the fierce market competition."


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