Jaguar I-PACE Deliveries Will Exceed 400 In October In Norway

OCT 30 2018 BY MARK KANE 48

I-PACE opens new opportunities for Jaguar in Norway.

Preliminary registration data indicates that Jaguar I-PACE becomes one of the most popular cars in Norway for the month of October 2018.

So far, some 563 new I-PACE were registered in the country, including 423 this month (and it could further grow).

It seems that only several models will finish with a stronger result, like the Nissan LEAF (over 1,400 and over 13,000 YTD) and Volkswagen e-Golf (over 1,000 and over 6,600 YTD) as well as BMW i3 (over 540 and over 5,000 YTD).

The important thing to note is that during the first nine months of 2018, Jaguar registrations in Norway were at just 343 – including 140 I-PACE and 203 ICE models. In all of 2017, it was just 299 ICE Jaguars.

In other words, I-PACE puts Jaguar in Norway on the track of very fast expansion that couldn’t be dreamed of if relying on conventional models.


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Is this due to backlog or normal sales?? Ref us model 3 sales…. pump that!

They can’t face demand. Jaguar had 25.000 orders in September.

the yearly production is between 20.000 and 25.000, so every car already sold

The production possibility could go higher than that though. The I-Pace is already selling more than the F-Pace.

Wait, that’s yearly? Why not monthly?

So they’re unable to ramp production adequately?

It is people getting rid of their S&X Teslas. Big trend.

Source of data? Or are you just trolling? I too wonder why ipace when same money gets Tesla.

Many are upset about the service situation so they try their luck somewhere else. Just look at the pre order volume of the etron quattro.

The e-Tron or i-Pace being successful doesn’t prove your claim that this is because of people switching over from their Teslas. Could be completely new customers.

That still begs the question why they’d go for ipace instead of Tesla. I mean, ipace is…. British. Tesla can’t be _that_ bad.

Go figure.

Try build quality.

Have you even test drove an I-Pace?

I-Pace is All Wheel drive — Important in Norway.

I-Pace is about 4,400 euros less expensive than the cheapest Model S.

I-Pace doesn’t have very long wait times to get service in Norway like Tesla vehicles do.

Tesla has worse reliability than even Jaguar, and the Model S just slipped 2 spots in Consumer Reports reliability rating.

Model S design needs a refresh (next generation).

I-Pace can be repaired/maintained in independent auto repair shops after the warranty expires, unlike Tesla. (Note: it looks like Tesla is opening up the parts catalog to DIY’ers, but they are not offering shop manuals and other documentation to repair shops; except where required by law).

I think you are missing one important factor: Some people want a car that stands out from the crowd. In most countries this car is a Tesla. In Norway Tesla’s are basically everywhere, which might make the Jaguar more compelling for some.

Perhaps deliveries focused toward end of quarter. This iPace v. Tesla in October in Norway news is a narrative that Anton Wahlman has been pushing at Seeking Alpha and at least one other place. In the end, Jaguar is a small run company that will stay small run even if they shift over to BEV entirely.

I don’t know if people is going away from Tesla. But from 1 to 29 of October sales for model X were 116, model S – 80. Sales for i-pace were 419, Leaf – 1424, eGolf – 1000 and i3 – 538.

People can take the conclusions they think accurate.

Compare and contrast to each of the last several months and October 2017.

Because of the irregular shipments from Tesla to Norway. In September Tesla sold several thousand cars. Monthly sales stats in regards to Tesla are basically useless for Norway, just take the year to date numbers and average them out across 10 months.

YTD is better in general, but this article is about i-Pace which just started shipping. Your method puts i-Pace sales just over 50 per month, giving a very inaccurate picture of the current market.

How about we look at september numbers or december numbers when they come? Then you can write a comment about the all mighty Tesla instead. Or you try to think how the deliveries of Teslas work in a quarter….

So you do not have any numbers and just made up some FUD about Tesla.

I posted the numbers – read above :).

Numbers are best used in context. Those who avoid providing context with their number reveal a fear of exposure.

Does a bear S… in the woods?

