Mercedes-Benz EQS To Top Lineup Of 130 Electrified Vehicles


EQ flagship is designed to be electric

Mercedes-Benz finally revealed the production version of its EQC last week, but that’s just the tip of a very long spear of an ambitious electrification program that will reportedly involve an investment of 10 billion Euros ($11.6 billion) and involve 130 vehicles. At least ten of those vehicles, under the EQ banner, will be all-electric, while plug-in hybrids will fall under the EQ Power standard. Mild-hybrids will be badged as EQ Boost vehicles. Out of all these, the one we’re most excited about, so far, will be called the EQS.

According to Autocar, the EQS will be the first offering built on the new MEA2 platform and designed from the ground up to be electric. A sedan, it slots size-wise in between the S class and the E class, similar to today’s CLS. Because it doesn’t have to accommodate an antiquated internal combustion drivetrain, designers have more rein with which to sculpt it into the shape they want.

Though it will only launch in 2020, there is apparently already a heavily camouflaged prototype out testing. Autocar says it appears to have a “heavily raked windscreen,” a low, short hood for good forward visibility and a long wheelbase — about nine feet — with short overhangs. The distance between the axles, each thought to be fitted with an electric motor, should allow for a spacious interior with, of course, no center hump to impinge on the foot space of back seat passengers. Indeed, there could be more room to groove inside than can even be found in the S class.

The rear of the car is shrouded (literally, in the spy photos) in secrecy. At this point, it’s impossible to tell if it will feature a hatch on the back or a traditional trunk, though we suspect the former.  It’s probably safe to say there isn’t a station wagon hiding beneath the tent-like structure covering the back end.

While we don’t really like to throw the term “Tesla-killer” around, it certainly does seem like the German automaker is targeting the game-changing American sedan. No doubt they also have an eye on the Porsche Taycan. While we expect its form will be world class, it remains to be seen how well Mercedes can engineer an EV. While its EQC is fine in most respects, it certainly doesn’t leapfrog its competitors. We have higher expectations of the EQS.

Source: Autocar

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I believe it when I see it.

“EQ flagship is designed to be Electric” except it’s an Electric Motor and batteries fit into an existing, ICE, Chassis. so it’s ZERO designed to be Electric.

It is a new platform designed for both. The EQC has a low wide battery, etc, so I expect this to be similar. Very different from an ICE only platform where they try to shove batteries wherever they will fit.

However, they will surely target Tesla 2016 specs and also make it slower than their gas AMG model…

There is no ICE option planned for the MEA2 platform.

Sure, but the design was compromised to fit in best on an ICE assembly line.

Dalimer is probably tying to break EVen on the EQS, so that they can continue to keep paying that reoccurring tidy little annual dividend (€3.65 (prior year: €3.25)) per share (5.05% Div. yield) , that their Widow and Orphan shareholders so greatly appreciate!

You are thinking about the EQC and the EQA which are MEA1 and MEA1.5 cars.

You might want to stick to being a lawyer instead of speculating.

I wouldn’t say that it is ZERO designed to be EV. But it was definitely NOT designed as 100% EV optimized. And it shows. Give them credit it for it being better than their kludge B-class conversion EV.

The EQS is a 100% EV design.

Bingo ‼️

Without a frunk?
The EQS has an engine room.

1,2,3, a dozen, 130.
Oh sorry, just me counting my chickens, before they hatch.

Don’t forget to add in the hatched ones as well!🙄

“EQS featuring a dedicated electric car platform, code-named MEA2.”

From three days ago,

LOL! Good luck with that. By designing it to be very NON-aerodynamic and designing it to “fit in” their old ICE assembly line, they designed a weak electric vehicle. Those suboptimal design choices are going to result it FAR fewer sales than the Model S.

It is definitely a big step up from their kludge electric B-class conversion. But they are still not at highly-optimized Tesla level EVs.

Where is the Frunk?

The picture doesn’t show the EQS but the EQC.

Ah, thanks, just figured it was the EQS, with the ICE bay. Will wait to see what the EQS looks like.

That’s because the EQS doesn’t exist yet. Just like ffbj’s chickens!

Why, oh why, does Mercedes-Benz need to make 130 models? And less than 10% are BEV. A baby step in the right direction.

VW has 300 so you could call the choices Mercedes offers moderate.

People like choices.

It’s actually the same car with 130 different names. They probably count the different colors as different models too .

Where is the supercharger network?

The EQS doesn’t exist yet, what do you want with a SC network?
First the chicken, then the egg, or was it the other way around?

At $80,000 it is lower priced than the Model X.

I wish MB wouldn’t get into so many different letters…. sounds like the Mercedes KFC.

Unfortunately, the alphabet doesn’t have 130 letters

Hey Mercedes, maybe start with 2 or 3 !

Doesn’t work like that. If they want to go electric they have to do it at scale which means they need the same components in dozens of models just like engines and gearboxes are produced in the 10s of millions over their production cycle life.

I get that.

I am talking about offering 2-3 now.

They can’t create and release an entirely new overnight whenever they choose. Not even Tesla can do that. It takes several years. They are on it — that’s a good thing.

I think Tesla will be better electric car (range, performance, superchargers…), but Mercedes will be a better build quality car.

Or maybe they could both make cars with good specs and good build quality? Unthinkable?…

Two years from now!

That’s more like two centuries from now in the superfast evolving electric car tech arena.

The EV market is but a small percentage of the personal vehicle market. There is no need for the big boys to rush into the EV market, not when their ICE vehicles are still a hot commodity. It’s better to test and modify EV prototypes to get it right. There will be all kinds of EV’s out there within 5 years. Patience will be rewarded.

Until solid-state batteries start showing up in EV’s at reasonable prices, I’m not interested.

Why wait for solid state? There are plenty of great opinions right now.

Two years is more than half trough a typical car development cycle…

In two years they could change their mind about it.