Zenith Electric Shuttle Van & Cargo Van

Zenith Electric Shuttle Van & Cargo Van

Zenith Motors received an order for 45 all-electric trucks (or more likely vans in reality) from DHL Express USA. The vehicles will be used in both California and New York.

Zenith offers both cargo vans and shuttle vans, with range of up to around 100 miles. The shuttle van is rated for 90 miles by the EPA in the city (75 miles on the highway). according to Zenith Motors.

The cargo version, with a 62.1 kWh battery, can go up to 120 miles, but at this time there's no indication that this is an EPA result.

Brochure about both versions with more information can be here.

UQM Technologies will supply 45 PowerPhase Pro 135 (135 kW and 340 Nm peak) drives to Zenith Motors.

"DHL has invested nearly $50 million in their fleet over the last two years, reducing average vehicle age from 6.7 years in 2012 to 3.6 years today. This purchase is a part of a clean vehicle initiative by DHL to add a variety of clean vehicles to its US fleet this year. According to DHL, this initiative will make their fleet one of the newest and most modern in the industry."

William Yung, CEO of Zenith Motors, LLC remarked:

“Zenith has been greatly anticipating this order with DHL and is excited to have the opportunity to showcase the UQM powered full-electric delivery vehicles.”

Joe Mitchell, Chief Operating Officer and Interim President and CEO of UQM Technologies said:

 “Orders have been picking up steadily with Zenith Motors and this contract with DHL is a good sign for Zenith and their growth in the EV delivery vehicle market. As other major fleets begin to see the merits of electric vehicles and the efficiency and reliability of the UQM drive solutions, we anticipate seeing more good news like this.”

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