People are probably not getting rid of their Teslas, but there have been major problems with repairs and maintenance for Tesla in Norway. Imagine you buy an expensive Tesla EV, somebody backs up into your car, and you have to wait 3-4-5-6 months for Tesla to get the part. All that time while driving a shitty Opel ICE car as a loaner. Some of these episodes have been in national media, maybe followed by an interview by a really aggrevated owner. . so manye people are afraid Tesla is growing too fast in Norway, and maintenance and repair is not even close be handle the demand. People also know that Model 3 will come one time in 2019, and they know there are many pre orders. They’re afraid to be stuck with loaners for long periods of time. There was just news in the paper that Tesla was not able to offer winter tires on their cars, so several new model S and X could not drive their car. They had to wait for winter tires, and this is cars that was ordered month ago.. It is a difficult situation for Tesla in Norway, since it will cost a lot… Read more »

You can get winter tires anywhere. Sounds like a fake concern.

Go and look for winter tyres with a load index of 101 or 99Y for the dimensions applicable. Those are very rare since Teslas are basically the only cars with such requirements. But with the high number of Teslas in Norway I would assume that you could find someone that stocks them.
However, I suspect the story here is that the customer in question bought and payed the wheels including tyres and they failed to ship them.

Thanks for the updates from Norway, John Doe. There are too many ‘experts’ here who say what they want to hear with no knowledge of the actual situation on the ground over there.

Thank you that you show you are just an anti Tesla Troll.

Another Euro point of view

Going through the back log of accumulated orders of the past years does not really gives meaningful figures as far as steady demand is concerned.

Good point, I think only Leaf, Zoe, e-Golf, i3, Ioniq, Model S+X and Ampera-e are at “steady state” right now. Or as close as can be. Kona, e-Niro, iPace are still fulfilling pre-orders

Leaf, eGolf, i3, Ioniq all have huge backlogs.

Talking about “steady demand” when Jaguar has preorders for at least a year. Well, you can talk about that below every I-Pace article, as you do below every Model 3 article.

Back orders for iPace – 25,000?
Back orders for Model 3 – 300,000+?

Production capacity for iPace -20-25K annually.
Production capacity for Model 3 20-25K monthly.

Whether backlog or not, this is still a big change for Jag in terms of interest. No other Jag has garnered such a change in sales volume. Given that 2018 looks to be similar in terms of Jag ICE sales to 2017, they are picking up customers from somewhere.

Yep, Norway has relatively high vehicle costs which makes the luxury marques more attractive. Put the same product in a market not distorted by EV incentives the way Norway’s market is and you’ll see that the iPace barely shows up.

Neither do Teslas.

The more EV’s get delivered each month, the beter it will be for the planet and for mankind.

I believe there’s a lot of backlog for i-pace, as it happens in the US for model 3. So maybe the sales are inflated from a “normal” sales mode.
Tesla is doing as expected, nice sales, but will hardly be ahead of the competition in Europe.

This shows the advantage of being an early adopter ala governmental subsidies and beneficial treatment of evs, so that other countries may follow this model to also get the electric models delivered to them in a timely manner.
There is huge demand for all competitive evs, and even some that don’t quite cut the mustard, since they are all superior to the ICE, especially with benefits, people are flocking to them.
This is what disruption looks like, and facilitating that disruption is beneficial to those that engage in it.

Its amazing what subsidies will do. Perhaps the article should mention them or if they are running out soon?

There are some videos on YouTube of huge amounts of I-Paces sitting in a Norwegian car park.

So what tesla makes in half a day?

Yes, lets ignore the 600,000 other cars that JLR build a year.

Lets ignore the fact that tesla as a company outsells jag worldwide now. And porche too.

That’s a very nice looking car, I’m glad more manufacturers are offering options now. When every manufacturer makes 3 or 4 EV models the better. Here’s the real kicker, its probable the best jaguar that as ever been made. Like the Fiat 500e and Chevy Bolt and Nissan LEAF. the best cars those manufacturers have ever made. No crappy gas motors and transmissions.

They will enjoy their new emission free rides. Congratulations.